HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi (completed)

The background seems a bit different ayt? No, entirely different of course, who am I kidding? This is my “MESSY” workstation at the office. Shot it there for a change or rather, I made this kit my display there.

I didn’t really have much difficulty in finishing this kit. Of course, it’s just an HG and seamlines are inevitable most specially that it’s just a grunt. So engineering wise, it has just enough and nothing really special. The amount of work you have to put here is just your usually HG 00 kit.

What I enjoyed the most is the panel lining part. It has enough for me to draw in. Specially the oblong parts. I did paint the edge of the blade with silver as well as the side parts of the bore gun because I just want to. Did also paint the scope and back scope of the bore gun with white because it’s supposed to be in that color. Didn’t bother painting some parts with higher shade of pink because this kit just looks good even without those. Ok ok, it’s an excuse, I’m getting lazy of course 😛 Well, not really. I removed the seamline of the WEAK hip joint even though you won’t be able to really see it, unless of course removed.

Guess what, I didn’t use Tamiya Flat here this time. I just used Bosny, an alternative which is cheaper, but stronger and kinda harder to use.

Anyway, enjoy the pics!!

Paints used:

Copic Marker Black 0.03 – for panel lining

Tamiya Metallic Silver – for detailing the bore gun and the blade

Bosny Clear (Flat) – for topcoat


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