Episode 1: The Feet and Legs


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Usually, when I build, I just remove all the parts, remove the nubmarks for each and seal those seamlines. Anyway, starting from now on, I’d be very careful on building things out, since I’m documenting it for the sake of this build review. Since legs always come in a pair, I first detach the armor for the left (or right depends on you choice) leg. Afterwhich, I check for the seamlines, whether I should seal up the first seamline before the second and the like. Of course, if I don’t check that, that might lead me to some trouble that’s irreversible, unless I modify the armor parts which is a hassle.

First seamline detected! It’s on the feet. It’s quite small and for those who are lazy can easily overlook at this. I don’t know what kind of spirit possessed me, but I want to remove it. So that’s exactly what I did. I tried pre-sanding this time, a method I learned at this blog (which has quite number of tutorials that are very useful and informative). This method isn’t required, but very helpful. At this time, it’s very small and like what I said, I’m possessed at this time, so I went and did it. It worked, however, there’s still a visible white line mark. Don’t worry, there’s still a way to make it even less visible. When topcoated, it will totally be gone (at least for me). You need a lining marker that’s closest to the part’s color. In this case, I have a black Gundam Pane Line Marker. I inked the part, used my finger and spread it like butter and sanded the area. My guess on what happens here is that, since the area I inked was already sanded down making the surface rough, when I spread the ink all over, the ink adheres more. The whole surface will now have an even color and in the process, hiding the white fine line. You don’t have to do this if you are planning to paint the kit though 😛

In the process of checking the parts, I have found out that the flaps on the sides of the feet has hollow ares underneath. It doesn’t really matter to me that much, but that shows Bandai’s cost cutting technique. For those who plan to paint this kit, I recommend filling it with putty of course. After finding that out, I broke one of the flaps. Doesn’t really matter to me that much since this is still fixable. I used thin cement in this part, but eventually, it didn’t work. So I used super glue instead. It worked but I’m afraid in moving that part a lot because it might totally break, which I’m preventing from happening.

There is a small inner frame part that gets exposed when you bend the thigh. I thought of painting it with metallic silver and it looked nice!

The joint that connects the legs through the waist has many channels and I don’t want to line them each. Cleaning them up could be a challenge as well so I decided to use my Real Touch Marker Gray instead. Spread it all over, then used my finger to remove most of the excess and cleaned it up thoroughly with a q-tip. Looks nice IMO.

The blue beehive like clear stickers looks good. I even trimmed it down and I did a pretty good job on it (or so I thought :P). But the water slide decal version stands out MORE, way MORE so I preferred it. Though be warned that the sizes of this particular decal isn’t the same. The lower portion, for the water slide, isn’t trimmed while on the clear sticker is. I adjusted it accordingly and didn’t opt in trimming the water slide decal myself. I don’t want to take that risk.

Panel Line Complete

Finished Leg

I was expecting an easier build compared to Sinanju. However, even though this has lesser decals, not much of a difference actually, it has that many panel lines in return. However, Sinanju is still harder because of the gold trims, but without that, I can say that Sinanju is just a line harder than Aegis.

Episode 2: The Arms and Shoulders >>

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