HG 1/144 Genoace Review

1. Info

Universe: AG (Advanced Generation)

Series: Gundam Age

Pilot: None in particular but the known pilot so far is Largan Dreiss

Appeared in the anime? Yes

The first mass produced MS of the Earth federation. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s Earth’s or just Diva’s. It’s been great…..in making Gundam Age-1 Normal look good in the first episode. It’s a total cannon fodder and can’t even do a scratch at their enemies. Now I wonder if it’ll have any use anytime sooner, unless of course they add something to it.

2. Out of the Box (9/10)

I like the box art, though it’s nothing fancy, it’s new. Maybe later on, I won’t like it because pretty much, all HG Age kits will have a box art like this.

Oh, you might notice something weird in the last pic. It had some hair, short ones. First i though that these are gimmick parts specially made for red gunpla collectors like me. Seriously though, I’m quite thankful that these are not the curly ones, if you know what I mean. Weird, but I didn’t get grossed out by it.

Plate A

A Plate, usually comes with 4 colors but for this guy, I felt it was kinda forced. Oh don’t worry, I appreciated what Bandai did here. For those who haven’t noticed, they gave us a separate light gray colored thing in this plate and it’s the only part that comes with this color. Molding it with the same color as to the default gray that comes with this kit won’t make me whine, I even think others won’t. Completely unnecessary and I find it weird.

You might notice that the white that comes with this kit is not your usual white. It’s more of a dirty one, or a little bit yellowish. It could be better if it comes with the standard, but well, this doesn’t suck at all anyway.

Plate B

The Plate B consists of the gray parts. Most of it are the weapons and joints. Notice how odd that this plate looks like it’s missing something? Yes, look at the lower right, it’s pretty much spacious, it has nothing. This could be the area wherein parts for Genoace custom will be molded to. The upper right, I think, will be removed for it since those are for Genoace’s use only. But I seriously hope they still give it, even though I won’t be buying it.

Plate C

Plate C is SMALL! It’s a whole plate chopped in half.


Thick clear dark blue visor, beam saber effect parts (that are effing short), stickers and polycaps. The polycaps, I think, are the same ones that comes with HG Age-1 Normal.

3. Step-by-step build (9/10)

It’s my first time building an HG from this series and I was pretty much excited on how will the construction go.


Unique indeed. Women nowadays are getting crazy in getting a super thin waist (which could be either attractive and not, depending on who has this, LOL). And yes, this guy has a perfect ant waist.

Arms and Shoulders

While I was building this part, I really find the shoulders weird. It’s really not standard. Then I figured, the HG Start Jegan’s shoulders are similar. But at least, it looks good on it because there are parts to offset it. And then, upon finishing this the arms, it actually looked better. And much more when I put all the parts together.

The gray parts on the shoulders are separate and individual parts. Not stickers, thankfully. I actually thought that they’ll give us a big gray part, then enclose it with the shoulder armors. Instead, they gave us small and individual parts. which could be good or bad, depending on your perception of course. Also, there are some grooves here that you’re supposed to put stickers. I didn’t because of the drill and yet, I’m planning to just paint those since they’re not hard at all paint.

Bandai did great as there were no seamlines for the shoulders. However, the arms comes with. It’s not totally that bad since this is the only part that has seamline on the entire kit and they’re not that hard to remove 🙂


Building this was a breeze. I really thought that it’ll have seamline, because it’s the part that mostly comes with it. Thankfully, it has none. I didn’t put the sticker inside because, well, I have plans on painting this kit and you know the drill. Anyway, seeing other’s reviews, they mentioned that the sticker inside can’t be noticed unless you put much light on it.

Legs and Feet

Construction is very weird. Specially the upper and lower leg. they are connected in a weird way. I was actually worried if it’ll be loose. Thankfully, it’s not. Oh, they used the feet joint that usually comes with HG Setsuna kits (except Exia) XD

Panty with wings

Sorry for the name, LOL! But really, it looks like it. If not for the side skirt, it’s just totally a panty. No front nor bacskirts. But don’t be fooled. Though it has no any obstructions, it doesn’t mean it’ll have better articulation 🙂 you’ll see what I mean in a bit.


The beam spray gun, which doesn’t spray any, looks nice. I repeat, LOOKS NICE ONLY. In the anime it sucks. Shiled’s quite nice, but I could be happier if they made the color of the lower section into gray. That could’ve looked better. Heat stick, nuff said. Oh BTW, the hilt of the heat stick is the same as the beam saber’s. You can only use one. Actually, they gave us two beam saber effect part but were only given a single beam saber handle 😦

4. Articulation and Posability (9/10)

Articulation is where this kit excels. Given that has simplistic looks, it only means that it can pose well, though I have some disappointments.


It can rotate 360. Can do the chicken head dance. Can look up and down. Lean side-to-side. A perfect head articulation.

Arms and Shoulders

Can rotate on the shoulders 360. Can also rotate 360 below the shoulders. You can raise it up more than 90. Arms are on a single joint, sadly. It has an extra wrist articulation. Hands are on a ball joint that can wiggle and has a 360 articulation.


