Part 1: Review


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


1. Out of the Box (9/10)

HG Sinanju is one of the bigger boxes out there. Quite obvious, this is gonna be a big kit. Boxart is good, but not left me in awe or simple got me amazed that this it is gonna be awesome.

Plate A

It’s nice to see a 4 colored Plate A. Everytime I see the yellow colored plates of Sinanju (all grades) I can’t help but feel sad. I mean, Sinanju doesn’t even have a single yellow colored part, but Bandai always gives us with these. Of course, giving us with these is cheaper. Yellow is always cheaper than gold, so why not? Let’s paint it up ourselves. But the trims O.O

Plate B

The first red colored plate. Just notice how humungous the shield is, I mean, that’s only a part of the shield and not the entire shield yet.

Plate C1 and C2

Plate C1 and C2 are identical, the main difference is that C1 had more parts than C2. C1’s extra pieces are for the skirts.

Plate D

I really like how Bandai retained the details for the backskirts. Note, this is an HG but the backskirt has an innerframe. How cool is that huh? Well, they can do that since this is a big kit.

For colors, this is the first gray plate. Sad part is, the pseudo innferframe and the weapons will share the same color. You can color it with differently if you want.

Plate E1 and E2

Two almost identical plates here again. Just like the Plate C1 against C2, Plate E1 has extra parts over the E2.

Gray colored plate here again. Most of the parts here are for the joints and pseudo innerframe of the kit.

Plate F

Effect parts, ow, those effect parts! We’ve got two plates here which are absolutely identical.


A sheet of horrible foil stickers. A Plate of polycap and the instruction manual. Like I did with the MG, I’m never gonna use the foil stickers, except for the eye camera or the rifle scope. Em gonna paint those gold trims myself using the ever reliable, toothpick method.

2. Step-by-step build (9/10)

The build, of course, isn’t your usual HG. It’s big and it received some love from Bandai. Seamlines are still inevitable, but that’s okay. There aren’t a lot.


The details that the MG has remained in this kit and that’s something no one can’t be thankful of.

As for the construction goes, everything is easy. There’s nothing to be confused at.

Head is very easy to build. Like the MG, it has no separate part for the vulcans so you have to paint it yourself.

Arms and Shoulders

It almost have all the details that the MG has, except that the MG comes with a separate yellow part on the shoulders. I will paint it gold, of course, but masking is really a lazy job to do.

As for the construction goes, it’s amazing that they were able to replicate the goodness of the MG in such a smaller scale.

Legs and Feet

The details, oh those details. Some gray parts poking through like in the MG aren’t present here, but I’ll paint it of course.

Construction is easy, not that confusing. Just read the manual carefully. The sad part here is that, even though when the time this kit came out, Bandai already has the technology to do a GOOD JOINT  for the hips, they didn’t apply it here. I mean, this is a big kit and it deserve some love. This MS is a milk maker for Bandai. I know, it’s good by itself. It can spread its legs apart enough to make poses, but something like that is more assuring for m.e


Like I said earlier, the backskirt will have an innerframe. Go detail that up, even though can’t be seen all the time, and I’m sure you’ll make good out of it. It looks GOOD, I can understand the people who want to get this guy over the MG because detail wise, they aren’t that far.

As for construction goes, again, it’s easy and most parts are intuitive.


It doesn’t have the gimmick that the MG has, but I think that the white fuel tanks for HG is more moveable than the MGs? Well, just a little though.

Nothing to be confused in building this part. It’s absolutely easy.

Beam Rifle

It’s pretty obvious just by looking at the pics that this part isn’t HARD to build at all.


The sexy and sophisticated shield! Of course, it does look like the MG minus the innerframe underneath. So if you want to detail this one up, paint those things underneath with gray. Don’t forget the gold trims of course 😛

Grenade Launcher

Grenade launcher is composed of two pieces, snap em and you’re done. It doesn’t have a folding gimmick unlike the MG.

Beam Saber

Beam saber involves no construction except for simple putting the effect part.

Beam Axes

The beam axes that goes in the shield are completely different from the ones that can be held in the arms.

