Part 1: Review


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Transcend


1. Out of the Box (10/10)

The boxart’s looking nice and besides having the usual manual, they gave us a leaflet. Don’t really know what’s it for, but as far as I can remember, it contains some info about the manga, Frozen Teardrop. Well, the box also depicts that this MS indeed appeared in that said manga. Also, it’s in a bigbox that made me seal its fate of having a perfect score šŸ™‚

Plate A

The A plate, as usual, has the most amount of colored parts. They threw us some clear, gray, yellow and white parts. Interesting enough, it’s very unlikely for me to see a part of the leg to be included here.

Plate B

We’ll be given two identical plates here wherein both are named ‘B’. Most of the parts make the wing part. The rest are for the shoulders and the arms.

Plate C

These are plates’ C1 and C2. They share the same color and even the same as Plate B’s. Most of the parts compromise the leg part. Some are used for the head, and the crotch.

Plate D

We’ll have yet another identical plates here. Most of the parts will go to the wings and will compromise the heat rod (whip actually)

Plate E

For Plate E, will be getting another dark blue colored parts. You’ll see here the front and back skirts, attachment for the shield and some will go into the chest.

Plate G and H

Plates G and H are the inner frames. We’ll get two identical ones for Plate G and a single plate for H. Obviously, the Plates G are the ones who’ll be used for the arms and legs. They are identical for a reason y’know.

Stickers, Clear Stickers and Decals

Wow, they’ve given us metallic green stickers for the orb and the eyes of the dragon found on its feet huh? It’s acceptable when it’s for the eyes since I use them but I can’t forgive the rest. I don’t really care much for the clear stickers since I hate using them , specially on an MG. The decals are great, however, I didn’t think that they’ll be colored gray. Yeah, they are.

The clear beam effect part really looks nice. It’s very detailed and it’s BIG! The extra cable is more stable than the HGs so that’s good. The identical maroon pieces you can see here will be used in the heat rod. And lastly, a set of polycaps. It’s been reduced which makes me happy šŸ™‚

2. Step-by-step build (7/10)


The torso isn’t surprisingly small. We all know that Wing series units are small and that this will most likely inherit the frames for its colleagues. What I’m amazed on how the cockpit was constructed. Looking at the picture number 3, it resembles a psycoframe frame type cockpit, though it doesn’t have any color compared to Unicorn and Sinanju. The final product didn’t have an orb because I don’t really like putting clear parts when I snap fit a kit. I’ll do it when I already have its waterslides.

Head’s fairly easy to do. The single clear part here makes the eyes, forehead and backhead cameras. Stickers are included, but I ended up not using them. Will maybe put them later. Also, it has a confusing line at the back. I’m not really sure if it’s a seamline, because if it’s the space between the two parts are way to big for me to consider it one. So I just left it there as is.

Arms and Shoulders

Am I the only one who thinks that the parts used here are too few? Anyway, the only part that confused me here are the shoulders. There’s mechanism inside that you need to put in together correctly. But well, it looks rather nice! The hands/manipulators are unfortunately like the other wing series’. It’s the detachable type. I really prefer the trigger, three, thumb finger split with a peg rather than this. Special mention is the 2.0’s. I really wanted that here.


At first I thought that the wings are easy to construct. Unfortunately, it took me about more than 2 hours just to finish this one. It has a rather interesting feature wherein you can pull out the tip of the wing, then the upper part can show up. Will discuss that in depth later. The only thing that will disappoint you here are its seamlines. Specially those who are hard to reach. Good thing I have sponge type sandpaper that can reach those šŸ™‚

Legs and Feet

This is the most complicated and time consuming part to do, the legs. Well, usually it is so I’m not really surprised. But what really made it time consuming is that parts are too many. Mainly because these parts are needed in order for this to transform properly and will give this kit more poseability. You can see that I’ve posted a pic of the inner frame. Well, it’s the first time in my entire gunpla life that I’ve seen a four point articulation in an MG on its feet. For that, I give a thumbs up for Bandai. The sad part here is that it has a seamline on its legs, yes, on the gray part.


