Episode 4: Yein’s Head and Wings

<< Episode 3: Soojung’s Legs and Feet


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Yein’s my favorite and it’s only expected that Yein will represent the head because of her face and wings because I feel like I’m floating whenever I see her.

Enough with fanboying, time to get with business. I’ve painted the clear part for the forehead and backhead camera with Gaianotes’ Extreme Black, then Alclad II’s Chrome then handpainted with Tamiya enamel Clear Blue. It turned out OK, but I guess, two layers are enough because, now, putting chrome beforehand is kinda wasted.

I sealed the seamline in the head but it’s quite obvious so I tried to mix a white that’s the same shade with the head’s and painted over it. I also painted the vents at the back with gray.

I used sticker for the eyes and it’s misaligned and I can’t adjust anymore, sadly.

Since the wings had ugly seamlines, I went on and sealed them. However, I tried to not completely seal the seams for the lower part of the wing. Why you ask? Because if I do so, I won’t be able to disassemble the kit anymore. I can’t just mask everything then paint accordingly. So what I did is I left an enough seamline for me to disassemble it and just converted the remaining seam into a panel line. That way, I’m not just sealing up the seamline, I also added detail and solved my problem of disassembling the kit.

I’ve never had problems using tapwater to activate the WS decals. However, seems like if you let it dry, it leaves some ugly mineral deposits. I’ve never noticed it until it’s too late. Fortunately, most of them can be somewhat hidden by spraying paint over them again.

Most vents at the back are lacking details. Again, did an extensive amount of masking here and I can say that most of them having satisfying results. Yes, it’s obvious that it’ll be tedious, but the effect is worth it. They need a bit of cleanup though :3

After cleaning up everything :3

Painted the bottom area of the lower wing since the upper wings came with a separate gray part, I figured that this should have a similar detail on it.

Overall, the wings seem to suffer from uneven shade. I’m not really sure what happened here, but I guess because I didn’t fully prime the parts. I only prime enough so that the paint can adhere better and to check for errors. From faraway though, thankfully, it ain’t that noticeable.

I painted up the hydraulics with Alclad II’s Chrome once again.

Episode 5: Kei’s Weapons >>

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