Part 1: Review


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


1. Out of the Box (10/10)

Ok, blue background makes it stand out. The boxart with Duel, Blitz and Buster at the back is nice. It represents the battle they had against Strike when they’re in Earth. But somehow, I prefer a space type of background. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

Plate A

Your usual Plate A. Glad it still your usual 4-colored plate. Notice how much clear parts there are? Will you believe me if I say that most of them, I mean only a single part isn’t, part of the head? Well, we’ll get into that later.

Colors are yellow, white, dark navy blue and clear.

Plate B

The first pinkish red plate. Yes, I’d rather call it pinkish red rather thank pink because pink is the color of the NG 1/100 Aegis and this one is much better!

Plate C

There are two Plate Cs and they’re completely identical.

Plate D

The first plate for the inner frame. It’s you usual charcoal colored parts. As you might have guessed, like the Seed MG releases for this year 2012, it comes with swappable manipulators.

Plate E

The first two dark blue plates and they’re pretty much identical.

Plate F

Another inner frame plate and guess what, it’s the same color for the weapons! That might be a bad thing for some, including me. I really prefer it having a different color.

Plate G

Another inner frame plate. As you might have guessed, most of the inner frame plates for Aegis are unique because it’s transformable. Though some of the designs might be similar don’t react negatively because that’s how they’re supposed to be anyway.

Plate H

Another inner frame plate. Yes, those those inner frame parts look very similar.

Plate I

Beam effect part! YAY! I know the NG version of Aegis has this, but if I remembered it correctly, those can only be attached in the arm section and not for the feet. This time, it can for all its four limbs! I appreciate this soo much Bandai. THANK YOU!

Plate J

Ok, so from inner frame parts to effect parts, it now has return to the pinkish red plate. I don’t know what logic do the use but I think they should’ve made the last plate reserved to the effect parts. Two identical plates here again.


I don’t know what kits to Aegis share this plate of polycap, but yeah. There’s your polycap plate.


Like every recent MGs, it comes with a sheet of foil stickers, clear stickers and dry transfer. Do all recent Seed MG’s manual looks like this? If it is then, heeeyyy! This is one cool looking manual!

2. Step-by-step build (9/10)

The build itself is refreshing and fun, but there are parts that you might want to be cautious so READ!

Torso and Back

I was kinda expecting that you’ll build them together so I didn’t get surprised.

You have to be careful in putting the polycap for the stabilizer. You have to make sure that it’s pushed in, if it’s not, then you’ll not be able to push the white and and the pinkish red part together. I almost got it mess up, thankfully, I removed the parts and noticed what’s wrong. It wasn’t really mentioned in the manual that you have to, but I guess it’s pretty much obvious. I was just so excited perhaps.


This part is interesting. Reason is, if you might have noticed, the head will be having 4 clear parts, yes, 4! This is perhaps the most complicated Gundam head I’ve built ever. It even has the most number of parts! It’s justified of course. It has a transformation gimmick and works wonder.

Arms and Shoulders

Oh man, the construction is a bit more complicated than the usual, main reason is it does transform. It’ll look almost similar to the legs once transformed though.

Just take note on how the joint that will connect to the body and even the shoulders look like.

Legs and Feet

The construction is just as hard as the arms as they are very similar and I’ll explain it in a second.

Compare now the things that you’ve noted earlier in the Arms and Shoulders section. Notice the resemblance? Yes, when Aegis is transformed, all of its limbs are meant to look the same.


I think it’s safe to say that Aegis has the biggest side skirt in the whole Gundam metaverse (given the proportions are the same. Of course, Psycho and Destroy’s skirts are way bigger). The parts here are too big that I actually need to pics just to capture all of them. Even the poor dark blue part on the second pic is outside of the mat.

Beam Rifle

I love the beam rifle but there’s something strange about it. I don’t know what exactly, but definitely, there’s something. Probably the follow part near in the front? But I love how they scribed the serial number of Aegis inside the, yet another, hollow area located at the second barrel.


I really appreciate kits that has gray part underneath. This one doesn’t and I’m kinda disappointed. Well, most of Seed MG kits doesn’t really have anything underneath so I guess you can call it standard to them.

4. Articulation and Posability (8/10)

It’s a transforming Gundam so it has some parts that don’t actually move. Expect some parts to be loose and fall off. Surprisingly though, there aren’t that much. I’ve seen the review of KrowSama of Youtube and in the entirety of his review, not even a single part fell. Well, mine had some but I’ll get into that later.


Head can turn 360 degrees. Can do the chicken head. Can look up and down greatly. It also sports a transformation gimmick which I think wasn’t shown in the anime.

