MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Casval’s (review)

Welcome to my first ever review. Now, I’ll be reviewing the only Gundam of Char. Well, it didn’t appear in the anime and I don’t know where it appeared. But you can always look-up to Gundam Wikia for more info.

The box. A floating around RX-78-2 on space with the moon as its background. The box is small, of course.

1. Out of the box (7/10)

After opening the box, you can see that we have this cover, I dunno the purpose of this but it helped me when deciding what seamlines to seal.

2. Step-by-step build (5/10)

Seamlines that needs to be sealed. Ignore the 3rd pic since I didn’t seal it. Neither the box tells you to. I don’t know but if I were given a chance to turn back time, I’ll definitely seal this.

Be careful in building the leg part. The most inner skeleton of the legs consist of ONE WHOLE PIECE. You don’t have to assemble it like the usual. You got to remove some unused parts and it might confuse you. Its got a lot of nubmarks, but no worries since those can’t be seen. However, You might remove them so they don’t get in the way.. After which, you have to put the inner frame to it. Then, you’ll get this.

Finished the arms and the legs. They aren’t difficult to build at all. Anyway, you’ll love the legs because of its gimmicks. I will show it later.

The most irritating seamline of all, can be found in the head. Yeah, it sucks bigtime! Of all the places, why in the head?

3. Articulation and Poseability (4/10)

Head can rotate 360

Arms can rotate at shoulders 360

Arms can go upwards up to 90

Arms will rotate below the wrists 360

Arms will bend upwards below the wrists

Hands can wiggle and rotate 360 using a ball joint (it has a seamline you might want to remove)

Finger are separated by thumb, pointy and the three are intact

Waist can only slightly move

Legs can move forward 90 and it’s double jointed

Foot guards moves a bit

Feet can only wiggle a bit

Thrusters can move upwards and down

Shield’s connector can be adjusted

Rifle has a moveable scope (only to left side) and an extra handle that can move 180

Beam sabers, when docked, can wiggle a bit


Some poses here. His accessories are the following: Beam rifle, Bazooka, Two beam sabre handles but you’ll only be getting one beam saber effect part, Gundam hammer, and a spear. I didn’t bother putting something else to the spear because it looks lame.

Noticed the messy decals? Well, they are dry transfer and its my first time ever putting them (I haven’t even used water transfers this time yet). I damaged the clear sticker in its right knee and just replaced it with a decal, which looks quite good in the end.

Its got a core fighter that’s transformable, but bandai realized that you can’t get the pilot ride it and gave another. I didn’t bother painting the model, I WON’T DO IT EVER! I prefer putting the core fighter with pilot than the transformable one. The transformable one deserves to be displayed instead.

I used Gundam Marker in panel lining here, which is the reason why they are thick and messy. After putting topcoat, it bled out. I didn’t bother redoing it because I’m too lazy for that and this isn’t my favorite kit.

4. Design (7/10)

Design was pretty neat. The only wrong color is has is its sticker on its v-fin which supposedly brown, but they gave you red. I painted mine metallic red thinking that it’s supposed to be red. Looking at the box art, it’s REALLY brown 😦

5. Gimmicks (3)

This is its gimmick. We all know that almost every suit that Char owns got extra verniers making it faster than the suit it came from. It has some part that can be opened, though you can’t see any verniers inside, LOL!

Whenever Char’s decided to not use its bazooka, it can rest at the back for a while. The connection can be seen thru the pictures shown above.

Its getting a bit late and I want to sleep early today. Scores and other comments to be continued tomorrow.

This is actually not gimmick, but rather a thing that he can do, either its original version can.

6. Value (7/10)

I got this kit for 1750php. I personally think that its price should just be around like MG Shining Gundam’s. Around less than 1500. I recommend getting this kit only when you’re a diehard Char fan or wanted the original RX-78-2 that’s red with an extra gimmick.

Verdict (33/50)

LOW right? Well, it’s just an RX-78-2 1.5 with extra gimmick and is color red. That’s all.

Paints used

Tamiya German Gray – Bazooka

Tamiya Gunmetal Gray – Rifle

Tamiya Acrylic paints (mixed red madder, yellow and white) – Sealing the seamline on the head

Mr. Super Clear (gloss) – one spray before putting decals. Another before panel lining

Tamiya Clear (flat) – final coat

Tamiya Cement – sealing seamlines

2 Responses to “MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Casval’s (review)”

  1. Marlo de Guzman Says:

    What version of the RX-78-2 MG is this based on? Is it Ver 1.5?

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