As usual, it comes with the magnificent looking beam effect parts.


Of course, this ain’t an MG that’s why, we’ve got no choice but to use these. Two are closed fists hands, two are beam saber holding hands and the last one will be used to hold the beam saber. It also come with peg so that it’ll be secured while you pose it.

3. Articulation and Posability (7/10)

This is the first time I’ll be doing this and maybe, this is going to be the standard for the rest of my reviews in the future (except for my MG Zeta Karaba). I’ll split the kit into parts and do an individual short of the articulation.

Arms and Shoulders

Elbows sadly, has only one point of articulation, giving it a maximum of a 90 degree bend. It can rotate 90 degrees below the shoulders. Shoulders are independent moving from the arms. It can rotate 360 degrees from the torso. Shoulders can move back and forth. The flaps on the side is moveable.

Compared to its MG counterpart, the only problem it has is the elbow joint. But that’s forgivable. I don’t think it really really needs one.


Can rotate 360 degrees and can look up and down a little.


Front skirts are not independent moving, it can flip up, but not that much (if the torso is connected). Back skirts and side skirts can move up as well. Back skirts doesn’t move independently. Though it’s fortunate that it has details underneath just like the MG.  It has a panel below that can be removed so it can be attached to an action base. It also has a panel at the back that you can remove and place in a gray piece  that will be used to hold the beam rifle when idle.

Compared to its MG counterpart, the MG has individual moving front and back skirts.

Legs and Feet

Legs doesn’t have a good hip joint, so splits aren’t possible. It’s only on a standard ball joint, but it’s good enough to make some awesome poses. It has a double jointed knee. The flap on the back can be flipped up. Even the flaps on the side can be turned around something that we thought that’s gonna be exclusive only for the MG. Feet can move upwards and downwards.


Fuel tanks can wiggle all around, it can even rotate since it’s on a ball joint. Thrusters can flap sidewards. Flaps on the wings can open up.

The backpack’s articulation is almost the same as the MG’s. Actually, I think this has better movement for the fuel tanks. The main difference between the two is that the thrusters doesn’t have the opening gimmick on the HG version. But, you can still open it manually, so that’s ain’t really big of an issue.


Beam rifle also has the telescopic gimmick that the MG has. In my understanding, it is the moveable scope. Correct me here if I’m wrong. The kit comes with a rifle holding manipulators, as I have mentioned before. It pegs on the rifle for superior hold. Beam axes also can slide, but can’t rotate like the MG so you have to actually swap it for it to work. The grenade launcher can also be placed underneath the shield and can also be attached to the rifle. But unlike the master grade, it doesn’t have the flipping gimmick. The shield can be attached in the unit using a small gray piece. It lets you put it in two ways in which the HG Age-1 Normal doesn’t have problem with.

4. Design (8/10)

I don’t expect it to be higher than its MG counterpart, but this kit has done a good job for its size. Details underneath the back skirt, complete gray thrusters, gray details underneath and etc. Biggest factor why it’s possible is its size. It’s big and adding such details won’t be as hard if it’s smaller. The details it lack, aside from inner frame exposed here and there are some separate yellow parts are plain red in this kit. That is, err, well, bad because you have to mask it and it’s small. But I don’t think it’ll be that hard to do. Again, yellow parts are supposed to be gold. Oh well. The most annoying part here is the number of seamlines. Yeah, your hands will suffer from sealing all of those.

I made its score a point higher than MG because it’s an HG and lack of details is an excuse. For an HG, this one is really actually good.


5. Gimmicks (0)

Sadly, none unlike the MG.

6. Value (9/10)

It’s a BIG HG and its details are very good for an HG. It’s really worth it! An HG with little much difference from its MG counterpart is really worth it!

7. Verdict (42/50)

Well, a bit lower than its MG counterpart. Main suspect is articulation. The hip and elbow joint could have been better, but they didn’t soooo yeah. At least, among all the HGs out there, I really can say that once this kit has been fully painted, all the gold trims are properly painted, it’ll really looks superb!


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  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Nice detailed review! pretty well detailed for an HG kit! 🙂

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