HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam / Reborns Cannon (review)

1. Info

Universe: AD (Anio Domini)

Series: Gundam 00 (season 2)

Pilot: Ribborns Almark

Appeared in the anime? Yes

Well, I like the design of this kit, but I find the name stupid. Reborns? WTF? Shouldn’t it be Reborn without an s rather with one? I mean, it’s pretty obvious that the name came from Ribbons, but it could be better if they just used his name you know?  Or maybe Rebirth gundam should do.

You can check out my WIP here:

Part 1 (upper body)

Part 2 (the rest)

2. Out of the Box (9/10)

It’s the ordinary size for almost all HG and I really like so no complaints here. I didn’t give it a perfect score just because I wanted it to be bigger, LOL!

You can see at the sides that this kit can indeed transform to its grunt mode named, Reborns Cannon

Manual and Runners

Most parts are a mix of red and white. I don’t even know which is stronger, but it looks like it’s red not just because it strikes me the most and I love it, but even though it got fewer parts, they were large. Bandai gave us some black stickers, I wonder why. I won’t use them so I don’t really care much about them. Upon seeing the parts for the GN fangs, it’s quite obvious that those will have seamlines. But, we’ll have to check it out just to be sure.

3. Step-by-step build (9/10)


There’s a clear part here that you need to clear violet, that is if you prefer paint than using stickers. You’ll actually construct this part with the  Reborns head here. This part looks kinda cool, but I find the yellow trim in the chest to be an eyesore. I don’t like them. When the thrusters are opened, they seem like a mouth of a trex. Maybe it’s just me.

Torso – seamline detected!

It’s not that obvious and maybe I won’t bother sealing it.


GREAT! Just great. Though it has a seamline, it still looks a winner to me. Clear part has to be painted violet to be anime accurate.

Head – seamline detected!

As I’ve said above, it has a seamline.

Arms and Shoulders

At first, I thought that the GN drives will look awkward. Fortunately, I’m wrong. Though, it hinders some articulation. Oh man, I really love this part. Even the shoulders, it’s just awesome! Though the elbows aren’t double jointed, the arms has a very big range of bend that enables you to still do your poses. Thank its ability to transform, it can do this

Feet and Legs

I also love this part. It has no seamline or whatsoever. Don’t ever treat the line on the red part at back as one because sealing it will hinder its transformation. Well, the red panel can open up and expose a black sticker, if you chose to put it. I find the engineering in this part weird. I mean, the red panels that opens, you need to put the white thingy behind the red panels, but they don’t seem to me like they are joints and I can’t figure out how they work.

This part has very good articulation and transforming the feet gives this kit GREAT poseability. Also, the knee armor is a winner. We often see this move in MGs, though it can’t move here, it separate from the actual legs when you bend them.


Though I wish that the fangs in the backskirts are detachable, I think it’s better that they didn’t just because I find it too small for this size. You can opt to put some stickers on the skirt, but you know that I hate those and duh?!?! I prefer panel lining those instead y’know.

Wings/Fangs/GN Cannons

Fairly straight build here. The GN fangs are two parts that you need to put together. Guess what? It has seamlines HOORAY (sarcasm)

The connection on the upper part is solid, but the lower isn’t. Though it doesn’t randomly fall off, actually, it still haven’t. But I find it loose whenever I detach/attach those.



Construction’s pretty easy. Snap the two parts together and put everything accordingly.

I find the red piece here appealing and thankfully, it’s just not, but it actually helps the rifle to stay in the hands. It is also important so that the Reborns cannon will be able to hold the rifle.

Rifle – seamline detected

It’s pretty obvious that you don’t need a picture of it.


Not complicated, actually at first, I thought it is. Fortunately, it’s not that it’s composed of just four pieces and we got a transformable one.

It looks good, but I can complain on how it transform. Well, it can, but it seem not solid, I mean, it wiggles and doesn’t stay into place. But still, I can live with that 🙂

4. Articulation and Poseability (9/10)

An almost perfect score here, but the twin drives hinder some poses.

Head – Can move 360, look up and down a bit, forwards and back and some side to side

Shoulders – Can move up and down a lot. The extra part can move a bit.

Arms – Can move 360 on the shoulders, 360 below the shoulders. The for the elbows can only move one point but there’s an extra

Torso – can move side to side a bit, can turn 360.

Waist – Front skirts can move up and moves individually, side skirt can move a bit and backskirts can move-up but moves together. You can separate them if you want.

Legs – moves 180 degrees. Can’t split (sad), but can move sideways a bit. Double jointed and has a panel that you can open.

Feet – Toes can move as well as the heels VERY MUCH since it’s needed for the transformation to Reborns Cannon.

Rifle – The only thing move here is the red thing. It can pretty much swing bigtime.

Shield – There are parts in the side that can be extended.


Its Gundam mode looks GOOD. How I wish that Bandai makes an MG of this. Well, it’s more possible compared to Gundam X series MSs. The only thing I was disappointed is the Reborns Cannon form. The head of the Gundam is not well hidden, as you can see in the pics. Also, the beam sabers is err, all clear? I think they should’ve given a clear orange instead. If ever they will, then that’ll be the first kit I’ve seen with orange beam sabers, LOL!

5. Design (8/10)

Well, I like it overall, but I can’t really give it a perfect nor a 9 since the head sticks out, clear beam sabers and amount of seamlines. Well, it could’ve been better y’know. But really, Bandai please, make an MG of this.

6. Gimmicks (1)

The first ever MS that can transform into other MS? Well, that’s fine for as long as it can hide its head well.

7. Value (10/10)

I got this for 800php, which I personally think is a good price. I personally think that even those who really have no eyes for this kit won’t regret getting one.

Verdict (46/50)


1. You have the power to choose what color the clear parts will be (this could be either bad or good y’know)

2. Can fully transform to its Reborns Cannon mode

3. Proportions and colors are good.


1. Refer to Pros#1

2. Can’t split

3. Seamlines X_X

Still, for me, my best HG 1/144 kit is Qan[t] because it doesn’t have seamlines IIRC. If ever this kit gets an MG treatment, then I’ll be forever thankful to Bandai. Among my MG wishlist, this is my priority as it’s the only one who has the biggest chance of having.


6 Responses to “HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam / Reborns Cannon (review)”

  1. rerampunk@yahoo.com Says:

    for the seem lines, u can use the cement to eliminate it. as fr the beam sabre, try use matallic markers. or, even better, u can midified the handle to accommodate led light and make small scratches along the beam sabre for the light to be reflected.

    • maknaedik Says:

      Don’t worry, I know how to remove seams. The idea of putting leds inside a beam saber is just cool and awesome. But I won’t do it. It’s just too difficult, LOL! My plan is painting it with clear orange, that’ll be quite satisfying enough for me.

  2. Mikhail Guillermo Says:

    800PHP? AS IN PHILIPPINE PESO? Ang mura ah. Makabili nga. XD

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