Episode 5: The Head

<< Episode 4: The Torso and Waist


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


The head is pretty easy. The only seamline here is the one on the white part. I have no pics but I sealed this part wrongly. I have thought of painting the clear part first together with all the clear parts on the head except for the eyes’ with clear blue first, then just mask it later when I am to topcoating the part. However, I forgot that there’s a pink part is supposed to go inside as well. For that, I was able to fix it the hard way. I snapped the plastic that goes inside the white part, since now it can’t fit inside, then just used some cement to stick the parts together. This seamline can be overlooked, actually, if I got lazy at this point in time, I would’ve not sealed this up. The head of Aegis is one of the most well designed head out there.

Usual head takes up to only two decals, but even though it’s small in size, it has four. Well, it has an extra space up on the white part.

For detailing, it’s already complete. However, there is the part at the back that quite intrigued me. Those rectangle shaped channel parts, I think, will look good if they’re painted with gray. However, I got lazy again and just opted in putting black lining on it instead. Of course, I painted the clear parts with clear blue except for the eyes. Used a handy blu-tac to old them in one stick. A great way to save space 😛


Aegis so far…

Left was shot in the evening and the right was shot during the morning. Now that the body is complete, let’s now move on the weapons.

Episode 6: The Weapons >>

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