Part 1: Review


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Transcend

Add-on: Ballute System

1. Out of the Box (10/10)

I love the boxart and I love how big it is so I’ll give it a perfect 10!

Plate A

The three colored plate. Yes, just three instead of your usual four. The gray pieces here are the soft ones and they’ll be used for the piping. Notice a lot of clear pieces here? Most of it will go to the head. The rest will go into the rifle and at its bagpack.

Plate B

The first dedicated red plate here. A small red plate, but the pieces are big. Though the shoulder armor here resembles the Zaku’s, it’s actually different, panel line wise.

Plate C

2 Plates for this letter and they’re red. Marasai only have three spikes, so the fourth one will be just a leftover.

Plate D

Oh, the green plates. At first I thought that this kind of green won’t fit / would suck when combined with Marasai’s orange/red motif. But we’ll have to see the whole kit done first before I say anything final.

All of the parts will be used as piping. Yes, it comes in two identical plates, again.

Plate E

Plate E is the first orange plate. Armor parts for the head and legs are found here.

Plate F

So Bandai gave us Plate E to break the combo of having two identical plates. Well, it’s back! Two identical orange plates here.

Plate G

Something refreshing to see. A light-gray plate. The parts for the thursters for the bagpack and rifle are found here.

Plate H

The first inner frame plate. Yes, it’s different from the Plate G. All inner frame will be sharing this kind of gray.

Plate I

Once again, this is an inner frame plate. Manipulators, attachment for the bagpack and inner frame for the legs are all found here.

Plate J

Two identical plates here again and also an inner frame plate. Ghad, I love to see those small pieces. That just confirms how articulated this beast’s manipulators will be. But…. don’t hope about those that much. I’m telling you this early on and I don’t want to give you false hopes. Details will be discussed on the parts section.


Polycaps are kinda old, seeing the date that it was manufactured. It’s not that I’m complaining, who the hell complains about what date polycaps were made anyway? It’s the complete opposite actually, I’m kinda impressed on how FEW the pieces are here.

Manual looks plain, like your usual UC MG manual. Actually, it’s a plus since Bandai was faithful.

I’m kinda amazed that this kit has NO FOIL STICKERS? Really? Just one sheet of decals and clear stickers?

The beam sabers are your usual MG beam saber in rounder shape and was colored yellow.

Ignore the Kira and Athrun pics there. I don’t exactly know what’s that for but I’m guessing that those were stickers.

Perfect Marker Campaign? LOL! Maybe they are perfect as markers, but not for painting a whole kit like how they were being advertised.

2. Step-by-step build (9/10)

The score could’ve been perfect if not because of…. will be discussed later 😛


This is the only part were I got confused in building; mainly the, useless, cockpit part. I wasn’t really reading the manual that well at that moment so that could be the reason.

The pilot that it comes with is just a generic one and not Jerid.

Energy Cables

Before going on the head proper, let me tell you the way I did those green cables. Of course, they are annoying. Each and every piece has 2 nubmarks and you have to sand them down each. I have BIG fingers and it isn’t really a good idea to hold them and sand unless I want to sand my own fingers as well.

First thing to do is to cut just one side of the green part from the runner, then insert it to the gray plastic cable. Then, cut, halfway, the other side of the green piece. See where I’m getting at, you need to put the green pieces first into the cable so that they’ll be easier to hold. Also, you need to leave a big nub in which you’re able to hold the pieces into place. In that way, you can sand the other side easier and they are aligned.

The next step is, errr.. You have to sand them down on your own already. At least the pieces are held in the gray plastic cable 😛


It’s no secret that this kit has a light up gimmick. That’s the reason for a clear piece for the neck. The only thing that’s difficult to do here are the energy cables.

Yeah, it looks Zaku-ish, but had a hydrocephalus.


The energy cables here, fortunately, aren’t separate pieces. The orange pieces for the arm guard are separate pieces and that is impressive. They could’ve made it into a single piece right? But looking at it, there’s really no space underneath. Construction wise, it’s rather easy.

Oh BTW, the orange boxy thing for the shoulder has seamlines. For its biceps and triceps, it has seamline as well. But looking at the art, seams like it’s not. But it has no channel or anything so I “tried” so seal it up. I regret it, thankfully, I wasn’t able to seal it up, maybe because it’s not meant to be.

Right Shoulder and Hand

The right shoulder is the shield like thingy part. Looks good, but unfortunately, it has seamline. Other than that, construction’s pretty simple.

Left Shoulder and Hand

This sight is pretty familiar is it not? You could say it has the same armor as of an MG Zaku’s. The inner frame is similar, could also be the same. But the armor itself isn’t. I checked it, I have my own MG Zaku and they aren’t. At least the lining are different.


The skirts have fuller inner frame, which is good. But unfortunately, build wise; fortunately, aesthetic wise, it has energy cables. Wow, I just noticed after writing this part of the review. This part has absolutely no orange parts.

Legs and Feet

Ohhh.. Green part. Nah! Don’t worry, those are solid pieces 😛

Construction is not confusing for as long as you look at the instruction manual carefully. The little tiny piece isn’t that important, really. You could lose it, doesn’t matter most specially if you’ll buy the MG Ballute System.

