MG 1/100 Exia Trans-Am version (review)

1. Info

Universe: AD (Anio Domini)

Series: Gundam OO 1st Season

Pilot: Sorin Ibrahim aka Setsuna F. Seiei

Appeared in the anime? Yes

This thing appeared in the anime in a rather cool way. It’s just like Char’s suit wherein it is 3x faster than the usual. However, this mode has time limit. This MS was referred in the anime as color red, however, this kit is actually color pink. With my disappointment, the orbs are color pink as well. The only red colored pieces are its feet and its chest. Anyway, pink is a mixture of white and red, so it has still red, therefore, I bought this kit.

2. Out of the Box (10/10)

I love the boxart. The lightning effect is good, almost like a super saiyan. It comes with a big box so do you really have to complain bout this?

3. Step-by-step Build (8/10)


The head’s nice. You don’t have to paint anything, unless you decided to paint its eyes.


Well, its got foil stickers for its breast. It has an engraved word for it and it’s necessary if you want a beautiful effect. This is the most articulated torso I’ve ever seen in my whole gunpla life.


The waist belts many functions. It holds the beam daggers at the back that can be variously placed. It can also hold both GN Short and Long Blades.

Arms and Shoulders

For the first time in my entire gunpla life, this is the first to hold beam sabers at the shoulders at the back. It’s pretty unique and I haven’t seen anything else like it. It also has the clear pink strip that you attach. It’s glittery, so much for the trans-am effect huh? It’s so slim and I find it sexy.

Feet and Legs

Again, like the shoulders, it has a clear pink strip that goes inside its legs. The weird thing about its construction is that Bandai included a clear pink orb that you put over the clear part that usually comes with the regular version. Well, I can’t see the point of adding the clear part, but maybe it comes with the runner and it’s really a waste if they manufacture a separate frame just to exclude those.


This exia is the 7 sword version and not the regular one. Of course, by the time the trans-am version debuted, exia is already upgraded to hold seven swords. However, he can’t hold them all because they are ALL handheld. Bascially, its got the ff: GN Sword I that comes with the GN Beam Pistol (not sure about the name though), GN Long Blade, GN Short Blade, GN Beam Sabers 2x, GN Beam Daggers 2x and the GN Shield. My favorite are its GN Long and Short Blades. They are proportional unlike the GN Sword I and it has a pink chrome. Wow, good job Bandai for making it pink. But, I’ll love it even more when it’s red The effect part for the beam daggers and the beam sabers are the same set of runners that comes with the Astrea’s and NG Exia. Well, it’s good enough so I don’t really want to complain.

My complaints about this kit are: Chrome parts, though they are in chrome pink, which is unique and looks good, it leaves black spots and it looks ugly. It’s forgivable since it ain’t obvious, but pro modelers will most likely see these. Since this kit is gloss injected, sanding parts is kinda a puzzle for me. If I sand these parts down, the shine will go away. Though I can topcoat it with gloss, the gloss they injected is far different. That’s why, I opted in snapbuilding this kit alone. It looks good by itself, but that’s really really something that bugs me with this kit,

4. Articulation and Poseability (10/10)

If I can only give more than 10, I would have given it. This thing is a beast when it comes to articulation and poseability. Your imagination is almost its limit.

Head – can turn 360. Just be careful with the fin at its torso

Shoulders – separate from the arms. Beam sabre handles can go upward and down by more than 90 degrees.

Arms – can turn 360 on the shoulders. Can turn 360 below the shoulders. Gives you an almost 180 degree bend and is double jointed.

Hands – separated by thumb, trigger and the three fingers have their own ball joint (can be separated). Has a peg that holds its various weapons. connected on the arm by a hinge.

Torso – it has an effing torso articulation. This is my first time having a kit that’s capable of doing so. I’m impressed. It can only go sideways though. It has an exta articulation below the torso for additional posaebility. Fins attached to this part can go up and down a bit.

Waist – The front skirts can move flap upwards and can go up further because it’s on a ball joint with a hinge. It doesn’t have side skirts but it has something at its side that you can rotate and expose a ball joint that can hold the GN Long and Short Blades. Backskirts can move upward and downwards dramatically. The beam sabre handles can go upward, downward and sideways. Pretty awesome!

Legs – Double jointed. can give you an almost 180 degree bend. Can do splits. Can rotate 360 below the waist.

Feet – Toes can move up and down a bit. Connected to the legs thru a ball joint.

GN Sword I – Can keep the the GN Beam Pistols at the side. GN Sword has a full 180 degree articulation. The holder of the GN Beam Pistol and GN Sword I can move 360 degrees.


YEAH!!! Its GN Drive comes with 2 Red LED units. It’s awesome!!

5. Design (9/10)

Well, it almost got the colors. I’d give it 8/10 actually, but the decals and clear stickers that comes with this kit are awesome! It comes with foil stickers all over, but I kinda had forgive those since they looks so nice nevertheless.

6. Gimmicks (3)

GN Drive anyone? Though it’s bad since it doesn’t come with the batteries, still those aren’t that hard to find.

7. Value (7/10)

This kit is even more expensive than Ignition mode, which I think is fishy. Ignition mode comes with more extra parts, so why is this more expensive? Are Red LEDs more expensive? Is gloss injection also more expensive?  I really don’t know.

So ok, I’m wrong. This kit is cheaper than Ignition mode. But still, it’s quite more expensive than the regular one. 2 LED units + chrome parts, are those enough for them to charge this much? I don’t think so.

This is my most expensive kit I have my entire life and though a part of me tells “it’s worth it”, there’s more of mine that tells “worth but still it could be less”. You know, just like having a Ferrari, it’s worth it, but it’s sooooooo expensive.

Verdict (45/50)

Well, its price dragged it down so low. It’s VERY EXPENSIVE! Ignition mode is much better, though as far as I know, its price got up. Its also not RED but pink, though I absolutely don’t hate pink, actually, I love it, but you know, I collect RED. But overall, I’m glad that I have this kit. It’s pink and it’s the only MS on Gundam OO that’s color red. Em hoping for a Reborns MG as well, but who knows if it will get released this year since the OO Raiser is on its way.

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