MG 1/100 Gundam 00 (Trans-Raiser) (review)

1. Info

Universe: AD (Anio Domini)

Series: Gundam 00

Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei

Appeared in the anime? Yes

My most expensive thus far and my first exclusive version, MG Trans-Raiser. I was really amazed on the reviews of the regular MG 00 Gundam and I’m praying that one day, Bandai will produce a Tran-am version. Yes, they did, however, they made it a tamashii web exclusive. That means it will cost a lot. Good thing that there’s a local reseller here that was able to nab one for a price, well, that of course is high, VERY. But that’s inevitable and I know I can’t really get it any lower than that here. In the end, I’m very happy getting this and that’s what matters. The color of the kit is no different from the Exia trans-am version. The white turned to glossy pink, blue turned to metallic violet-blue, the red turned to metallic red and yellow turned to frosty yellow. The clear parts aren’t the same, but they’re pretty much have a slight pink color. The clear effect parts are extremely pink instead of green from the regular version.

I would like to note that this review will be a bit different from the usual. I won’t have pics for the articulation because; One, There are dozens of reviews about the regular version of this kit and I think everyone is already knowledgeable about it. Lastly, I have already placed the decals, panel line and posed it already. It’s already in the position that I like the most and recreating it was a pain in the ass. Minus the excuse, I’m too lazy to do it at this point in time 😛

Now, all I have to wait is for the MG Qan[t] (Trans-Am) to be made.

2. Out of the Box (7/10)

I like the box because it’s big, however, I really don’t fancy exclusive version boxes. I wish they made the box pretty much like the Exia Trans-Am’s. Also, its manual is the same as the regular’s. I understand that it’s pretty much the same, the construction and everything. But man, I wish it could’ve been different.

It’s been a while since I had a kit that had this much number of runners. Being Red Frame as my last, which I plan to buy again sometime.

Plate A

The first multi-colored plate that you’ll see in this kit. Yes, you read that right, FIRST. There are two and I’ll get it in a minute. Most of the parts here are for the head and the red parts all goes here, in the case of 00 Gundam only.

Plate B

There are two identical Plate Bs. Parts here will go everywhere. over the kit.

Plate C1 and C2

Take note that though they count as C1 and C2, they are pretty much identical. Truthfully, all the parts for C2 can be found in C1. Notice the upper part of C1 is directly identical to C2? The extra parts that C1 has will go mostly to the 0 Raiser and GN Sword III.

Plate D1 and D2

Just like Plate C, they are pretty much identical too. But here, the similarities are more obvious. The Plate D1 has an extra part on the lower left. That is for the head. If were Bandai, I wouldn’t even bother doing that. Parts here will be the inner frame for 0 Raiser and Twin Drive.

Plate E

A single plate that also will be used as inner frame of the kit.

Plate F

I don’t have the MG Qan[t] but I think this plate exist even in it. Looks like there’s something amiss in the bottom part, which I think is a part for MG Qan[t]. Again, parts here are for the inner frame and most of them will go to the pelvis and legs.

Plate G

We’ve got two identical plates here, fortunately. Most of the parts here will go to the legs.

Plate H

Notice the number of plates just for the inner frame? Man, it has a lot. Two identical plates, again. Parts here will to to the twin drive, shoulders and weapons.

Plate I1 and I2

Almost identical plates here, again. I2 is have of I1 plate. The extra parts for I1 goes to the head, which is just one piece that’s why.

Plate J

Another inner frame plate. Parts here will go to GN Sword III and 0 Raiser.

Plate L

WOW! Just wow. You might not notice but these parts have actually glittery effect into it. I doubt that the regular version has it. I could still be wrong though. The beam effect part below, that doesn’t belong to plate L, has also the same glittery effect on it.

If you’re ever wondering, yes, this kit doesn’t have a Plate K.

Plate M

The second multi-colored plate. This is like the Plate A of 0 Raiser. I just love the clear effect part for the GN Sword III. I thought it won’t be as good as the regular one, fortunately, it is.

Plate N

Two identical plates here. Most of the parts here will go to the 0 raiser.

Plate O

When you think that you won’t ever see an inner frame plate again, then you’re wrong.