The waist has so many moving parts. So far, I think that this waist unit has the most articulated backskirt. Yes, it has since it’s needed for the transformation. It has similar feat of those 00 HGs wherein it has a peg wherein you’ll have to put the legs into it.

Weapons – Beam Sword and Heat Rod

I really can’t get it why they call it heat rod when it’s no rod at all. It’s a whip, duh? LOL! Anyway, The beam saber is fairly easy, no problems at all. But the most annoying and very time consuming to do is the heat rod. Yes, it took me more than an hour just to finish it. Not counting the sealing of the seamlines for each. This is my main disappointment here. Can’t they make something that will eliminate the seamline? As I’ve said eralier, the beam saber is well detailed and it looks better when the cable is attached.

Action Mount

Bandai gave us two, and both has its own purpose. I’ve never seen something like these two. The small one is for its MS mode and the bigger on will be used for its MA mode.

3. Articulation and Poseability (7/10)

Maybe you are quite shocked here. This is a new MG and looks very cool. So what does this lack? Well, we’ll go into that later. But for now, we’ll go to the articulation department wherein it does a very great job.

Head – can do head isolation and turn 360

Shoulders – can go up a bit

Arms – Double jointed, can almost do a 180 degree bend. Can go up far enough. Can turn 360 below the shoulders, The claw can move upwards in a two jointed swivel mechanism. The hand are on a ball joint and can wiggle and turn 360. The fingers, unfortunately, doesn’t have any articulation since all you can do is replace its fist just like every other Wing MGs.

Wings – The mini thrusters on the back are on a ball joint. I’m warning you though that these are not secure. They want to fall of many times unlike its HG counterpart. There are two small red parts that has a fair articulation of its own. The wing binders can swing up and down. The wing can greatly move upwards, can flap back and forth, and can open up to reveal such beauty.

Waist and Torso – Side skirts can greatly go up and can flap sidewards a bit. The back skirts have so much articulation by itself since it needs it for the transformation. Frontskirts can move forwards a bit. Can twist a bit and can do some stretching sideways.

Legs and Feet – Legs are double jointed. Can do a sweet 180. The fins in the front can move a bit.Ā  As I’ve said earlier, the legs does have a four point articulation and it’s mainly used for its MA mode so that it can pull a very good pose for the twin dragon’s head. Feet can go down 90. It’s needed to pull-off the MA mode.


Heat Rod – The whip is on a unorthodox ball joint. It’s retractable. The shield has an attachment that can be attached to both its left and right arm. Preferably on its left of course. It also has a gray joint that will be used to attach the custom mount while it’s on its MA mode.

This is the thing you need to pull out. This gray part that sticks out will hold the custom mount and attach it to the slot on its butt. OUCH!

GIGANTIC Beam Saber – I don’t know how it’s called and I’m pretty much lazy to research about it. Anyway, I have heard some complaints that you can only do a single pose with it. However, I’ve noticed that the handle can rotate 360. Thus, posability of the beam saber isn’t hindered. It can be attached on the right side skirt, or even both, for as long as its part that holds it is attached to the side skirt.


Yes, I know, haven’t really pose this unit that well. The thing is, this kit sports a good articulation. However, its weapon, specifically the heat rod, hinders its poseability. It’s VERY HEAVY and whenever I try to do a dynamic pose when it’s holding its whip upwards, it just can’t. Also, there are several loose parts. Special mention are the arms. They tend to fall below the shoulders. It’s just frustrating and, at the same time, disappointing. I also had problem with its front skirt. They tend to fall-off when you bend the leg and it hits it.


If you are worried about this kit being back heavy, well yes it is. However, with proper adjusting, it can pull-off something like this

Yes, it can pose just standing while its wings doesn’t touch the ground.

You might worry about the heaviness of the sword. Actually, I was concerned about it as well. I had problems with it but thankfully, thought of a solution. Actually, it’s not a solution that I’ve thought myself, but Bandai gave it to us.

