HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi Review

1. Info

From the 00 series, the custom grunt unit, the PINK ONE! For me, it felt awkward to see such an MS to be piloted by serious, with no feelings, super soldier. Well, actually, that made sense, maybe she never felt awkward with whatever color of MS she’ll be given. Yes, she’s a GIRL but a pink MS? Isn’t that impractical?

Anyway, I love RED, you don’t say? This is pink and you know that anything that is in shades of red (violet, pink and orange) are all fit in the category. So, I bought this.

This unit isn’t really that exciting. Yes, it’s COLORFUL. With a little bit of violet and yellow all over, this is truly an eye candy. But its weapon is exactly just TWO. The “Bore” gun doesn’t really bore me out, I actually like it. It’s just that, its blade is really LAME. For a first unit, it’s kinda understandable I guess.

2. Out of the Box (8/10)

The boxart is fine. Not GOOD, but definitely not bad either. So I gave it an 8 since its size is just fine. Ignore the damages on the box of course ๐Ÿ˜›

Plate A

So yeah, Plate A isn’t your usual multi-colored plate this time. I think they had this planned beforehand because they knew that this model will have several variations.

Plate B

Dark-grey parts for the weapons and joints.

Plate D

You’re right, there’s no Plate C. Maybe it’s reserved to other variations of this kit.

At last, the multi-colored colored plate. You expected it as Plate A, but this time it’s D. Well, the gray part here isn’t exactly different from Plate B’s color. Actually, it’s exactly the same. This plate really caught me eye. Just look at the violet and yellow together with the pink. It’ll give you the idea on how colorful this kit will become.

Plate E

Another all pink plate. Well, majority of this kit’s color is pink so don’t be surprised ๐Ÿ˜›

Plate F

Pink joints! Yes, they are joints as seen on the label, they are made out of ABS. Whatever that ABS stands for, I forgot. ABS plastics were mostly made to be as joints.


The polycap plate and the seals. I’m kinda disappointed that this kit has this amount of stickers, but what the hell. This kit is colorful so what do you expect? By the way, I didn’t use the pink ones. I only used the eye sticker and the rest are painted or was never used.

The manual, plain and boring XD

3. Step-by-step build (9/10)

Since this is from 00 series and I haven’t built any of this MS’s class yet, it’ll be a refreshing build.


I almost thought that this part wouldn’t have seamlines, buy no, I was wrong. Though the seamlines that cna be found here can be ignored. This part, if you’ve noticed, has an ant waist. I suddenly remembered my Genoace because both sports great waist articulation.


Simple construction here. I appreciated the effort of having a separate black piece detail for the head. You only usually see this for MGs. However, I wish it could’ve protrude at the back as well. Oh well, it’s not like it’s that hard to line it all by yourself. Used the pink sticker for the eye here.

Sad this about the eyes is that, you’ll never gonna be seeing it that much. Just see it for yourself when you see my finished product.

Arms and Hands

I made a mistake here. I accidentally cut the long peg here. I don’t know if can notice, but I do, that one part has just been glued. So be careful. Good thing is that I was able to fix it still.

The overall construction is fairly easy. As for the seamlines, errr, they do exist, but not hard to erase.


This is my second favorite part of the kit. It has enough details, even below, which is usually just hollow.

The construction is easy and, luckily, this part has no seamlines.


Simple, but the seamlines here are very hard to erase. After finishing in painting this kit, the seamline in the feet is the only thing that I haven’t completely erased. I didn’t even bother erasing the seamlines below.


My most favorite part of the kit. Well, obviously, this part is the most colorful, having 4 colors at once. All the 4 colors it has just blends well.

The construction’s not really confusing, just read it carefully. The seamlines are still there and even kinda hard to remove. But still doable. A sanding sponge really saves me the trouble, BIGTIME.


Pointy and loooong propeller tank. You might laugh here. Doesn’t this part kinda funny? Yes, use your dirty mind here. Thankfully, the fuel tank is located at the back. If it’s in the front and this is a pink colored MS, how hilarious could that be?

Anyway, construction here is fairly easy. There’s a seamline in the hip unit itself, but you could ignore it since you won’t be seeing it anyway, but erasing the propeller tank’s is a must. It’s the easiest to remove in the whole kit anyway.