A very wide polycap plate, but don’t worry. You won’t be using that much. The foil stickers are holographic (am I right? Anyway, it’s somewhat similar). The clear stickers and rub-transfers are trans-am versions and they look good. It also comes with a Red LED unit. Only a single unit, unfortunately.

3. Step-by-step build (8/10)

It could’ve been perfect, but even though the instructions were clear, I had difficulty in building some parts. I had to pause for about an hour just to solve a problem when I got stocked. Yeah, you really have to follow instructions by heart.

This kit is a bit sinful. When I mean sinful, it means it has problems that exists in the past that should’ve never been seen in this kit. You know what I hate the most, yes, seamlines right? It has it, almost, all over and some are in obvious places. Fortunately, some are insignificant because they are almost hidden.

What will add to your confusion as you build the kit is the way the runners were designed. As you go through the build, you’ll notice that a part requires many plates. Usually, it’s just around 3-5 plates, but here, you could end up using 8 plates per part. Also, C1, C2, D1, D2, I1 and I2 plates might confuse you. All I can say is that, read the manual carefully.


Kewl head I must say. I placed clear stickers for the clear parts in the forehead, sides and back. So that when I do the lighting gimmick, which I doubt that I’ll ever do, it’ll have a cool effect. I placed the foil stick for the neck so that the light won’t escape through it knowing that the neck joint is made up of a clear parts. It’s mandatory so that the light could pass through it and it’ll go through the head.

Torso and Waist

At this point of the build, I’m not having any problems or whatsoever. Just straight forward and everything went smooth until….


This is were I started to mess-up. When you’re building the joint for the elbows, it’s made up of two cylinders which you have to place in a correct position and there’s a notch to tell you so. If you’re unable to get it in the right position, it’ll hinder you from getting the clear parts properly. It took me almost 30 min just to figure out how to put parts in proper places. I had also difficulty in removing the parts, that’s why I advise you to follow the notches, which are hints on where you’ll need to place parts.


Upon the release of MG 00 Raiser, the regular one, I really thought that it’ll only have a single type of manipulator; The one that my MG Epyon has. Fortunately, it comes with the standard MG hands and the EW MG hands. Which of course is cool rather than having a single type. The EW hands are good for holding weapons. I advise using it when doing poses, but other than that, use the regular one.


Simple and plain. However, the seamline is just an eyesore. Of course, since this is a trans-am version kit, it actually looked like a panel line instead, LOL!


LOL @ picture no 1. It has my hands and camera’s shadow. Anyway, this is nothing to be confused about and it’s pretty much a straightforward construction.


I was a bit confused here as well. But nothing as serious as when I’m building the arms because I already learned my lesson. Be very careful on the clear part. It’s never secure, it’ll most likely fall off while you’re posing the kit. The only thing that keeps it from falling is a small armor part. So if ever you’re following the instructions and it doesn’t stick at all, don’t be surprised.

I’m sorry for not having the picture for the legs. I might have deleted it and reshooting is a hassle that I don’t want to do anymore.


Yet, another simple and straight forward construction here. I was really amazed on how big the beam saber handle is actually.

Gundam 00

After doing the said parts, here is what you’ll get.

Twin Drive

Reasons why people buy this kit is not only because its articulation and design is good, but rather the number of  gimmicks it has to offer. Fact is, they gave us GN Particle Tanks that’s supposed to be only available to the Gundam 00 Raiser condenser type.

Oh yeah, great, I also forgot to get a picture of the twin drives.

0 Raiser

I’m, once again, terribly sorry for not having any pictures of the binders. Somewhat, some of the files went missing after I transferred it in my PC.

Anyway, this kit is like buying two kits in one. 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser. That’s the reason for having two multi-colored plates. 0 Raiser really looks good. It has MANY moving parts and they don’t feel loose, except for the attachment with  the twin drives and I’ll get on it in a minute.


