FG 1/144 Dynames (review)

I’d like to say right from the start that this review won’t be like your usual gunpla review. As you’ve all know, FGs are crap. That’s why I’m planning not to give any score for this. This is just a plain straight review with my comments and sort.

1. Info

Universe: AD (Anio Domini)

Series: Gundam 00 (1st season)

Pilot: Lockon Stratos

Appeared in the anime? Yes

The first sniping Gundam, correct me if I’m wrong. Dynames is my most favorite Gundam in the first season. But, I love Exia as a gunpla the most, LOL! I really love the idea of having a Sniping Gundam. The details and panel lines for this guy is refreshing and new.

For those who have been wondering, why the hell do I have this thing. To think that it’s not red and even worse, it’s something even below HG quality. It’s an FG for effing sake. Well, this is actually what I got in “exchange gift”. Truth is I’m expecting an HG, but well, I wasn’t able to specify what I like. I just mentioned “1/144 Gundam from 00 series”. So I got this. But that’s fine. For me, this perticular kit I got is special since it came from that event.

2. Out of the box

The boxart is pretty standard for all FGs. The kit didn’t come with an instruction manual, instead, it was all written underneath the box. Of course, it suck, but to compensate to that, it’s colored. Well, FGs are aimed toward kids so I guess making it colored is the right way to go. All of the plates was sealed in a single plastic bag.

Plate A1 and A2

For the first time my entire life, I’ve at last seen an A Plate that comes in to two. Usually, it’s just a single plate, but alas, it’s not. Altogether, they are still molded in four colors. But separately, they are molded in three colors.

Plate B

Plate B is molded in one color, it’s no other than white. I like this kind of white because it’s VERY WHITE.


*insert hysteric laugh here* Seriously Bandai? Oh well, I know I have no right to complain, it’s an FG and what can you do? This is inevitable. BIG sheet of foil stickers, mostly are in metallic green. They go everywhere that’s needed to be green. The polycap plate that comes in this kit sure is unique. Prolly this is the same polycaps that comes in every FG kis.

Yes, we’re done. Surely, this kit doesn’t come with much. Staying with its theme, FOR KIDS.

3. Step-by-step build

Of course, everything, right from the beginning up to the end, is pretty much an easy build. You’ll never complain in the whole building process.


As I’m building this kit, since I know it’s gonna be very easy, I tried to exert some more effort. I’ve tried putting in all of the stickers and later on, I didn’t. The sticker for the chin, which is in metallic red, peeled off after sometime. I’ve decided to stop using since I know that eventually, most of it will peel off. It’ll be just a hindrance as I build the kit.

Torso, Waist and Hips

Yes, you build this three parts at once. Based from that, you can already deduce the articulation of this guy. It won’t have any waist articulation. It doesn’t even have a front, side and even a back skirt. Well, at least the build is a breeze.

Arms and Shoulders

Hands aren’t molded in gray, which is not supposed to be. There are many details that’s lacking, but nevertheless, the whole build is, yet, another breeze.

Legs and Feet

Again, it lacks colors, but the panel lines for this area is just too awesome for this grade. It has many lining opportunities that you can do to somewhat fill the lack of colors.


The, supposedly, amazing sniper rifle of Dynames. For this one, it’s just two pieces snapped together, and the handle, which won’t rotate, will be pegged at the side instead.

4. Articulation and Posability

I think it’ll be pretty useless to discuss how much a part goes, what I’ll do instead is point out the things that can move. Head can move. There’s a double joint for between the torso and the shoulders. The flap on the side moves. Arms and legs are single jointed. And the feet, miraculously, can move 360, LOL!

Now, for the very much awaited POSING TIME!!!

Did you really expect that this kit could’ve possibly create a more dynamic pose more than this? Pretty much, this is the only thing it can do. It doesn’t look good nor the articulation is. That’s why I think, I’ll prefer AG more than FGs.

I won’t bother going into the Design, Gimmicks and Value. So let’s get straight to my verdict shall we?

5. Verdict

I know, it’s not the kits’ fault for being an FG, LOL! But hey, I’m just reviewing this without any bias, LOL again! If you’re a parent and needs to make your child stop crying, give them this. Very affordable, toxic-free plastic (some China made plastics are if you ever thought of buying KO instead), and very easy to build. So yeah, recommended for parents that needs a pacifier for kids.


2 Responses to “FG 1/144 Dynames (review)”

  1. Android Ultima Says:

    Ha! I got an Entry Grade Exia for Christmas.
    But I bought a FG Virtue for my son….

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