Episode 1: Mijoo’s Torso and Waist


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


First of all, yes you’re correct. I’m referencing the titles for this build to Lovelyz, a rookie female Kpop group. I’m kinda fond of them lately so why not? Don’t ask why I chose Mijoo in reference to torso though :3

Anyway, I’ve painted the vents using Tamiya German Gray and basically went and painted all vents and thrusters with the same paint. The rest of the torso was done by normal means.

Though Impulse isn’t the oldest MG, it’s still outdated. During its time, kits lack actual innerframe for skirts, shoulders and the like which is now the standard. I wanted to paint them, so I did. Again, using Germay Gray, I’ve painted them so. However, if I have the chance to redo them, definitely I’d paint them using Gaianotes Neutral Gray III. That is the gray I’ve used to paint the joints. Should’ve been the same here but I haven’t thought that Acrylic German Gray in a bottle has a different shade with Tamiya’s German Gray in a bottle. I would’ve understood if it’s from a different manufacturer, but no, both came from Tamiya.

I was able to clean the excess by simply shaving them off using exacto knife. You can only do this technique if you haven’t painted the part. If so, then you have either paint the excess or think of a way to clean it up (hint: enamel, hand-paint, lighter fluid, solve!)

Episode 2: Jiae’s Arms and Shoulders >>

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