Part 1: Review

From now on, I’d skip in taking photos of the parts and the build itself if there’s already existing review of the kit. To me, it’s kinda pointless doing so even though it’s my version because there’s really nothing much difference except my findings.

1. Info

This kit is one of the notorious only pretty kits just like the Wing and some other else. Like I’ve said, Sinanju ver Ka is the stepping point where its articulation improved vastly from its predecessors. So don’t expect much from the kit. However, its beauty is too much and I’ve already forgot how much I’ve said this to various forums and social networking sites, this small badass breaks my standards whatsoever. I like kits with great articulation because it makes the kit much more dynamic and this one’s an exception.

2. Build

The kit is polycapless which could either good or bad. Many people say polycapless kits are the best since polycaps wears of overtime, but in my experience, even if they do, it’s not something can’t be fixed. Also, the amount of poses you will be able to pull-off before it even happens is like a hundred times so I don’t really care.

This kit is a transformable one and I expect a lot of moving parts considering the big change occurs when it does transform. Having said that, expect falling things all over, moreso here since this one belongs to the “complicated” ones.

Core Fighter

You are instructed to build the core-fighter first. It makes sense since it’s the “core”, lol! But what’s amusing is that they’ve given you two. One with Gundam head and the other with Hexa head. Comes with two pilots, one Marbet and and Uso. The one with boobs is obviously Marbet so yeah. Hexa’s head is my most favorite amongst all G-type like units so that’s another plus.

With the construction itself, it can be confusing. There’s a lot of parts that you have to put into certain orientation or else it won’t work. That could be positive given you can’t go wrong, but if you’re not careful and force it, you might eventually break it. So my tip early on is to treat this kit with care, if not, build it with finesse. Since this kit is polycapless, most parts are connected either via a hinge or two male pegs hugging holes, that turns into a sliding hinge like. Sorry for being ignorant about engineering and not knowing the terms, even though I’m a software engineer, but I’m not civil (only literally) so yeah. Stopping the puns, really. Anyway, the point is, this build ain’t for beginners. It could help practice your brain though 🙂

Top Fighter

The top rim is the next one and by itself, when untransformed, it looks very ODD! It’s pleasant to see, however, to see the engineering that went through here. One of the most impressive perhaps are the hands but I’ll get into that in the transformation part.

The build itself gets more confusing here and you’ll be wondering as to how come many parts are moving here. That obviously comes into play with the transformation. Every section you build might not make sense at first, but once everything is together, you can’t help but leave yourself in awe.

Bottom Fighter

Blah blah

3. Details

It’s the start where the innerframe pokes through the armor parts. Though here, it comes in the form of rivets rather than other various shapes and forms. The sky blue (baby, light whatever, I’m not particular with a color’s name) coupled with white is very appealing to the eyes. With lots of red decals (I’ll be using WS decals that’s why I called it decals. I normally call them markings or clear stickers ;)), that will give it even more humpfh! Moreso, this one’s a small unit, given how many decals this one has, the more it’ll be more apparent. I also love the simplistic looks, but well given at its time RG details aren’t yet the thing, thankfully.

With the kit transformed into the top and bottom fighter, they really live up or even better, than its anime counterpart. You can see the engineering that went through this kit is the focus, other than the beauty itself of course. A problem for transforming kits is that the transformed parts must look different, or at least, not obvious to anyone that it’s a component of an MS. This one does a good job. The hands are hidden, though sadly you have to swap it out instead of really hiding it and the legs have some gimmick making it really look like a jet.

The only seamline in the kit is found in the head. It’s both fortunate and unfortunate. It’s fortunate because this kit only has one, but unfortunate because sealing the seamline means you can’t disassemble it. Tedious, but workable. You can perhaps just turn it into a panel line, but IMO it’ll look forced and not that appealing. Will think about what to do about it, personally, once I’m in the planning stage, for now, I won’t bother 🙂

For its circles all around the kit, we’ve been provided with red stickers. It’s annoying, easily peels of and what’s really of is that they placed stickers in parts where you’ll put on and off some weapons. Of course it’ll get of easily, c’mon Bandai. You can paint it yourself in which what I’ll do so it won’t be much an issue, except the cleaning up part of course.

The only annoying thing to look at, is the odd line on the mouth piece. The vents themselves are looking all so awesome and you put something in between and that turns it ugly. TBH, I’m still unsure on what to do about this since I’m either too lazy or too OC. I’m too conflicted, HALLLP!

4. Transformation

The whole transformation process is something you’ll either hate or love, I think. Many things are moving and that might annoy you all throughout the transformation process. But I think that’s more important is the ability to pull-off the transformation accordingly. So in short, yes it can transform and pull it through, but there’s a lot of things moving here and there :3

Top Fighter

Ever since I was a kid, I love transforming kits. As a matter of fact, I’m fond of transformers. Doing the transformation for this kit is a lot of fun, except for, what I’ve said before, lots of moving parts. Those can get in the way of posing the kit, while in Top-Fighter though, so better be gentle or you’ll end up hitting a section you’ve just fixed. Having said this, this is something, I think, they could’ve done a better job. You know how solid Zeta 2.0 is once transformed? That is something that all transforming kits should aim for. Don’t know what happened to Delta Plus even though it’s more recent, but this is no exception despite this being a ver Ka kit. Both the front and back skirts have male pegs that I thought will peg into something. However, they aren’t actually pegs and I don’t know what they do. I mean, what’s the point of these protruding plastic if they don’t add any appeal to the kit? They should’ve been just pegs for stability at least here because it almost gets in the way.

Another problem are the shoulders. Even when in MS mode, the flaps, yes it has flaps, moves too much. Once transformed, while trying to align the arms, this gets so much in the way. Very annoying, at least for me.

The transformation itself though is very awesome, most specially when you hide the arm section and try to put the red part forward. This is where I really appreciate the engineering they made here.


I love that it transforms and is able to pull it very nicely, but hate the fact that they weren’t able to make it stable. They could have honestly do a better job than this. I’ll still accept this rather than crappy parts-forming all the time :3

5. Articulation

Skip this because it’s gonna be short, CRAP! JK! Anyway, it’s not really far from it TBH. Lots of moving parts gets in the way of posing, so that’s immediately bad. Can’t do splits and no joints in the mid-torso, since understandably, this one’s a transforming kit. But the splits isn’t justified here. Personally, it’s one of my most sought after articulation, because if it can do splits, then most likely, it can do the rest (double jointed knees and elbows). This really sucks big time. I can probably mod it and use a big HG’s joint, but messing the leg part means I will also mess up the decal that goes into it. I’m still unsure what to do here, but most likely, I won’t change anything here.

6. Verdict


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