HG 1/144 Bawoo Review

1. Info

Universe: UC (Universal Century)

Series: Gundam ZZ

Pilot: Glemy Toto

Appeared in the Anime? Yes

This MS is just a prototype. However, there are no difference between this and the mass produced version except the colors. Well, I know you’re wondering, this kit isn’t red. In fact, it’s orange. Well, I STILL got this one just because I LIKE IT. Though one excuse I might think of is: Orange = Red + Yellow. Get it? It still has RED 🙂 I played a game in SNES back then, I forgot its title and it’s in Japanese. I happen to play it even without understanding anything and was still able to enjoy it. There, I found this weird looking MS that can transform into two separate planes, both can attack. By then, I started to like it even though it’s HP is naturally low.

2. Out of the Box (8/10)

A standard grade here. You might notice that I always give this kind of rating whenever I feel that a box is just plain right. Nothing fancy here, not even the art and its size, but not bad either.

Plate A

A plates are always colorful and this is no exception. Comes in yellow, orange and dark green blue. The disappointment you might see is its beam saber. Not because they gave us ONLY ONE but because it’s one whole solid piece. No clear effect part or whatsoever.

Plate B1 and B2

2 B Plates here. Both are orange and not identical that’s why it’s named B1 and B2. These pieces are the armor parts and wings.

Plate C

A single grayish colored plate that has the shield, rifle and manipulators.

PC and Stickers

The foil sticker might irritate you, but I think you shouldn’t because most of it are black. Man, you can just use your handy dandy marker for it. It has a unique sticker, specially made for this variation of Bawoo because it’s made for Glemy Toto. I can’t read Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana) so I don’t know what that symbol means. Anyway, it’s a clear sticker and I think I’ll apply this one and will just trim the excessive parts at the side.

3. Step-by-step build (7/10)

Of course, the whole build is not normal since this is a transformable MS. Moreover, it’s unique. I’ve seen nothing else like it, except maybe MS from Victory, which are modular. It’s not like Zeta and its family (Delta+, Rezel, A1+ and the like) The reason why I gave it this score is that some parts actually has problems in snapping together. Most notable is the head 😐

Legs and Feet

The yellow trims sure worked for this guy, pretty much how those worked for ZZ. As you can see, the top most part, particularly the joint that connects this part to the waist, will make this unit SPLIT. Legs, pretty much, is standard for a transformable unit. Feels like I’m building 1/100 Saviour here.


I thought I’m building Zeta here, but as I go through, it really isn’t. Similar, but not quite. What I loved here is the joint for the shoulders, hell yeah!

Arms and Shoulders

So I thought at first that those yellow trims will somehow open for the transformation. Well, you’ll see later if it will 😛 Anyway, the build here is pretty simple. I like that the shoulders has an articulation. I also appreciated the effort in slapping a separate gray part for the tubes instead of molding them together with the armor pieces.


Slap the four pieces, then you got the head. Unfortunately, its seamline is SO OBVIOUS and seems like it doesn’t fit well. You can see the gap right?


Pieces here are LONG. Well, it blends well to the whole kit nevertheless. It actually has more pieces than I thought it would have.


LOVELY, just lovely. I love everything here. The only thing I find weird here are the thrusters. I think it should be upside down.

Beam Rifle, Beam Saber and Shield

The shield here comes across (the term I got from rrobbert or gunpla.tk, LOL) as being plain. Of course, there are parts here that are supposed to be yellow and orange that you need to paint yourself. The beam rifle, on the other hand, looks good, though it’s mono colored. It’s not your usual plain two pieces slapped together beam rifle. It actually has an extra part you attach to the side, making it not symmetrical. Though that extra part didn’t strike me a LOT, I still appreciated it. Man, the beam saber is the worst here actually. It’s a boring one piece yellow plastic beam saber. We should’ve been given two separate pieces. One for the handle and another for the CLEAR effect part.

Altogether now!

I can say that this is a refreshing build for me. It’s something new because its transformation is unique. But pretty much, I don’t think you’ll get lost anywhere here.

