Part 3: Transcend

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Stuffs Used:

A. In Bottles
Tamiya White (ACR)
Tamiya Pink (ACR)
Tamiya Purple (ACR)
Tamiya Light Gray (ACR)
Tamiya German Gray (ACR)
Mr. Color White (LAQ)
Mr. Color Maroon (LAQ)
Gaianotes Extreme Black
Gaianotes Neutral Gray III
Gaianotes Flat Clear
Alclad II Chrome
Tamiya Clear Blue (ENA)

Tamiya Primer (Gray)
Tamiya Primer (White)

B. Panel Lining
Tamiya Panel Line Accent Marker (Black)
Tamiya Panel Line Accent Marker (Gray)

C. Thinners
Tamiya Acrylic Thinner
Gaianotes Lacquer Thinner
Tamiya Enamel Thinner (Handpainting the forehead and backhead cameras)
Zippo Lighter Fluid (For cleaning excess panel wash)

D. Tools
X-acto Knife
Tamiya Nippers
Tamiya Tweezers
Tamiya Tape
Mr. Mark Setter
Tamiya Deluxe Cement
Tamiya Thin Cement
3M Sanding Sponge (Fine and Super Fine)
400 and 600 Grit Sand Papers


Rifle Action

Double Cannon Mode

Wing Zero Style

Rifle Action

I can say that the finished product looks good. However, I can’t say that I’m proud either. I’ve made the most mistakes in this kit because of my never ending lack of patience. All the mistakes I’ve made here, except for one, were not new to me. I already know them but I didn’t do it anyway because I’m impatient. I have all the time, I just want it to be done quickly. If I have a chance to redo this kit, I’ll gladly do it.

I’ve tried myself to detail it up in my own way. I’m not really a fan of adding pla-plates or additional panel lines, not because I can’t do it properly (I admit I can’t), but because I often want the kit to look as original as look out of the box + some added touch. Painting the details underneath and vents with gray is one and painting the hydraulics with chrome is another.

Adding small tidbits of details really helped improve the looks of the kit overall. The decals are awesome and it would be perfect if I’ve done it better :3

Final Thoughts

Overall, I can say that this became a practice kit more than I expected it to be. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on doing the next kit so that I can do it better this time around.



2 Responses to “Part 3: Transcend”

  1. Greg Lim Says:

    Quick question. It says the cannon can become a sword?

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