Episode 5: Kei’s Weapons

<< Episode 4: Yein’s Head and Wings


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Now you know my top5 out of Lovelyz. Kei looks like a princess and she’s deadly so that’s why.

I’ve had hard time sealing the seamlines for the cannons. Oversanding seems difficult not to do here. I even did pre-sanding and still, urgh! I even re-line the panel lines because I’ve sanded too much. Some surfaces aren’t even anymore. I’ve done a horrible job here including the wings.

I’ve decided to paint both ends with magenta, same color as the majority of the torso’s.

I used green foil sticker for the scope because I don’t want to hassle myself masking once again just to paint them.

I’ve masked the other side of the rifle, painted with magenta the same as the separate plastic part on the other side.

Removing the seamlines for the rifle is difficult too, but nothing compare to the cannon. It’s very fun to do actually.

*sorry for the lack of pics here, you know I’m lazy. The poses are filled so don’t you worry*

Part 3: Transcend >>

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