They gave us the connector, which its purpose is actually for the design. Well, this thing appeared in the anime, and to be faithful, they still added this. But who would have thought that this can actually hold the beam saber/sword that well? Yeah, compared to the HG, this is much more sturdy.

Though they gave us swappable manipulators, at least they still gave us the peg to hold the weapons.

The wings are secured, but the connection seems not solid. Well, that’s maybe just me, oh well. Good thing is that this bagpack is compatible with MG Wing (TV Version) not sure with other though. The pic of the two with their bagpack swapped is the only thing I’ve seen so far.

Though its mobile armor looks good. It only looks good at the side and most specially on the top. However, seeing it below….

4. Design (10/10)

The perfect score, obviously, is just my personal opinion as well as everything in this review site of mine. However, this might be way to biased. But well, though there are still possibilities that there’s a living person in this world that won’t like Epyon, specifically this version, I doubt that they are that many.

Anyway, You can’t really compare this to its anime version since there are lot of changes. I’ll start of with its head. The thing that changed in the head is its v-fin. It’s LARGE in its HG counterpart, but became CUTE this time. For the upper body, the shoulders were trimmed, but it looks beefed up. Confusing right? Well, let’s say that the old one has fat and this version turned it to muscles? Now with its feet, it added some gray details in the side, which I think looks great. Next, the feet, we all loved Epyon’s feet because the yellow parts on it acts as its eyes when it’s on its MA mode. Which luckily, doesn’t look awkward when it’s on its MS mode. This became even better when they adding teeth on it, RAWR! Of course, the wings, it has a huge change. Firstly, it became quite bigger. Second, they added a gimmick. Which I think is GOOD AND COOL!

Though it’s not faithful in what it supposed to represent in the anime, it still turned out good, at least for me. Well, it’s supposedly called Epyon II you know.

Comparison: HG 1/100 vs MG 1/100

1st picture: The main difference is maybe the color. Though I’ve painted this kit, I’ve used a Gundam spray paint,Ā  I think is just the same color compared to its runners. I’m not sure about the blue though. I felt that I’ve used a darker blue in my HG. Also, the original HG comes with a LAME plated gold parts. Back then, Bandai thought of replacing yellow parts with gold chrome. But well, it’s fine for as long as it’s not as crap as it’s back then.

2nd picture: The beam sword or saber, whatever you call it, LOL, has obvious difference. Though they have the same length, the MG has more detailed one. Noticed that the handle also is much bigger.

3rd picture: The whip, yeah! You don’t need any paint in the MG while the HG needs it. The circles in each piece are supposed to be the same color with its body, a maroon. Though MGs whip is retractable, it’s HEAVY. Though that advantage over its MG coutnerpart isn’t really that strong.

4th and 5th picture: Wow, the wings. HG has smaller one compared to the MG. And the thing that the MG owns the HG is its gimmick! HELL YEAH!

Last picture: You might be surprised at this one. Though we know that everything that its NG or HG counterpart has, MG will always have it all. However, the HG has its very unique wing effect part. Though I know that this one wasn’t seen used in the anime, as far as I can remember, this is still something worth noting. Too bad that I wasn’t able to attach it in the MG. I saw robbert184’s review and I wasn’t able to do the pose he did when he used HG’s wing effect part on the MGs wings.

5. Gimmicks (4)

Its MA mode, the wings opening and the teeth. Oh yes! The former is also available for the HG, but the other two aren’t.

6. Value (9/10)

Though it has a massive wing, it’s 1000 yen more expensive than the standard ones. I think they should’ve added just 500 yen to it, LOL! That’s just me though. Anyway, I really recommend this kit. It’s good, problems aren’t serious, not complicated to build and looks great!

7. Verdict (47/50)

Oh yeah, not bad. Not at all! Just one point behind Zaku II 2.0.

I really really really recommend this kit. I know Gundam Wing fans are delighted at its release. Who would have thought that Bandai would release this even though it didn’t appear in EW. Well, I think they forced it to appear or something. I’m just quite sure it did in Frozen Teardrop.

Part 2: Transcend >>


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