HG 1/100 Leopard Destroy Review

1. Info

The upgraded version of Leopard, now packing some more assymetrical weapons. It was not named Leopard Destroy for nothing. Bandai made sure that even though it took an inspiration from the ever popular Heavyarms from Gundam Wing, it’ll have its own niche.

Though he looks very destructive sporting a lot of weapons, I really can’t get the logic behind those. I mean, he got a beam knife and beam ax the the same time? Can’t he get another set of missiles in the right leg as well? I mean, they must have removed that dagger when he already has a beam ax right? I think they forced the heme of it being a asymmetrical destroyer. Even its two gatling guns aren’t symmetrical, the other one must have beams and the other must have ballistics. But at that timeline, I don’t think there’s no PS armor or I-field so take advantage of so mixing them isn’t really a “good” thing.

Anyway, I don’t have any sort of complaints as far as the pilot goes. He’s a playboy and doesn’t stick to things that much. The only thing I remember from him is that the person he likes already has someone in her heart, LOL! But yeah, he’s a man who accepted it. If I were to re-write the story myself, not that I’m a writer or anything, I’ll make him funny at least. A funny and playboy guy, I think, will add spice to a Gundam series like this.

This kit, is obviously, red but it’s accurately more maroon.

2. Out of the Box (7/10)

Who’s surprised right? I mean, I gave the same score with Virsago and they’re pretty much the same so I guess the score is just the same.

Plate C

The weird part here, again, is the absence of plate A. Also, the first plate isn’t even multi-colored.

Plate D

I’m pretty sure that it’s the same plate that Leopard has. There will be leftover parts after you finish building the kit that seem to belong to its predecessor. Oh yeah, so this’ll be the official multi-colored plate for the kit. It’s just sad that there’s inst enough space for another beam effect part that it needs for the beamaxe. I’ll get into it in a minute. The white here isn’t your usual white. More of a dirty white, but not yellowish. I know this is weird but it looks minty white. I know, it’s not even a color but a taste.

Plate E1 and E2

Plate E1 is the dark blue plate while the E2 is for the shitty gold. You know, Chrome Gold (reflective ones) > Flat/Matte Gold > Shitty Gold. Well, that’s according to my taste. Anyway, do you think this gold is good enough? If it is, then we would have still seen this up to now. But we don’t, at all. It was replaced by flat or semi-gloss gold that can be found in Banshee. This simply sucks, period.

Plate F1 and F2

When I opened this kit, this already separated. Though you can suggest they are really together but due to unknown circumstances, they were separated. Stress marks can be found and you can connect the stress marks of both plates so it’s likely. But whatever, they are labeled separately, so here they are. I just it no sense in separating them since they got the same color and the Plate F2 is too small.

Plate G

This plate, is once again, a red/maroon colored plate.


A plate of polycap with another small plate of polycap. If you think a single polycap plate is way too much in number, well, you’re wrong. This kit uses every polycap that you can find in both plates. Another thing, if you find the number of polycaps annoying, then you’ll find the number of stickers here as equally annoying. Haven’t used anything besides the eye, as usual. But I’m planning to use the camera stickers as well.

3. Step-by-step build (8/10)

Just like its family Virsago, you can expect A LOT of seamlines. Though this one could be tricky since it’s asymmetrical, it’s not really that hard once you started building this. Just pay attention in the instructions manual and you’ll be fine.


Everything here looks nice, except, of course, the ugly GOLD SHIT colored v-fin. There’s sticker provided to cover the jewel like thingy on the v-fin, but I’d rather paint it of course since I’m gonna paint the whole v-fin in the first place (that is, if I am really to paint this kit)
Legs and Feet

This is basically the parts for the legs and feet minus the missile pods for the left foot and the knife at the right foot. Weird stuff is that it has a missile, yes, A SINGLE missile located on its knees. Of course, common sense will tell you that it’s for onetime use only.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands (right and left)

The construction is pretty much the same except for the missile pods and the beam twin beam gun for the left and right shoulders respectively. The mechanism for the missile pod is quite amusing, it doesn’t have a polycap for it so that’s a plus. What’s could be annoying is maybe the twin beam gun here. Apart from it doesn’t look good, its seamline is a kind of what I hate.


Definitely, the opening chest gatlings are cool, even more that it’s a separate gray piece. But th most annoying part is the gold piece.  Annoyingly, you either have to paint the chest orb yourself or use the lamest ever foil stickers.


I honestly didn’t expect the gray thrusters in the front crotch. I didn’t think that Bandai will be that generous at that time to slap in that kind of detail. Apart from that, you can see the GOLD SHIT colored piece here again.


It ain’t very complicated and it doesn’t really have different colors. The bagpack sure is boring as hell.


This guy packs a lot of weapons so yeah, here goes DESTROY!

Missile Pods (left leg)

I really love this one. Definitely, I equally love this and the one on its shoulders. That’s why I wish this one could’ve been in the right leg as well. This Gundam seriously doesn’t need the knife anymore.

Beam Ax and Beam Dagger

It’s a god thing that the beam knife actually comes with your usual clear green effect part. Sadly, the beam ax, though I’m unsure of its name, doesn’t come with any. I know it’s supposed to be a beam since it comes with a lame foil sticker instead. As far as construction goes, just slap em together and you’ll be fine.

Gatling Guns (right and left)

The I don’t know why they are asymmetrical gatling guns are here! They look menacing for sure, but somehow, when all of its weapons are deployed and ready to fire, the gatling guns, somehow, doesn’t look that good anymore. Probably because it doesn’t pose well, but we’ll get into that in detail for a later.

