MG 1/100 Marasai Review

1. Info

The very famous grunt unit from Zeta series. It wasn’t really able to do anything fancy, except that it was once used by Jerid, the annoying anti-hero and it used the Ballute System with love, LOL! It was made by Anaheim, originally to be used by AEUG, but they gave it away to the Titans instead to prevent suspicion that Anaheim was helping AEUG. I’m not really sure about this info, but this is what I understood when I watched it back then.

Most part of the kit is made up of orange. Its red isn’t really that few either, but since orange still fits in my category, then who cares right?

The release of this kit was greatly anticipated because a blog actually predicted this kit will be released this year, 2012. Glad Bandai did! I won’t be surprised if they ever threw the Unicorn version of this kit since it’s just green and adding another weapon is just as easy as throwing a separate plate. Whether it’ll be an exclusive release or just a regular could vary depending on how this kit was sold in the market.



Part 1: Review

Part 2: Transcend

Add-on: Ballute System

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