GN Spatula, I mean, GN Sword IIs looks neat. I know some people dislike it, but I kinda like it. Of course, it’s the most different looking among all of the GN Swords out there. The GN Whatever (shield or katars?) are just so underwhelming. They look great when it’s beside the side binders, but they don’t look good when it’s in its forearm. Maybe that’s the reason why it was only used once, as a shield, and was never used to actually slash an enemy, in the anime. Finally, my most favorite weapon in Gundam 00 metaverse, the GN Sword III. Yeah, I’m inlove with it ❤

4. Articulation and Posability (9/10)

Like what I’ve said earlier, I won’t post any pictures for the articulation this time. I’ll let the pictures for POSING TIME!!! tell you how parts move.

Let’s go straight to POSING TIME!!!

For the articulation, The head, unfortunately, can’t do the chicken head. It has a rather weird joint for the neck that you can only bring it looking downards or upwards. Besides that, you have no problems spinning it around 360.

Twin drives can come forward and at the back for about a clean 180. Drives it self can spin360 so that you can recreate 00 Gundam using the Raiser Sword. Unfortunately, i don’t have a picture for that.

Can spin 360 on shoulders and below it. Has two points of articulations for the elbow, but it can’t do a 180 bend because the design of the arms hinders it to do so.

Torso and waist can wobble, what a very wonderful term to use, LOL. It’s sturdy that I was able to do a dashing pose without him leaning to its right even though the GN Sword III has a very significant weight.

This can split, however, be warned that side skirts pops out very easily, just like your usual 00 HG. The front skirt also pops out very easily. It has, surprisingly, can swivel left and right, which is a rather unique movement for a front skirt. The only thing that can move at the back skirt are the beam saber hilts. Has double jointed knee. Feet can bend sidewards, forwards and backwards.

For 0 Raiser, the binders are very articulated. You can pop out the supposed to be blue part and reveal the inner frame for it. When you light it up, it will reveal the radiant red light out of it.

Surprisingly, the arm can support the GN Sword IIs even though I placed the beam effect parts on it. What’s not surprising is the GN Sword III. Of course, it’ll go all the way down when you try and pose it, specially when you put the beam effect part. I was only able to capture a pic of it because I took a shot while it’s slowly falling down. There’s absolutely no chance of doing it when the beam effect parts is mounted.

When you mount the GN Whatevers in the forearm, you’ll immediately feel that it’s not secured. With one snap, it’ll fall down pretty easily. It actually doesn’t matter where you mount it. May it be in the forearm, twin drives, or even in the side binders, it’ll be very loose and will quickly fall down.

It won’t have any problems whatsoever whenever you pose it while it’s simply still Gundam 00. But once you mount the 0 Raiser, don’t expect it to stand properly. It can actually stand on the ground, but that’s just too much work and I didn’t even dared to try. I was so proud on doing the dashing pose. It’s very difficult at first, but all you have to do is to balance it out. Since Gundam 00 Raiser is naturally back heavy, position the base forwards so that the weight will actually go towards the center. If you want to push it further forward so that it’ll actually look more dynamic, put the binder at the back as well until you find the equilibrium.

The most disappointing part is the connection of the side binders with the Twin Drives. It’s not really that loose nor it’ll become eventually. It’s more of, it’s heavy and you must have a dexterous hands to avoid hitting other objects while you’re trying to pose the kit so that the balance will remain. If one side gets heavy all of the sudden, it’ll most likely fall to that direction. Be very careful. Also, I really though that the side binders is ready to be placed on the Twin Drives everytime you want, but that doesn’t seem the case here. You’ll actually have to pop-out the connector underneath the binders, there’s a plug inside that you have to put in a proper way into the Twin Drives, then put the connector back underneath the binders.

You might notice at the last pic, my favorite, that this kit was panel lined. I used my ever so reliable and newly bought red real touch marker. It’s very easy to use and it looked good in this kit.

5. Design (9/10)

The design was accurate, the only thing that made me slash 1 point are the amount of seamlines. Though I’ve mentioned earlier that most of it aren’t significant, still, it’s an MG and a 00 kit. An HG 00Q had lesser seamlines than this, so that’s a disappointment.


Exia vs 00 Gundam

My two MG Trans-Am versions. 00 seams a bit taller.


Landing gears, panels to cover slots, smoky clear effect part for 0 raiser, connector for 0 Raiser and GN Sword III and base connectors for 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser.

