HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam (completed)

Detailing this was fun, though I had problems like the clear violet for the chest, which I have to hand paint the blue first before putting a layer of clear red. Honestly, I didn’t know that there’s a clear blue spraycan available that’s why I resorted to that. Also, I missed detailing the shield, it supposed to have gray colored parts in it, but well, it still looks good. I want to detail the GN drives because they’re so plain, even with a simple panel line isn’t enough. I want to detail it, but the parts I want to detail are super hard to reach. Also, the black details between the gap of red and white parts in the legs is messed up. I really can’t tell the border between the two that’s why I had some errors. The silver details in the rifle didn’t turned out the way I want it. I want it to be super shiny, but well, I topcoated it, but still, the effect isn’t consistent for every silver detailed part. Also, the yellow painted parts at the back skirts aren’t good. I think they look very bad. Some paints are beyond its border and also, it got dirty. I don’t think that the panel lines got washed out and made it dirty. Lastly, the parts under the shoulder armor are supposed to be gray.

Despite all of the mistakes I’ve done, I’m still happy on how it looks. I won’t transform it to Reborns Cannon as I don’t like it and I’m afraid of getting this thing scratched.

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Paints Used:

Tamiya White (Acrylic) + Tamiya Yellow (Acrylic) – (Handpainted) for detailing the light yellow parts
Tamiya German Gray (Spraycan) – For the rifle
Tamiya Gray Primer – For the rifle
Tamiya Clear Red (Spraycan) + Tamiya Clear Blue (Enamel) (Handpainted) – For the clear parts found in the head and chest
Tamiya Clear Flat (Spraycan) – For topcoat
Copic Marker Black 0.03 – For panel lining the non-white parts
Copic Marker Warm Gray 0.02 – For panel lining the white parts
Gundam Marker Silver – For the small details in the rifle

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