HG 1/100 Virsago Review

1. Info

Universe: AW (After War)

Series: Gundam X

Pilot: Shagia Frost

Appeared in the Anime? Yes

The love child of Epyon and Altron, yes, you heard me no wrong, LOL! It inherited the evil/devilish looks of Epyon and inherited Altron’s extending arms. As a bonus, it got a unique weapon of its own, a waist cannon. Oh, it’s not unique to him, Sazabi also got this one before him, but the way he deploys it makes it unique.

Bought this kit because, well obviously, it’s red and it’s 1/100. It’s rare kit nowadays, the reason why I got this kit for a price a bit higher than usual. But for me, it’s all worth it.

2. Out of the Box (7/10)

When I got this kit, the box isn’t in its best condition; like anyone can actually do anything to fix it. Well, the seller is kind enough to put some white sheets and sealed the manual to compensate the damages in the box. It’s not like I was suprised that the box is in this condition. When I bought my oldies, Rising, Maxter and Leopard-D, they aren’t in good condition as well. But this one is really in a bad condition. But nevertheless, I got what I paid for, the kit and the fun.

It doesn’t have a good boxart, but the size is just right. Gave it a 7 since I really don’t like the boxart and the manual, LOL!

Plate A1 and A2

This kit was released way back and I never expected that the A Plate is separated into two and doesn’t come with the traditional 4 colors. Oh, that only means that this tradition started somewhere after this kit was made, LOL!

Plate B

This plate is supposed to be the Plate A, well whatever. This is their multi-colored plate. Nothing fancy here. It’s my first time seeing a clear orange part. Yes, that’s weird but nice to see nevertheless

Plate C

2 identical plates here. Both are molded in red colors. Most of it will go in the arms and shoulders.

Plate D

Another 2 identical plates here. These are for the joints and the weird weapon.

Plate E

The horrible gold plated E Plate. Damn, it’s so awful! Back then, maybe it looks cool. But really, you should just try to repaint these parts to yellow than gold.


Oh damn foil stickers. I specially hate the gold ones because, one, they suck, lastly, the won’t fit in the plastic well. I didn’t try to put mine but you can try looking at it and I’m sure we’ll have the same conclusion. Polycaps are nothing special. After building this kit, 2 will be left.

Overall, I can’t say that it’s bad specially for the time it was made. Just by looking at the manual, you’ll can already deduce on how seamlines this kit will actually have.

3. Step-by-step build (8/10)

You can’t go wrong as you build this kit. I actually had no problems doing the arms, which is the most complicated part to build in this kit. I first followed the instruction for the right part, then built the left part even without glancing at the manual. It’s that easy.

First of all, don’t be surprised, I’m warning you right from the start. This kit will have seamline for each and every single part it has. Yes, ALL OF IT WILL HAVE.

Legs and Feet

I like how the the joints was constructed. This is the start of doing the natural seamline. Though it’s still visible, it can be hidden by lining it deeply with a marker. The overall construction for this part is surprisingly easy. It actually has less parts than I expected.

Arms and Shoulders

This is its most complicated part to construct. But it’s actually pretty easy to build so don’t worry. Just by looking at the picture, you can already see how ugly the gold parts actually were. I’m pretty much impressed on how the extending arms work. It’s actually hidden in the very BIG shoulders. At first, you’ll be looking at the runner and might immediately feel that the shoulders are too big and will be out of place. I’m telling you, it isn’t. It does work for this kit and I’m actually surprised. I have pretty much the same reaction when I built the shoulders of HG 1/144 Genoace.

The foldable claw, and that’s how I’m gonna call it, is actually a gun. yes, a claw and a gun at the same time. The hole and the area around it must actually be color grey.

The only disappointing part here, apart from its seamline horror of course, is when you fold the joints for the extending arms, when it’s not deployed; the side must actually look like thrusters, which of course this kit failed to deliver. Oh well, that’s a minor nitpick of mine, but I can’t really think on how to pull it off even on an MG.

