Episode 2: The Arms and Shoulders

<< Episode 1: The Feet and Legs


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Construction wise, both the arms and legs has the same feel with some super minor differences. However, it feels like the arms are actually a bit more complicated. Maybe because it has more joints that bends? But on the build wise, though the legs has smaller decals, the shoulders has big ones. Be warned that the decals I’ve used is too long for the area so I have to cut it down manually using my hobby knife. The clear stickers are too big for that area too, I assumed that because I compared both just by looking so I’m not really sure about that.

Seamlines detected! Again.. This time, it’s a two-level seamline, meaning I have to fix a seamline first before I can do the second. Well, I can seal both at the same time, however, I’ll have difficulty in sealing the other one since the area will be covered by the part that I’ve sealed first. Again, I did pre-sanding here as well.

Similar to the legs’, this also has a similar inner frame that gets exposed, so to be consistent, I painted it with metallic silver as well. You can notice at the first pic that I messed it up, so I was able to correct it on the second pic by putting another layer of Metallic Silver.

While I’m topcoating, when I’m almost over, seems that some parts are a bit glossy. So I repeatedly covered those part but wasn’t able to achieve the finish I’m used to. I blame it on the can first because I used a new one. So I shaken it well, dipped it in a hot water for quite sometime while violently shaking the can. After spraying the part, I ran to my room and used my mini blower (mom bought me one but I rarely use it for my hair). I did that because I blame the coldness at that time (it’s night-time and it’s cold). But that did nothing. So now, I really blame it on the new can I use, haha! But will eventually find that out once I use it for other parts.

Finished Arms

Episode 3: The Sideskirts >>

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