Bore Gun

As I’ve told you earlier, I love how this weapon looks. Well, it looks appealing, but I don’t get the purpose of the two long flat thingy on both sides of the main barrel. I suppose they are supposed to act as blades?

Construction’s easy, seamlines are horrible and hard to remove. Bore gun’s color might be too simple for your taste, so go ahead and paint some of it parts in different color.

Booooring Blade

I don’t know how it’s called, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any “GN” on it because EFF doesn’t have any GN technology at this time yet.

Haven’t I told you that this part is the hardest to build? Man, this is an HG but it even defeats all PGs combined. *sarcasm over*

Overall, I enjoyed the build, it’s refreshing, like I’ve said earlier and doesn’t really feel familiar. I actually expected a Zaku-ish feel, but had never felt it at all.

4. Articulation and Posability (9/10)

I am about to give it a perfect score, specially because this kit can pose well even though it’s bulky looking. But there are things that falls off to me and I’ll get to that in a bit.


What can I say? It’s VERY STABLE. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t move even a budge. Good thing is that you can move its eye camera by removing its helm.


It’s been almost a standard for early 00 kits to have this kind of articulation. Well maybe Bandai’s thinking, it’s the first time we did it in a kit and we’ll spam it in 00. So yeah, they did. Swiveling the torso forwards is a must!

The waist can dramatically swing forwards and backwards. Can also rotate 360.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands

You can lift up the arms for about 90 degrees. You can also rotate it 360 degrees in the shoulders and under the shoulders.

I can’t really elaborate on how much articulated the shoulder binders are because it has more than enough articulation you can get. But still, I’ll try my best. It’s connected in the shoulder by two panels which you can swivel until it hits something. Then the panel that is connected to the binders itself is connected through a peg in which you can rotate it there 90 degrees. The panel that can be found in the bottom of the binders can swivel until it hits something.

Elbows, sadly, has only one point of articulation.

Arm guards can flap for about 90 degrees. And finally the hands are on a ball joint to it has the usual “can rotate 360 degrees and wiggle a bit” movement.


Since this kit has no side, front and bacskirts, only the propeller tank moves here. Anyway, the only thing it can do is to swing upwards and downwards.

Legs and Feet

The absence of skirts, even though this one’s pink, is a blessing for this kit.

Legs can move upward and backwards so that’s a total of 180 degrees movement. I thought it can split, but it’ll just fall off at the hip joint if you force it.

It can bend at the knee with two joints; almost a 180 degree there.

Feet can move upwards and downwards; can also rotate 360 degrees, which I don’t think anyone will do.


Done these shots at the office for a change.

If you’ve noticed, this is the finished product already. All the paints I’ve used and stuff can all be found in the Transcend section.


Yeah yeah, the engineering of 00 kits is good. Most likely the introduction of GOOD hip joints. But this one’s not stable like it’s supposed to be. It falls of me all the time.

5. Design (9/10)

I have a lot of complaints with Reborns and I still gave it an 8. So I think this one deserves a 9. Well, the color combination are perfect. It’s just sad that despite this kit were given so much colors, it lacked the slightly stronger pink for some parts. Maybe Bandai is thinking that they should stick with the “only 4 colors per plate” policy and I can say, “Then why not move the propeller tank into the plate where it truly belongs”. Easy for me to say, but I own no kit of the same model so I can’t really prove that I can be right.

Seamlines are nothing hard to remove so I’ll give them the credit for that and I have no major complaints aside from what I’ve said so far.

6. Gimmicks (0)


7. Value (9/10)

Pink, awesome, colorful, good pilot and etc. Can’t you ask for more, oh yes, WEAPONS! HAHA! So yeah, a 9 should be just enough.

8. Verdict (44/50)

Not bad, not bad. I thought it’ll be lower, I’m so glad I’m wrong.

I haven’t really played with it that much so I can’t really say that I’ve enjoyed this kit as much as I can. Well actually, you really can’t, because it lacks additional weapons.




Heard that it has a good balance. So far with my experiences with this kit, I can say that it does have a good balance.

Articulated despite having a bulky look.

Parts separation for the gun, so that you can paint it according to your liking.


Not so stable hip joint.

Hard to remove seamline at the feet.

Oh, I maybe biased because this is pink, but I recommend it out of all of its variations. Well, Smirnov’s looks nice as well. But this one’s pink, get it? LOL! What a pity, this kit didn’t become available in 1/100 scale.

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