Torso, Waist and Hips

Yes, you’ll construct the damn whole thing into one. Reason is you can’t really separate the hips and the waist. Reason is there will be a very awesome cannon sandwiched in between and the way you construct it hinders you to separate both. I’m still amazed by the orange clear part. Though it’s not the same quality like the current clear parts we have, it still looks decent. Not cheap looking compared to the gold parts, LOL! If you’ll notice, there are actually gold parts inside these clear orange parts. You might not notice but there’s actually mechanical detail on it. I actually appreciated that and think that it’s good. My only complain is the color y’know.

The hips is pretty simple to construct, the only complicated construction goes to the torso and waist. I suggest painting the cannon.  It comes with a silver foil sticker, but that may actually  foil the overall look of the cannon, LOL! That’s why I highly suggest panting it instead with chrome silver.


I actually find it weird at first after finishing the head. It’s odd to see a gray face mask. I had the same reaction when I saw the Blitz’s head. Well, like the Blitz, after you put all the parts together, the color just blends well. The overall mixture of colors actually offsets the gray facemask. It worked for me. What didn’t work is the gold v-fin. Damn, I HATE IT! What I really love here is the clear green part for the eyes. If you don’t like to put the foil sticker in it, you can opt in lining the supposed to be black parts with a black marker and leave the eyes itself green.


Wings, for me, are supposed to be bigger than this. Maybe it’s just me I guess 😛 It has little thrusters for added detail. I recommend painting it grey. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like that but I think it’ll look good if you do because it’s too mono colored. A little bit of red could actually work in this as well.

On the construction part, I think it’s pretty easy. I constructed the other wing without looking at the manual 🙂


I don’t know how its weapon called, but it actually generates beam as well. I really don’t know if its claw like thingy can actually slash anything. But well, it has 6 holes meaning it can generate 6 beams at the same time, that is if you combine them altogether. Beamsaber is quite detailed IMO; the same impression that I got from HG Epyon’s beam saber effect part. But of course, it’ll be better once the MG was made. But that’s close to impossibru (<– you can get this if you’re a 9gagger). Red parts are the side skirts and the special connection for you to store its beam saber handle.

4. Articulation and Posability (8/10)

Not that bad? Well, the arms made up for it. I’m supposed to give it a score like 7 or 6, but the arms are well to articulated for that. Well, it’s actually bad if not for its gimmick.


Can’t do anything besides spinning 360.


Hewh! This part has so much articulation going on it. Be prepared 🙂

Can spin 360 on the shoulders. It can go up sideways so much once extended. It can spin 360 below the shoulders on the first joint. The two long pieces are connected in a smaller one and both can do 180 bend from that joint. It can turn 360 on the second joint. Can move forwards and backwards on the shoulders. Claws can do 360 spin and can go forwards and backwards 180. The claws itself doesn’t move. Hands are on a ball joint meaning it can spin 360.


When the waist cannon is not deployed, it can’t spin that much. However, when the cannon is deployed, it can pretty much spin 360.


Front skirts can move upward up to 90. Side skirts can flap a little, but can move forwards and backwards for about 180. Back skirt is stationary.

Legs and Feet

Legs can move move forward for about 90. Can move sidewards a bit, can’t split, what do you expect? Don’t even try to move it backwards as you can’t really, LOL! It has, fortunately, double joints. But, it can’t do a full 180, but close enough. Feet can wiggle a bit, then move forwards and backwards a bit.


Wings can move towards the center at the first joint for about more than 90. Then at the second joint, it can spin 360. You can flap at the second joint for about 90. Wings can flap on its own and reveal a rather cool looking wings for about more than 90. Don’t even dare to move that small thrusters. Sure, it can move, but it’s not stable. Moving it so much will make it loose. Thankfully, mine’s not yet 🙂


I have no picture for it, but the claw like thingy in its gun with many barrels can move a bit. But that’s about it for the weapons. I don’t even think it’s worth mentioning.

Well, at least the beam saber handle can be stored at the back.

