Part 1: Review


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


1. Out of the Box

The boxart, being an exclusive release, is done in pinkish purple color. As shown, the kit comes with two kinds of head; a mono-eyed one and the originally Impulse’s head. You can only assemble one type of head, unfortunately.

Plate A

The Plate A, the traditional one that comes with 4 colors in it. If you have noticed already, the blue will be replaced with magenta color as seen in the plate.

Plate B

Plate B are twins so armor parts that comes in pair goes here. The white they used here is the same as Sword Impulse’s, a kinda dirty white. Not as white as Nu ver Ka.

Plate C

Plate C is another plate with pure white color.

Plate D

Plate D is a pure magenta colored plate.

Now here is where it’ll start to get confusing.

Plate E

2 Plate Es that are totally not identical nor similar to each other. Why is that? Well, you can imagine that one plate is Impulse’s and another came from Destiny’s. Get that? It’s Destiny Impulse right? So you can imagine Bandai slapping plates from both kits, just recolored. Instant profit! Don’t worry, Bandai will show you the exact plate that you need for each part so you’ll not get confused. The pink Plate E is Impulse’s and the magenta colored is from Destiny’s.

Plate F

Plate F, another thing that might cause confusion. It’s so apparent here which are which. It’s a nice touch that they used light pink for the small plate.

Plate G

Plate G is also on the similar boat. But well here, it is very apparent the difference in color.

Plates I, J and K

Plate I, J and K are plates for weapons and inner frames that all came from Impulse. Plate I are two pieces.

As I’ve said earlier, it is a combination of two kits. You can do the kit by just buying a scrap status MG Destiny and salvage its wings then add it on the back of Impulse and you’re done, right? Well, it ain’t as easy as that if you really want it to be accurate. Destiny Impulse R does have two cannons and that is something new to the kit. That’s why.

Plate X1 and X2

We have Plate X1 and X2. Not all the parts here are new, some came from Destiny’s. Also, the material used for this plate is the same as the one they used for the inner frame of Nu ver Ka; the malleable one.

Plate M

Plate M, the red colored plate that came from Impulse’s.

Plate Y

I’m willing to bet that the Plate Y is a new plate. Considering that Destiny’s wings is now treated as a Silhouette, it’s no wonder that it must have a head. So this is what the plate is for, to form the Silhouette’s head.


Wow, a very tiny sheet of foil stickers and *drum roll* a medium sized WS decal sheet. Oh it’s awesome to see. I’m hoping that I won’t mess up even a single piece of decal here. It is not replaceable afterall.

The instruction manual isn’t the same as other Impulse because obviously, it has different instruction for the Destiny Silhouette R.

2. Step-by-step build

Since it’s Impulse, everything from the head to toe are basically just the same. Only the silhouette differs.


The chest is as usual easy to build. It’s really nice that even back then, the yellow v sign on the chest was done via platsic and not via seal or decal. The combination of magenta and pink goes smoothly more than I expect it to be. Of course, I’ve seen the artline, but still, seing it in person makes a difference.

Just a proof that it’s still the same, I place the chest on my Sword Impulse’s.

Arms and Shoulders

The shoulders and arms are fairly easy. It’s just that if you’re used to building newer MGs, you’ll feel the lack of inner frame for the shoulder. Also, there are a LOT of flash lines on the arms. Thankfully, this kit has still no seamlines.


For the sake of this review, I’ve decided to build the alternate head, a Gundam face with mono-eye and absence of v-fin. Basically it really looks inferior compared to the original Impulse’s head. You won’t even notice that it has mono-eye unless you put a seal on it. The lack of v-fin doesn’t bother me as it’s kinda neat looking even without it. The sad part about this is that, the base for the head, the plastic part you use for the eyes is different from the Impulse’s and it ain’t clear part, therefore, you can’t paint it with JUST clear paint. You have to make it metallic just to make it look good.


Usually, by following the manual, it will tell you to build the legs before the waist unit. However, this is the first time that I’ve encountered that they’d tell you to build the waist before the leg unit. I mean, it makes really no sense for building the leg part before the waist unit because you can’t put the legs directly without the waist unit right? Well, they’ve done the right thing now.

Anyway, being an older kit, but doesn’t mean this one’s bad, it has the lack of inner frame. Like I told you, the shoulders lack it and now here. It lacks innerframe for the side and backskirts. And eventhough the front skirts have innerframe, it’s just half of it – it has nothing underneath.

I don’t know, so connecting piece?

I’d like to call this piece the connecting piece. It should be a part of the torso unit, however, when you disassemble the Impulse into modules, this part belongs to the leg flyer as to why I wanna call this a connecting piece.

Legs and Feet

The leg parts are the same for the left and right so no confusion there, except for the upper leg armors. Splitting leg armor and a smooth moving knee armor is what makes older Seed Destiny MGs COOOOL!

Even though the innerframe parts for the feet are different in number, they are in fact just the same. Only the armor part differs.

This is probably the most exciting part of the build, the Destiny R Silhouette.

