Episode 2: Jiae’s Arms and Shoulders

<< Episode 1: Mijoo’s Torso and Waist


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Not that I like Jiae’s arms and shoulders, it’s more of her shoulders is the second thing I notice next to her face so yeah.

Nothing fancy for the arms. Just that the pad on the triceps has an area that I want to paint gray. It’s small but I bet the detail it’ll give will be good. For the shoulders, I painted the underneath, the vent on light purple part and also the one on the top.

Mr. Mark Softer is required here as the decals will sit in an uneven surface. I’ve encountered a lot of slivering for this kit which was never a problem for me back then so forgive my mistake. There’ll be even more later.

Never painted the hands itself because I don’t feel it’s necessary. Well, perhaps I could, someday. But definitely not anytime soon.

Episode 3: Soojung’s Legs and Feet >>

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