Can go forwards and backwards. Can even do an impressive side to side (the best so far I’ve seen. haven’t seen this even in a master grade). Can rotate 360.


Yeah, figured out that this is the hips and not the waist. Waist is the one sandwiched between the torso and hips.

Only the side skirt has articulation since it doesn’t have front nor backskirts. Impressively enough, it can go up, up to 90. WOW!

Legs and Feet

Impressively, it can do a full split just like HG Qan[t], given of course that you push the side skirts up. Sadly, the legs can move forwards for about mostly 45. As I’ve said earlier, though it doesn’t have any front skirt, it doesn’t necessarily mean its movement can’t be hindered. The armor for the upper leg is too big. It can’t even pull off a 90 when you bring it backward even though it doesn’t have backskirts. At least, it does have a double joint that can make it turn almost a 180. I’m actually not quite sure if it’s a 180 or not since I really find weird on how this thing works. But yeah, it looks good anyhow.

For the feet, It can move forwards and backwards a little bit. Also, can move side to side greatly.

Get ready, 3, 2, 1… HENSH… nope, it’s POSING TIME!!

It can do a lot of poses, but it lacks weapons for variations. I’m not really good in poses so here are the only thing I’ve made so far.

1. Standing pose
2. Beam spray gun that doesn’t spray equipped (left orientation)
3. Beam spray gun that doesn’t spray equipped (right orientation)
4. Heat little stick equipped
5. Short beam saber equipped
6. Beam spray gun and beam saber on!
7. I can even shoot anything above me

Though I find the beam saber short, it actually is proportioned with the kit since this one’s small. The smallest of all my HGs so far. Beam spray gun looks nice, though I’m pessimistic at first that it won’t even after watching its reviews. Heat stick, errrr.. Like what rrobbert184 have said in his video review, why would you use a heat stick when you can actually use something stronger like a beam saber?

5. Design (8/10)

I really wish that its white is the standard one. Besides that, here are my nitpicks:

1. Gray pieces on the shoulders

Good to have them whichever Bandai chooses to implement that, giving us a separate piece for that is really good job in your part Bandai.

2. Joint for the arms should’ve been gray

Well, it’s color white when it should’ve been gray. Well, in the anime it’s white, but well. It’s just me.

3. Clear blue visor

You should’ve been lighter so that details inside could’ve been seen even with slight amount of light.

6. Gimmick (0)

None, unless you consider its shit heat stick a gimmick.

7. Value (9/10)

It should’ve been perfect but I’ll state my reason why on the verdict.

8. Verdict (44/50)

The Age-1 Normal, which has the same price as this one, has better gimmicks than this. It has so much things to offer compared to this. It’ll make you think, is this worth to get? Well, I think it doesn’t have that much since it’s just a cannon fodder and doesn’t really have much to do besides that. But for me, I think, 1200 yen is just enough. Age-1 Normal on the other hand offers so much that if I were to review it, I’ll probably give it a score more than 10 for its value. Genoace looks underwhelming because of this, but it’s not its fault, but rather, the designer, LOL! I believe that people would most likely appreciate the Genaoce custom more than this regular one. Just because, one, its pilot and lastly, its colors.

I can recommend this kit for GM fans. It really looks like its ancestors and I believe that in the future, it’ll have more variations and buying this is a good start.

2 Responses to “HG 1/144 Genoace Review”

  1. Siroh32 Says:

    I haven’t payed that much attention to Gundam AGE, and I currently am not. And although I think the MS designs are geared toward it, I was still surprised at just how much articulation was there, especially with its waist. I never kitbashed Gunpla before, but if possible, I wouldn’t mind one day butchering a Genoace for a pretty good 1/144 UC-era GM. *shrug*

    As for design aesthetics themselves? It’s not that bad a design. But again, I’m currently not paying that much attention to AGE. I’d rather look for another FLAT if I want a 1/144 with amazing articulation, but I readily recognize just how well done this modern Gunpla is, and it’s not an actual RG, where (along with fragility) it’s made to ooze articulation in that lineup (at least presumably).

    • maknaedik Says:

      Once the series have ended, then that’s the time, I think, that I’d be able to recommend the show to you. As of now, what makes me hang on the show are the mysteries. Shows that are mysterious are quite effective to me. The animation, at first, really made me uncomfortable, but as time goes by, I got focused on its story; pretty much like what happened while I was watching Turn A.

      Yes, modern Gunpla really has great articulation. It improved since 00 HGs, though the improvement of HGs from Seed to 00 is still the best IMO.

      I really think that there should be HGs from Turn A, looking forward to it. But there are so much HGs that Bandai is currently focusing on, Seed, G and Age. Though I’ll only buy red ones, LOL!

      You can try kitbashing, it’s fun though I really don’t like kitbashing in 1/144 scale because they’re too small for me. The best I can do about it is parts swapping. But if you have nimble hands, then that’s a breeze.

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