Destiny Silhouette R

It looks like an Pterodactyl when it’s done. The head is like BCUE, but when combined with Destiny’s wings, it really looks like a dinosaur. I’m fairly sure that the weapon holders are different from Destiny’s. Of course, even the weapons are. The connection between the wings and the the central part isn’t the same as Destiny’s, but the wings itself are the same.


Beam rifle and shield are the same as Impulse, even the colors are unchanged. Well, it doesn’t have Phase Shift so it makes sense.

Core Splendor

The Core Splendor changed its color contrary on the rifle and the shield. Reason being is that if you remember the Plate A from a regular Impulse, the blue part their was turned Magenta for this kit. They did that because the back part for the Impulse when you don’t use the Core Splendor must be the same as the color of the Torso. Since the specified area on the Plate A can only be done in one color, they made all of it magenta. Why magenta and not blue since most of the parts are for the Core Splendor. If they did it on blue, then you’ll only have to recolor the back part right? Well, you see, you don’t actually need to use the Core Splendor here. You only need to use the what I want to call Core Block. So making that area of Plate A blue doesn’t make sense. What’s important is that the Core Block must be in magenta.

As usual, the Core Splendor lacks a LOT of details. Well, you won’t be using it unless you want to display it so for me it ain’t much of an issue.

Hot Butter Knife

It’s nice to see the Armored Schneiders, but it looks way cooler when it’s being used by the Strike Gundam.

3. Articulation and Posability

The articulation for the kit is good. The shoulders can go upwards more than what an MG can, but that’s because of the kits ability to transform. Maybe the only issue for this kit is the lack of abdomen articulation. Well, given that this one’s a modular type of kit, it is expected. Well at least it can rotate on the waist which for me is quite important for some poses.

The kit is surprisingly steady when standing even when the Destiny Silhouette R is attached. I think that the reason behind it is that it’s Impulse, it has very tight joints. You know the sound a figure makes when you move the joints? It’s the same here, but not as often. Another is that the weapons aren’t heavy. As I’ve said for the Plate X1 and X2, it is made of a very light material. Imagine if the cannons weren’t made out of this, then it would most likely topple backwards since it’ll make the kit very back heavy.

It is still back heavy regardless, but it’s way more manageable than I’ve expected. I honestly thought at first that I’ll need an action base just for it to stand straight, but no! Given that I can pose the kit standing, then posing it dynamically with the feet flat will be easier.

The cannons are actually called turrets, well, they don’t rotate like what turrets normally do, but as a static cannon on the backpack, it’s quite of a use. You can also hold it by the hand. It’s got also holes so that the peg on the arms will attach well. You can also attach it backhand, but it’s quite weird given it isn’t hitting the trigger.

The Chest Flyer and the Leg Flyer might be the worst insult for modular type of Gundams. They don’t look like a flyer or an airplane perhaps. It’s like a kid trying to pretend that it is. Anyone could tell that these are nothing but a component for an MS. ZZ may be blocky, but they’ve done a very good job in making the parts look like an actual aircraft. But the best looking of all might be the Victory Gundam.

Anyway, they’ve done a good job in making Destiny Silhouette R a lot less component looking. However, most backpacks do actually look like they can fly by themselves. So it’s not really as impressive as it seems. Sadly, the Core Splendor which is one of the best looking out of all Core Fighter’s out there next to Victory’s, won’t be used in this kit. It doesn’t look like a Gundam’s component at all and even when it’s already inside the Gundam, some of its components are still actually exposed unlike other Core Fighter’s that you won’t be able to see its trace once inside.

Anyway, here is the most anticipated POSING TIME!!!

4. Design

The color scheme works. I like how they omitted the black at the wings and replaced it with magenta unlike Destiny Westenfluss version which retained it. I also like the accents on the shoulders and front skirts, the lightest pink parts there. It works, totally! Being an older MG, it lacks protruding inner frame even though it already has a fair amount of it. This kit has many vents and you can imagine Bandai doing it via innerframe exposed rather than a whole piece with vent design. Well, despite that, this kit is still good for me.

The instruction manual says that you have to bring down the head of the Destiny Silhouette R when it’s attached, but that’s rather awkward if you’ll look at it

5. Verdict

The kit is rock solid, tight joints and very stable despite being a modular type. I’d say that this is my favorite Impulse out of the three available look wise, but overall, I’d still choose Sword Impulse.

The playability is there. You can switch silhouettes but it ain’t easy here because you still have to remove the coreblock. I would’ve wished that they retained the Core Splendor instead of forcing yourself in using the Core Block.

Overall, I can say that this kit is worth it. Yes, you can say that you can just buy Destiny’s wings and slap it at the back of Impulse, but you still gotta paint it yourself and mod it so that it can actually be attached.

Part 2: Build >>

4 Responses to “Part 1: Review”

  1. darkandchoco/暗いとチョコ Says:

    Beautiful kit! I love the colors! Nice review btw! 😀

  2. Hellequin Says:

    So beatiful! I was thinking to buy this one, now I definately need to!

  3. El Dorado Says:

    Quick Question? The wiki said it’s cannons can be swords? What does that look like?

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