4. Articulation and Posability (9/10)

Articulation, I must say, for this guy is impressive. It’s an old HG and I didn’t except it to have that much. I’m not sure but maybe its articulation was made like this because it needs it for its transformation.


Disappointingly, it can’t turn 360. Also, the picture I got isn’t clear, I’m sorry T_T

Arms and Shoulders

Shoulders can move by itself. Arms can turn 360. Can even move 360 below the shoulders. Only has a single joint enables you to move it by 90. Can move it sidewards by only 90. The peg on the shoulders can make even move further down. It’s actually their just for the transformation.


Front skirts can move up a little bit and it moves together. It can’t be separated, unfortunately. Side skirts are pretty amazing, it can move side wards and can even rotate 360. The greatest disappointment is that there are no waist articulation since this unit is transformable.

Legs and Feet

It can split, HELL YEAH! Can move forward, just make sure that you won’t pop the front skirts. Has two joints and can almost bend 180. Toes can be folded and that will be used for the transformation.


The backpack can rotate 360 by its connection at the back. Wings can move more than 90. It can rotate 360by its connection to the boosters. The whole backpack can move upwards and downwards fairly. And finally, the machinegun look-a-like thingy can move 360.

And now, for the POSING TIME!!

I believe that I can do a lot of more poses than this. Unfortunately, you can’t really mount it in a stand. Well, you can force it. But, don’t expect it to hold it firmly. I didn’t bother doing it because I’m too lazy doing it. Besides, it looks good even without it.

1. Standing Pose

2. The upper part MA form

3. The lower part MA form

4. Both parts in MA form

5. Beam saber deployed, camera angle from the right

6. Beam saber deployed, camera angle from the left

7. Beam rifle deployed, camera angle from the right

8. Beam rifle deployed, camera angle from the left

This is probably my most favorite MS in its MA form, well even defeating Saviour. What I don’t like and feels to me that it’s a waste, is the lower part. The upper part LOOKS GREAT! Overall, it can do decent poses since it has been blessed with good articulation, thank its ability to transform.

5. Design (7/10)

OOTB, it looks great. Upon seeing it, you won’t even notice that it lacks some colors. Those aren’t noticeable. We’ve also been given some clear stickers, which is a bonus I always appreciate. But well, it HAS MANY missing colors that you need to paint yourself and they aren’t easy to do. Specially that this is 1/144 and that you need to mask each to make it anime accurate. And the worst thing possible flaw here is the amount of seamline. Most specially on its head. Yes, it’s maybe the third time I mentioned this but I’m really bitter about it.

6. Gimmick (1)

At least it can do what it must do in the anime. Transform both without replacing a single part, right HG ZZ? 🙂

7. Value (10/10)

Very affordable, VERY! And I like it so I’ll give it a perfect 10

8. Verdict (42/50)

Not a bad score here. I really thought that this would suck, good thing it didn’t. The only misfortune that this kit got is that it was made WAY back then. If it was made now, man, this would’ve been MORE AWESOME!

This review, surprisingly, is kinda short. I could’ve made it longer by showing you how this thing transforms, but, you can figure it out yourself. All I can say about it is that it isn’t really that complicated. It can transform without pretty much worries and all secure except the connection for the beam rifle.

3 Responses to “HG 1/144 Bawoo Review”

  1. Siroh32 Says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have made a comment about the color scheme before clicking on the review. When I looked at the photos of the legs and arms, I truly see just how orange it is. But in plenty of other images, it seems like red shows up in the color scheme a bit, especially in photos of the completed model.

    • Siroh32 Says:

      One thing’s for sure. If I should get this Gunpla (over, say, HGUC Zeta), I might give it a stronger orange color if it doesn’t stand out on it’s own, and would at least replace the yellow color with green. Why not? *shrug*

      • maknaedik Says:

        Green? Hmmm.. Green = Blue + Yellow. It has still yellow, somehow, and that I think will look just fine. But visualizing it, I don’t think I’ll like it. But the real thing will make difference I’m sure.

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