Mounting GN Sword III to 0 Raiser

Doing a detailed review up to the point of narrating on how to put things together isn’t my style. But I was so overjoyed in getting this kit and I felt guilty on the lack of pictures for the articulation, so that’s why I decided to do this.

Anyway, There’s a peg above the GN Sword III that you have to flip up. Take the custom connector below the 0 Raiser. Remove the panel underneath, then put the custom base connector, or you can opt to put the landing gear instead. Attach the GN Sword III to the O raiser by putting the peg you lifted-up against the custom connector below the O raiser, then mount it in a action base ( I prefer doing this).

Extending GN Whatevers

You can pull the pink part out so it can extend and look longer. But, that’s not all. You can even make it further long by unpegging blue-violet part out. When you look at its back, it actually has two pegs. Use the peg on the lower part instead of the upper one. You’ll notice in the picture that the gray expose part on the left is not anymore exposed in the right by doing the said step.

GN Sword II Extras

Smile? 😛

The two identical parts are going to be used to mount it at the side skirts. You can to do so by un-pegging a panel in the side skirts, then re-peg it by using the lower peg, pretty much like how the peg in the GN Whatevers work. The part below the mounts is used to connect the GN Sword IIs together. I really can’t remember that it was used together in the anime and really, I am not fond of it because the camera can’t really take a picture of it because it’s TOO LONG.

What I can really complain about the design are the twin drives. I mean, sure, the exposed gray parts around the drives gives it a mechanical look, but that’s isn’t really an eye candy to me. Yes, it’s a small nitpick, VERY!

6. Gimmicks (3)

Ever wondered why the side binders could go up that far even though it’s very heavy? Yes, Bandai thought of adding a switch like feature in the twin drives that makes it hold so well. +1

5 Red LEDs, yes please. +1 Though comes with only one LED unit.

Extra parts for mounting GN Sword III in 0 Raiser, which was never seen in the anime. Extra parts for Gundam 00 Raiser condenser type. Extra manipulators. Yes please +1

For a total of +3.

7. Value (4/10)

This is where it lost a big chunk of score. It it’s only the regular Gundam 00 Raiser, its score could’ve been 10/10, but well, this is the Trans-am version. Your money is only worthy if you’re a collector. I couldn’t recommend this for regular hobbyists.

8. Verdict (40/50)

Don’t worry, this is the Trans-Am version. Just add 6 to the overall score, and that’ll be the score for the regular version.

I have high expectations on this kit when it was released, pretty much like the same expectation I had to MG Epyon. However, it didn’t meet my expectation, but  it impressed me with something else instead. So it kinda negate things out. Surely, seamlines are disappointing, however, the amount of gimmicks made up for it.

For this version, I suggest that you get it only because you love it. Truly, I want to collect all Trans-Am kits because they are pink and amazing. The only thing I can’t do here unlike the usual are sealing seamlines and topcoating the kit. That is rather unfortunate, but it looks awesome nevertheless.

I recommend getting the regular version instead for casual collectors. I’m not saying that I regret getting this kit. You can read it here as to why I feel not just happy about getting this kit, but also feel blessed.


6 Responses to “MG 1/100 Gundam 00 (Trans-Raiser) (review)”

  1. Marlo de Guzman Says:

    Wow a Filipino [Filipina] Gunpla Blog owner. I have the normal version of this. I really like the 00 and it’s MG model thus I’m re-reading most reviews online about it even if I do have the model already.

    Also, thanks for the review of the kit.

    • maknaedik Says:

      I’m a Filipino 😛 Anyway, I do agree. It’s one of the most anticipated and best MG of 2011.

      • Marlo de Guzman Says:

        Im a Filipino too btw but I guess it’s obvious already. Wondering how much you paid for the Trans-Am version. Hehehe. Had I known there’s this version, I might have bought it.

        Then again, I have the normal Exia so I guess the color would be off.

      • maknaedik Says:

        Well, yes, it is 🙂 Anyway, I bought this for about 9k and it’s SUPER EXPENSIVE but I’m quite satisfied that I have one. I think it’s more expensive now.

      • Marlo de Guzman Says:

        Whoa! That’s really expensive!

      • maknaedik Says:

        Sadly, it is. That’s another reason why I haven’t been aqcuiring any gunpla lately.

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