Episode 4: The Torso and Waist

<< Episode 3: The Sideskirts


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


I know, the sideskirts are part of the waist, but I did it separately because it’s more convenient.


There’s only a single seamline for the torso and it’s found on the binder at the back. It’s on a white part so it’s not really noticeable. You can skip it if you want. Besides that, decals aren’t much, but they add appeal to the whole kit specially on the binder at the back.

There are a lot of falling armor parts here, so I just glued them using thin cement. Jut put a little, not much, just enough for the armor parts to hold on the inner frame. Doing this can really ease your pain.

For extra details, once again, I tried to paint the pipings with metallic silver. This time, it’s found on the binder. It’s way more successful than my attempt at the sideskirts. What I failed again here is when I tried to use masking sol to mask the painted parts. Oh well, at least the masking tape worked perfectly. I really thought it would bleed because when I’m about to unmask the part after topcoating, I saw a hole. It should’ve bled but it didn’t so whatever. I accidentally scratch some paint out of it, unfortunately. Thankfully, I used my handy dandy Silver Gundam Marker which minimized the difference between the metallic silver and its black base coat.

Like the usual, mask I masked the painted part before topcoating because I want its luster to stay.

Aegis is known to have a powerful cannon built on its body without a use of a special backpack like Strike’s. I know that in the anime, its color is gray, like the inner frame. But I wanted to paint it differently. So I painted it gold. LOL! I know it looks out of place, I remembered my comment to Stryderprime’s build for HG Heavyarms Kai that the gold on its feet looks out of place, but I did it myself. Call me now a hypocrite 😛 Should’ve painted it metallic silver too, but I want to stay faithful that only pipings and hydraulics (which is absent in this case) will be painted with that color.


Nothing special on the waist because I treated it as one with the torso. I tried to put some super glue on the pegs on the front skirt because they’re way too loose. However, I placed too much that I’m now unable to move them that much. But that’s ok. Never intended to really slide them sideways.


Episode 5: The Head >>

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