Part 2: Build

As usual, I don’t plan anything special. Just the plain old panel line, decals, some minor details and topcoat. Of course, my new norm now is to repaint all the parts to get rid of all the stress marks.

For the white parts, I’ll be priming them with gray then paint them using a mixture of white and a hint of gray. I’m planning to use Mr. Color for White and since Tamiya Acrylics are compatible with Mr.Color, I’ll use my Tamiya light gray together with that. For the light blue parts, I’ll be priming them with white then painting them using Tamiya light blue. The color is very close and perhaps a bit lighter, but I think a shade lighter or two isn’t bad, actually it’ll help bring the decals more. For the red parts, I’ll be painting them using Tamiya Enamel red. Why enamel? Well, the circular areas of the kit has red rings. Bandai is bad/kind enough to provide us with stickers. Obviously, I won’t be using that. I hate masking circle areas (I honestly don’t know how to) so what I thought is to hand paint the circles areas and then wash the excess, cause I suck at handpainting, using either qtip or a dampened brush. Very nice right? :3 For the other red parts, I can safely just aribrush on them. For the black parts, I will be using either Gaianotes ultimate black or my old Tamiya black (which I added a bit of Pledge Wipe & Shine). Whatever choice I make here won’t matter since I’ll be topcoating them with flat anyway. After everything has been painted, I’ll be covering the paint job using Tamiya Acrylic clear. It’s a good prep before panel lining, decaling and detailing. I will then use Gaianotes flat as my last coat. Oh, I’ll be painting the thrusters with Alclad Chrome, just for the heck of it cause why not? Actually, from now on, I’ll be painting every thrusters with this unless it doesn’t fit :3


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