Episode 3: The Sideskirts

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Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Seems weird for the sideskirt to have section of its own, but remember, this is Aegis. It has the biggest side skirt (for its size) ever.

Besides its size, it has a major problem, seamlines. It has a total of five seamlines. This is an MG and it’s quite a disappointing number even more for just a single part. Given that they were able to hide some seamlines on other parts, for this, looks like they didn’t even give any effort for this. They’re quite a lot and disappointingly again, its seamline is multi-level. Fortunately, only up to level two.

So what’s a multi-level seamline, well, it’s my OWN term, I named it, I don’t know how it’s called in the gunpla world but that’s what I thought of. It’s when you have to seal a seamline before you can seal another because you’ll have difficulty in removing the first one if you sealed them together.

The disappointing seamline I had to work with is on the extending parts. It has a hollow part which is impossible for me to cleanup unless of course I remove the details around it. So that’s what I did anyway. For some other parts, I wasn’t really able to hide all the seamlines because of the following reasons: One, seamline is visible but can’t be reached. Though it’s visible, it’s not that obvious, but still. Two, seamlines are VERY visible but there is no way to reach it. This is the thing that I have no choice but to accept. Three, I wasn’t able to properly sand the part. I did pre-sanding, but wasn’t able to seal it for some reason which I wish I can go back to time to it find out.

Besides sealing the seamlines, the skirt has some pipings in which I promised myself that I’m going to paint with metallic silver. So I went ahead and masked them. I’m positive that the outcome will be great, if not perfect. For my first try, I accidentally scratched the paint because of me being impatient and tried to remove the mask immediately without making sure it the part is completely dried yet. I went ahead and masked the part again and painted it. At least, the second try doesn’t look as bad as the first one. I was a bit successful for the second part though I scratched ita bit, but I’m too lazy and remask the part just to fix it. The difficulty in this part is that the space didn’t give me enough room to put the masking tape. I wasn’t really able to properly press the tape on the parts so there are lil bit of bleeding here and there. I used the combination of masking tape and masking sol. I used masking sol solely out of laziness. I could have used masking tape but cutting strips of masking tape is quite a task.

The next set of pipings are quite small and the biggest mistake I did here is that I painted it when I have cemented all the part together already. It’s too late to dismantle it and that is bad news. Reason is, I have to mask the whole part, the whole sideskirt just to properly paint that TINY (<-odd that I used caps here, LOL) part. So laziness kicked in again and this is another mistake I did. Yes, the time I saved by using masking sol BEFORE painting the part is a lot, however, removing them took me more than an hour just to make sure each and every masking sol was removed properly.

Next step is lining and putting the decals. Before that, I want to make sure that I already masked the painted parts. I used masking sol in hopes I can use it properly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. Opted in using masking tape in the end. Maybe some of you are wondering, why won’t I just do everything and just paint the metallic silver at the end? First of all, that was intentional, it wasn’t a mistake in my part. I painted the details first because I can easily clean it out while the bleed out paints are on bare plastic. I can use toothpick without scratching the parts. Number of decals I used here aren’t a lot, but the channels are MANY! It has a lot of type of panel line opportunities that’s why I sensed an RG feel to it. I had a difficulty in one channel because my marker won’t fit in so I used my ever trust worthy Gray Real Touch Marker and wiped the excess off. It worked, the discrepancy isn’t that obvious, unless you look at it carefully. Besides, I have no way of lining it besides that so that’s good enough.

While topcoating the part, I met an accident. The part suddenly fell together with the alligator clip. The rubber that holds the clip together with the BBQ stick didn’t hold enough because the clip is way forward. I had to do some cleanup, but the difference is quite obvious so I’m sorry in advance if you ever saw something.

Episode 4: The Torso and Waist >>

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