MG 1/100 Ballute System


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Transcend

Add-on: Ballute System

1. Info

This isn’t your usual review, for obvious reasons. One, this ain’t a mobile suit. This is just an add-on. Articulation isn’t really an issue here so I won’t give a score in each section. The verdict will say it all.

The Ballute System was first used during Zeta series, correct me if I’m wrong here. Of all the MS that used the ballute system the most famous is Hyaku Shiki followed by the Marasai. Since Marasai is the only red MS that I currently have (I have no plans in buying MG Rick Dias), I’m only gonna review it together with it.

Well, to me it doesn’t make sense. I mean, a ballute that I know is made of a material that’s less durable than metal. I have no knowledge of this so forgive me if I look stupid here, but for me, I don’t get it. Anyway, they used it and it worked so whatever 😛

2. Out of the Box

It comes in a small box. It’s about as small as your regular HG box but much thicker in height. The box isn’t fancy at all and it shouldn’t be, I think. Most exclusives are like these anyway.

Plate BA1

Now this is a weird name for a plate right? BA1?!? Well, it’s not really confusing since all plates start with “BA” followed by a number. You can say that this is the Plate A equivalent of your usual kit. Comes in 4 colors so yes.

Colors are: burgundy red, light purple, white and greyish blue.

Plate BA2

We got another greyish blue plate here.

Plate BA3

Get use to this color already. It’s the main color of the ballute system y’know 😛

Plate BA4

Can you guess the color of this plate? I bet you can’t XD

Polycap and Manual

It comes with a cute polycap plate. The instruction manual is soo simple like it’s supposed to be.

3. Step-by-step build

The build itself isn’t difficult but you have to read the instructions carefully. There are several options you can choose which you might want to CAREFULLY read because each option is unique per kit. I mean, the first option might be exclusive to Marasai only and most likely, you’ll fail to attach the Ballute System if you dare put it in, let’s say, MG Rick Dias perhaps and so on. Of course, it’s in Japanese, but I think you can figure it out yourself.

Front Part

I just called this the front part because I don’t know how to call this part. It’s in the front and it’s part of the whole ballute system so yeah, go figure. I don’t want to complicate things further 😛

How “we” wish the purple tube part is flexible. Though it really is, it isn’t like your flexible Zaku 2.0 tube like thingy so it’s less dynamic. But I appreciate the color. You could line the gaps if you want and it’ll really help. What I like the most is that they are generous enough to give us red parts underneath the thrusters, which for me should be standard for all kits nowadays, specially MG and RG kits (asking this kind of technology for an HG might be too much).

Ballute Pack

Like the front part, this one comes with thrusters with red parts underneath. I don’t know exactly how to panel line the white part, which is supposedly the “cloth” like part of the BS (for shortcut sake, I’ll cal this BS which stands for Ballute System). You can try using a Real Touch Marker and just rub the excess and that’s what I’m going to try myself.

Side Packs

Among all the parts of the BS, this is the most plain looking. I don’t say? 😛 Anyway, I’m sure some panel line, or even to the extent of using different shades of gray on some parts will help bring this part stand out better.

The third pic are the attachment parts you need in order to mount it in the legs of Marasai. Well, I think they’re exclusive to Marasai? Not sure though.

4. Main Course

Yes, I named it main course because I don’t know how to call this part. But for the sake of naming this section, I called it that because it’s actually the main part. The part that most likely all of you have been waiting for the most.

So how do you attach the whole BS?

Just flip the panel on the bagpack of Marasai, then insert the Ballute Pack. Remove those tiny panels on the legs, then attach the side packs. After which, I know you can already figure out how everything connects. You know, I didn’t bother putting those small panels back. I mean, it didn’t make Marasai less appealing so what’s the point? 😛
For the review, I’ve said earlier that I’ll be using Marasai only, so yeah. Presenting, our model!!! Marasai!!

It’s bulky by default and now looks even more bulky than ever! Honestly, I bought this BS (now that doesn’t sound right) just to recreate the famous scene from Zeta series. Looking at this doesn’t really appeal to me. Maybe if I decided to do a diorama, this piece can really work wonders for me. How I wish that the BS comes with an actual opened BS, not a static looking like this one.

This is where the special attachment for Marasai can be taken advantage of. It’s compatible with the BS. Soo hooray!

Marasai is a heavy kit by itself and slapping on these parts makes it even more heavy. It’s a total bad news because posing will definitely be an issue. It keeps on swinging downwards and finding the center of balance isn’t really difficult but maintaining it is.


You can open the panels at the back and upon doing so, it’ll reveal the intact ballute. So here is the part that I’ll complain. Where is the actual deployed version? T_T But you know, this one’s still appreciated.
5. Verdict

Ok, I got to admit, I didn’t like this one that much. Maybe in the anime, Marasai looked cool, but seeing it in model form, errrrr.. Maybe it’ll look better on thinner kits like Hyaku Shiki and Nemo.

There are inevitable seamlines specially on the big chunks. That isn’t really much of a problem to me since they’re not on an awkward position. They’re still easy to remove nonetheless.

In the end, for me, it’s still worth it. Why? Though I didn’t like it, it’s pretty much fun by itself. It just so happened that I didn’t like it that much once it was attached to Marasai. I’m positive that it’ll look better after painting the kit and BS but for now, this is my stand.

I could only recommend getting it, for now, if you have a GM or Hyaku Shiki because they’re thinner than Marasai.


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