The fun part here is the construction. The other gatling gun actually has small pieces, in which, I can’t get. I mean, they’re both gray, the small piece and the piece were you’re supposed to put it. So why not mold it in a single piece instead? Well, that doesn’t matter actually. The pain here is the removal of nubmarks, but looking on the bright side, you can actually paint the small pieces according to your liking. I think it isn’t that bad specially when you love detailing parts.

4. Articulation and Posability (4/10)

For a bulky and old suit, you might think it’s unfair. But well, the latter can be an excuse so if you don’t mind, you can continue reading but if you can’t, then skip this part out. Or better yet, don’t mind the score, treat it as invisible. However for the former, I know how bulky it is, but it doesn’t mean that it can be excused in the posing department. There are very bulky kits which are meant to just stand, but this one is not. It’s meant to blast enemies so it must have a decent ACTION pose and that’s is where this kit failed, well at least for me.


Head can’t even rotate 90 degrees. Well, that’s due to its design, but still. Also, the v-fin will always fall. I’m not quite sure for the others, but mine does.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands

Arms can’t reach far-up, not even reaching a 90 degrees. Can spin 360 degrees in the elbow joint which consists of two polycaps. Sucks that you have to see that. It can’t bend more than 90 degrees in the elbow joint. The weapon for the right hand can slide forwards and backwards. The twin beam weapon on the right shoulder is pegged nicely on the shoulders and that means it can rotate 360 degrees and move upwards and downwards. The missile launcher on the left shoulder has a hinge so that you can open it up to reveal the missiles. You can swivel up and down the shoulder since it’s separately moveable from the arms. Hands are on a usual ball joint and can rotate 360 degrees. Fingers is the usual old thumb, trigger finger, three finger split, though sadly it’s no MG so it won’t have a peg.

I hope you’re already getting the idea on how bad the articulation for this kit is.


You can open the dark blue pieces on the chest to reveal the gray vulcans.


Front skirts can only move upwards a bit, but that doesn’t actually matter that much. Side skirts can’t almost do anything, but surely, can’t do anything significant; most specially, the back skirts.

Legs and Feet

The knee joint is ridiculous, see the pic for yourself. It can’t even do a 90 degrees. Well at least the missile pod at the left leg can rotate 360 degrees and you can open its two hatches to reveal the dark blue missiles. You can open the lower leg armor to reveal the BIG, yet, single dark blue missile, which doesn’t look intimidating at all, nor even practical looking. Foot armor can swivel upwards and downwards. Well at least the feet can swivel side to side and forwards and backwards, which is GOOD at this time.


It’s on a dual hinge. It’s the same as Saviour’s, but the design is, obviously, different.

Gatling Guns

Though they are asymmetrical, it doesn’t affect the kit’s articulation at all; they’re just the same. It has an openable hatch so that removing the plug inside will be easier. Then you can extend the barrel forward.

Speaking of plugs, here are the plugs you need in order to hold the two gatlings with ease. These hands are fixed, they don’t move at all and they’re molded together with these plugs.

Of course, you have to remove the plugs inside and replace those with these two.


Yeah, look how crappy its “beam” ax without the beam is. The knife is cool, however, it’s an unnecessary weapon for it. Notice when you open the hatches, the v-fin will obstruct its movement, that’s why at this time, I must remove it beforehand.  I made the single handed gatling pose cool, but that’s everything I can do for it. Look how crappy it looks when it holds both of its gatling and the angle is at front? Moreover, it can’t hold it properly. I just took the opportunity to capture the moment while it’s falling down. It can’t support the weight because the elbow joint is weak. Like I’ve said earlier, it’s composed of two polycaps, so what do you expect?

5. Design (6/10)

Similar to Virsago’s score of course. It couldn’t be any better as you can see. Lots of seamlines like Virsago, it even has the same gold shit. Many missing details, even the beam for the beam ax is an effing sticker. So like what I’ve recommended on Virsago’s review, you can apply it here as well. The only thing I can praise about this kit’s design is the effort of making the missiles and the launcher separate, not just in color but also in mold.

6. Gimmick (1)

Asymmetrical destroyer? Or perhaps I pity this kit. I love the Gundam itself but look how it turned out.

7. Value (7/10)

Can’t be any better than Virsago perhaps. I mean, sure, it comes with a lot of weapons, but its predecessor has enough of those. This on packs extra, but at least it can almost use everything all at the same time. Probably, the only reason for buying this are: you love the nostalgic feel of the series and by getting this kit, you’ll be satisfied; you’re a fan of the pilot and the Gundam itself;  it’s a bulky spamming Gundam; you’re a fan of the series; you’re a collector; and the like. Besides those, I can’t think of any.

8. Verdict (33/50)

Honestly, I never expected this kit to be this bad. I had high hopes that it’ll be just the same, if not better, than Virsago’s. Its score is actually just the same with Justice’s. The only difference is that Justice was defeated in the design section while this one got beaten in the articulation section. Sure, this kit isn’t bad back in the time, but I can imagine the pain of the people who tried to pose this kit saying, “STAY PUT!!!!” whenever they got the chance to.

If Leopard was only red, then I’ll choose that over this all the time. I think it’s more stable holding its giant gatling, since I think it’s still pegged in the bagpack whilte it’s held in the hand.


2 Responses to “HG 1/100 Leopard Destroy Review”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Well, we all hate that shitty gold parts haha! When are they going to put in shiny gold parts instead of the shitty ones? XD

    • maknaedik Says:

      Delta Gundam’s gold is VERY GOOD! I actually want to know how to achieve that through painting, but I think a special paint is needed, which could be pretty expensive.

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