Episode 3: Soojung’s Legs and Feet

<< Episode 2: Jiae’s Arms and Shoulders


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


I don’t particularly care nor notice women’s legs in general, but since Soojung is the tallest, I figured that she’ll have the best amongst the members.

At first, I painted the joints with German Gray, for consistency’s sake and hiding the stressmarks. However, as you can see in the pic, it got scratched. That’s bad news for those who love to pose, like me. To be fair, this paint dried about an hour or so, but even so, I’m willing to bet that the result would’ve been the same regardless. Tried stripping the part, repainted it with Gaianotes’ Neutral Gray III and it worked as it should. No scratches, very fluid when sprayed to and dries quickly. I have no regrets. To put simply, always use lacquer type paints for joints 😉

A short comparison between the painted and the unpainted one.

This is where I begin to apply the new technique I’ve learned. That is turning seamlines to panel lines. This technique isn’t recommended all the times because when you overdo it, it’ll show and that ain’t better than having a seam. The left is the original and the right one is the shaved version. Pretty neat right?

For the feet however, I want to mask the sole since it doesn’t have a separate part for what’s underneath it.

I also painted the hydraulics with Alclad II Chrome cause why not?

Episode 4: Yein’s Head and Wings >>

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