Now, let’s put it all together shall we?

Let’s volt in? Now that they are together, it’s time for POSING TIME!!

I know, some poses are boring and pretty much the same. The only difference are the camera angles. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve cheated when he’s holding his gun. I only have him carry that once. But the rest of the pictures became possible with the help of the ever so dandy Blu Tac. It’s a sticky clay, I use it whenever I need to stick something. It can also be used in holding parts in BBQ sticks when you’re painting.

I also tried to borrow Epyon’s beam saber because honestly, it looks more badass than Virsago’s. I actually had a lame attempt to recreate what his mother Altron can do, double fang at each side. It was too long that I wasn’t able to fit it in the camera. Since I have Epyon, I had them stand side-by-side. Like father like son ain’t it? I really wish that this kit can recreate the pose it usually does in the anime. Its claws are actually supposed to reach the floor. It does it whenever it’s about to fire its cannon. That’ll be awesome if it can.

See how its overall looks offset its bulky shoulders? I’m really impressed, I was actually quite surprised that it looked good in my eyes even though it’s not up to date. Well, I think that impression of mine will be lost if they make an MG of this. Yes, it’s the second time I mentioned it and that shows how much I want this to have one. But we all know that it’s close to impossible.

After posing this kit, I actually kept its beam gun out. It really doesn’t look good when it’s not together with its twin. I think with additional detailing, like painting the parts with its proper color, like the gold to yellow  and erasing some excessive panel lines,  will make this kit look good. I don’t think that its proportions were off. I actually thought about it at first, but everything really goes well. I’m actually hoping that I’ll say the same after I finish my Gundam Leopard-D, but that’s far from today.

5. Design (6/10)

Most of it is because of its gold parts that were supposed to be yellow, excessive panel lines, SEAMLINES and some errors here and there. You can disregard my last reason because of the limits of the technology back then, but then again, what’s wrong is wrong.

I recommend doing the following:

1. Paint the gold parts yellow – they are supposed to be yellow in the first place.

2. Erase excessive panel lines – you can do that by filling them up with putty. Even a basic putty can do the job just fine

3. Seal those seamlines – it’s necessary of course.

4. Detail it up – paint what needs to be painted. Look at the box for reference. You can even search in the net for pictures and paint it according to the anime.

After doing such steps, you can make it up-to-date. It’ll look like it’s just been released.

6. Gimmick (2)

Extending arms and waist cannon, yes please 🙂

7. Value (8/10)

For a kit this old and RARE, its price is only worthy if you really want one. This segment, among all my reviews, is the most difficult since, you might notice, most of my comments in this section is this. Well, besides that, I can’t really recommend this kit other than saying that. Well, that’s the main point of BUYING YOUR OWN KIT, it’s your own money and whatever its price will not matter for as long as you get what you want. For me, like what I’ve said earlier in this review, I got what I bought.

8. Verdict (39/50)

I know, the score’s low. That’s to be expected from a VERY OLD kit. But of course, like most of the kits when they get released, it’s the one of the best on its time. And I really hope that the upcoming Seed MGs are gonna be updated too (peg for weapons and hands and better articulation)

5 Responses to “HG 1/100 Virsago Review”

  1. Nightslash3535 Says:

    This needs a 10/10 for 90’s HG standards, the clear parts, wacky arms and waist alone is full of win.

    • maknaedik Says:

      Yes, I agree too. It’s just unfortunate for it that I got it years later.

      • Nightslash3535 Says:

        You should put the standards of the time into perspective, 90s-era kits didn’t have any fancy inner frame or nerve wracking construction, there were no 3D CAD to help design the model so everything just follows Okawara’s line-art and what I like about these kits is that it oozes the most prominent thing about the MS’s designer.
        IMO the Virsago looks intimidating as hell even without paint, it sure has a menacing silhouette to it.

  2. Francis Says:

    I am a fan of this kit too but mine was a 1/144 Virsago Chest Breaker version…I agreed the extending arms is indeed special and works well here…

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