MG 1/100 Aegis

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At last, Aegis. The last of the 5 first GAT machines from Gundam Seed that was made into MG. Of course, you have to save the best for last, but Strike is having a remake so it’s up to you on how you’ll take it. Anyway, at first, I didn’t really thought that Aegis will ever have an MG. Seriously, when this kit got announced, I was like, YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!!! I really think that Justice has more chances of getting an MG until they release the RG Justice, oh sad. Anyway, whatever reason Bandai has, I really don’t care. It’s here, finally! A fully transformable MG Aegis with complete inner frame.

The differences between the design of this MG compared to the original look at the anime is quite different. It’s quite obvious but that doesn’t matter to me. It looks better and it makes it easier for Bandai to turn this into an MG.

With all honesty, Aegis is my most favorite of all the first 5 GAT machines. Strike comes second because of its versatility. Aegis has its strong beam cannon within it all the time unlike Strike. I think he has the strongest rifle (or is it Buster even when it’s on normal configuration?) and has four beam saber type of weaponry. It also has the most unique transformation in the whole Gundam metaverse and I also think in the whole mecha metaverse.



Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

2 Responses to “MG 1/100 Aegis”

  1. heathorn Says:

    I have that orange bed cover! XD
    Nice and detail review. I am building my aegis as well, new MGs are really good I must say. I get tired for building just one side skirt……

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