Part 2: Build

<< Part 1: Review

Since I got an AB, this is a good time to put it in use. I’m not just gonna topcoat my kit this time, but I’m also gonna paint almost everything except the white parts. I will have to determine how to get the shade of the parts via experimentation and asking my Japanese friend for the translation. Besides the usual things I do, I plan to paint the back part of the skirts, the bottom of the feet and sole; basically every part underneath that’s supposed to be gray with gray. I will paint the hydraulics using Chrome of Alclad II.

I must be careful on using the WS decals since they are irreplaceable. There are quite problematic parts to do, specially the wings’ seamlines, but other than that, I should be fine.



Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

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