For a unit this big, I’m surprised that they put an effort to give this guy a good hip joint 🙂


Two words, energy cable! Don’t worry, this is the last part you’ll ever have to clean them up.

I really fancy those thrusters! I’m itching to paint them up already. I’m not sure what the clear part’s color supposed to be, but Imma paint it green, cause it’ll stick out.

Side Skirts

Honestly, I could’ve include these parts in the waist section because it belongs there anyway. But I forgot, LOL! You know who to blame, “LAZINESS”! I’ve wasted an area of my review just for this 😛


Beam Rifle

For a bulky unit like Marasai, I don’t quite get why it got a compact looking beam rifle. I mean, yeah, it looks cool and neat, but seriously?

I made a mistake here. I didn’t know that the clear part will be on top of the “RED” energy cable so I painted that part with red. Now, it doesn’t stick that much out. I should’ve painted it green.

Beam Sabers

Long beam sabers? Yes please! But it doesn’t really make the beam sabers stronger 😛

2.0 esque sucky hands

Remember the glorified 2.0 hands? The hands that comes with pegs to hold the weapons plus knuckle joints for the fingers minus for the thumb? It’s quite close to that. This has knuckle joints, yey! But, no pegs and the thumb is pretty much static. It can move, yes, but only rotate. It can’t wiggle because it’s not on your regular ball joint. This hand will only be used for POSES and not to hold the weapons.

Lastly, I broke my left 2.0 esque sucky hand.

Action Base Connector

Well, you’ll be given two. One for the usual position, which is in the crotch area. The latter is specially made to do poses that leans toward the sky. To make it more obvious, it’s made for the MG Ballute System. You know, wherein you can recreate its pose while it has the ballute on and it’s descending down to earth.

Extra Hands

You know the trend for MGs nowadays. Swappable manipulators it is. They’re decent, however, they don’t have any pegs and it’ll give you quite an inconvenience later.

3. Articulation and Posability (7/10)

I am aware that it’s a bulky suit and its articulation has to be forgiven. However, that isn’t my problem here actually. It’s the poseability. I’ll get in to that in a bit.


Head is limited because of the obvious bulkiness of his head armor.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands

The arms can’t go up that far on the left because of the way the spikey shoulder armor was designed. But on the right, it can at least do a 90 degrees. As usual, it can rotate 360 on the shoulder and below. The elbow has two points of articulation so there will be an at least 135 degree bend. The right shoulder flap is on a ball joint so it can rotate 360 degrees. The two flaps can bend as much as you can. There’s a moveable wrist, but for only a bit. The hands is in your usual ball joint.


Looks can be deceiving right? This bulky suit can bend well even with the bulkiness of its armor.


Sadly, the backskirt isn’t independent moving. Well, you don’t really need it that much anyway.


Can you imagine a big fat guy doing splits in real life? No? Well, at least an MS can. Unfortunately, legs can really kick 90 degrees forward. It has a good bend in the knee. Feet armor flap can move up and down. The flaps on the side can move a little bit. Foot can go forwards and backwards, as well as side to side. There’s a bit of a toe movement but isn’t a big deal, really.


There isn’t much of poses here. I’m saving it for the painted one. Besides, there still a lot of poses that this thing can do with the MG Ballute System slapped on.

I had a difficulty in making the Marasai hold its beam rifle. As I’ve mentioned earlier, even though this kit has the swappable manipulators, it doesn’t come with any peg. Though the right arm has a trigger holding fingers, it isn’t as secured as it’s supposed to be. The thing that I’m thankful of is that it can hold the beam saber pretty well.


The only complaint I have so far is that its hip joint is a bit weak. At some point, it just splits automatically. Probably cause is that it’s heavy, but that doesn’t really pass as an excuse.

4. Design (10/10)

I have no complaints whatsoever about its design. I love it. I’m not really a kind of man who notices the proportions, so I ‘ve got nothing to sy about it either.

It gives you the Zakuish feel but it’s still refreshing because it’s more bulky and a bit more menacing that its predecessor.

Lastly, the combination of orange, red and the green energy cables is a MATCH! I still couldn’t believe that it’ll work.

5. Gimmicks (2)

It has a LED gimmick. The ability to put the MG Ballute System is also a plus.

6. Value (8/10)

Maybe this MS weighs more than the usual, but still, it has a little playability. It only has two weapons and even though it can pose better than your usual bulky MS, there isn’t much you can do, aside from attaching a LED of course or MG Ballute System. Of course, in order to maximize this MS’ playability, you have to cash out some more.

7. Verdict (46/50)

I love this MS. The whole build is enjoyable. Even though at some parts, for those who already built a Zaku.20, you might think that it’s similar, most parts are something new. The details of the inner frame weren’t compromised like I feared because of the recent MG releases, *ehem* Age MGs.

I have played it as much as I can, minus putting the LED. I’ve enjoyed it but you can enjoy it to the fullest if you have the MG Ballute System. Noticed how much I repeated on telling you that? I’m sorry, but I Marasai was tattooed on my mind as an MS with a Ballute System descending towards earth.

I can totally recommend this suit, most specially for grunt suit lovers. For on lovers, well, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it as much.

Part 2: Transcend >>

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  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Nice review! Well detailed! =3 I miss building MGs D:

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