Episode 6: Weapons

<< Episode 5: The Head


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend



The shield only has a few parts, so painting it is a breeze. I just detailed the underside with warm gray panel line copic marker. Besides that, I’ve thought of painting some parts with gray, but got lazy and I don’t think it would really appeal that much so I scrapped the idea.

For decals, they aren’t that much. They’re quite appealing actually.

Beam Rifle

The rifle is actually quite a task. It has a multi-level seamline and to seal up these seamlines, you actually have to paint the clear parts inside of it first. So yeah, that’s quite a bother. Just mask those clear parts when you’re already in the topcoating process.

Decals are quite appealing, specially those lines.


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