Part 2: Build

<< Part 1: Review

The only material I had prepared before building this crab like MS is water slide decals. Not just one, but two, just in case. Why did I buy two and how exactly was I able to get one knowing that Bandai never released one and isn’t planning to do so? First, I bought two because I know the quality of this non-bandai decals that I actually have previously bought, please refer my MG Epyon EW build for details, isn’t good. So besides that, I have bought nothing extra special. I just bought my usual stuff like topcoat. I’m not planning to do a custom color to it so I don’t have to buy anything else.

For the build itself, I don’t plan anything fancy, I’ll go for the usual straight build with complete decals and panel lines. Seal up seamlines, erase nubmarks and factory lines. Topcoat it with my favorite flat coat. Besides that, I’m planning to paint every piston and hydraulic like exposed parts with metallic silver. That’s it!


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Part 3: Transcend >>

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