Arms and Shoulders

It can rotate on 360 on the shoulders. Can also rotate 360 degrees below the shoulders. Shoulder has its own joint and due to its transformation, you can lift the shoulders up, up to 90 degrees. There is a panel which you can pull up to expose a piston like (I honestly don’t know how to call it) thing. There’s an extra movement in the joint before the shoulders that you won’t be needing. It has a double jointed elbow. The white spike can go back and forth. Go ahead and put the beam effect part if you want to.


This is the first time ever in my review that I have mentioned the cockpit. Hooray for me! Anyway, there it is. Thanks to my camera, you’re able to see it. It can move a bit side to side, but unfortunately can’t rotate 360 degrees to to its big and badass looking side skirts.


Front skirts can move forwards. It’s composed of two panels in which you can slide the pinkish red ones to the side slightly. The small backskirt can flap upwards and downwards, nothing can really help it pose any better.

Then the sideskirt which is one hell of a complicated thing. From its connecting joint, it can rotate 360 degrees, but before doing so, you need to push it outward from the joint. It’s locked into place by default and by doing so, you are now free do rotate it. However, you can only lock the side skirts for every 30 degrees of turn. It’s not really a con because the worst thing that can happen to you is a side skirt that goes everywhere you don’t want it. It’s not yet over, yes. The joint itself can move upwards and downwards. If it’s in the downward position, it will enable you to freely move the sideskirt inwards and outwards. But putting the joint in upward position will lock it into place, which I prefer doing most of the time, specially while posing. Th sideskirt itself has its own moving parts. You can extend the fins outward. The outer pinkish red part can flap sideways, but not that much.

It has the swivel joint for the hips for better poseability of the legs and adjust it according to your liking.

The front skirt is the part that falls off most of the time. Not the entire though. Like I said earlier, it’s composed of two parts and the connetion between the two isn’t great at all. That could be easily fixed with the super glue method.


I really don’t know how to call this, but the pics will pretty much say what I’m talking about.

It can swivel up and down by 180 degrees. Take not that the small part must always be close to the bigger one or else you won’t be able to turn it fully.

Legs and Feet

It can almost do a full split. Has a double-jointed knee. Has side-foot guards that can flap sidewards. The white spike can swivel upwards and downwards. Feet can move sidewards, inwards (for the transformation) and outwards. It also has panel, like in the shoulder armor, which you can pull up and expose additional details.


The transformation isn’t what I had in mind. Of course, it’s a bit complicated but there’s nothing more complicated than Zeta and family. The only parts that fell out of place are the front skirt and the gray parts in the belly section. The latter has the ability to transform but mine pops out, but only the right side. The left side works perfectly.

I don’t even think that the joints will loose out that fast when you play this guy often. It’s really feels sturdy.


It can do so much because it’s a transforming Gundam. Surprisingly though, this is a solid kit. Most of the time, transforming Gunplas are labeled as “weak and flimsy”.

4. Design (10/10)

Its color is the greatest thing I’ve appreciated. I mean Aegis’ color is supposed to be like these, or even darker IMO, and not like its NG counterpart’s. The overall MS design was a revamp too, which I positively welcome. There might be some people who want it as anime accurate as possible, but looking at these, could I really complain?

At first glance, I sensed an RG feel to this kit. Maybe its panel lines is somewhat funky like RG, but not as much compared to the original. Also, there are little details underneath the parts, which you’ll never see from outside. You can go ahead and paint those, but I won’t mine.

5. Gimmicks (2)

Seed MGs tend to have these extra panels that opens up to reveal some sort of details inside which you weren’t able to see with their NG counterpart. But Aegis had something more, the side. It’ll be a major issue if they didn’t make it that way. It should get in the way while you’re posing it so it’s very vital that it must be flexible and, at the same time, stable. You can also extend it!

6. Value (9/10)

It’s thus far the most expensive among the 5 GAT machines (I think even more expensive than Sword/Launcher Strike). For me, with its ability to transform, stability and, most importantly, color, I think it’s worth the money. We’ve also been given 4 beam effect parts so what’s to complain about?

7. Verdict (48/50)

It’s a tie between J. Ridden’s and Aegis. I really love it and excited to finish this kit. However, I’m still waiting for an aftermarket waterslide decal before I proceed.

For a transforming Gundam, it’s fairly stable. I can totally recommend this guy. I know some people would buy 2 just to pose it in both forms, or even 3 if you want the claw like thingy and the squid like thingy posed separately.

So for fans who have been waiting a battle pose between Strike and Aegis, half of it is complete. Oh, you might be wondering why I have mentioned only “half”? Can’t you wait a bit more for Strike Remastered? 😛

Part 2: Build >>

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