MG 1/100 Zaku II 2.0 J. Ridden’s (review)

Hi guys, I’m back for again, another review of a red MS. Today, I’m gonna show you Zaku II 2.0 J. Ridden custom. You might think that it’s just a red comet copycat, but hey, it’s got unique feats against Char’s Zaku II 2.0. This is my 3rd master grade for the UC series, and again, this didn’t appear in the anime whatsoever. But this definitely is my best UC kit.

This guy is, obviously, made for use of J. Ridden. One of the many ace pilots of the Zeon faction. There are 4 customized Zakus I know so far. Char’s, J. Ridden’s, Matsunaga’s and 3 Black Star’s. Among all of them, 2 are red. Well, Char’s isn’t exactly red, it’s more of a salmon red. Actually, this kit isn’t that red either. It’s more of a red orange, where red is more dominant. So still, it fits to my category.

Before we dive straight in to the review, you might want to check out its WIP first:

part 4 (Weapons)

part 3 (Feet and Legs)

part 2 (Arms and Head)

part 1 (Torso)

1. Out of the Box (10/10)

I’m very sorry if I didn’t post a pic of all of its runners. There are too many and it wouldn’t fit in the camera. But here it is, the box art. I liked the weathered effect on the box, it just shows how much this unit have been through during the one year war. Also, it’s inside a BIG BOX like most MGs nowadays. It might not be a space friendly box, but it definitely means more protection for your kit.

2. Step-by-step Build (9/10)


Building this part is obviously different from a Gundam’s. But, I enjoyed it. The only thing that you’ll hate are the energy cables, in which you have to sand down each and every piece of it. Also, you’ll have to use force in order to transfer it to the main string. Initially, it is inserted into something that will hold it securely, probably Bandai thought that people will sand these things down first and it will be very difficult to do when it’s inserted to its main already.


The head, yet again, has energy cables. It is just as hard as the torso’s but, yet again, it looks NICE! I just painted the eyes with clear red. I don’t like putting clear sticker or even a decal for the eyes. The clear part will be just a waste if I’ve done that.

Arms and Shoulders

The arms are interesting, it has an extra semi-joint for additional articulation. The shoulders have a very high range of movement. The spikes are not really your usual yellow. They are more like frosted yellow orange. Just the same color as the yellow of Exia Trans-Am version’s. It also has the 2.0 hands, MAN! I love it. Other than the articulation of the ball joints that are connected in the palm, it also has an articulation in the knuckles which gives you some awesome poses.


I’m sorry if I don’t have the pic of the waist itself. I’m kinda lazy doing a re-shot. Besides, I have already topcoated it and I’m afraid of getting it scratched. The main purpose of the waist is to hold its accessories. Zaku Machine Gun clip and Heat Hawk can be pegged at both side skirts and at the back. There’s a panel that you can open at the back where its unique bazooka can rest at when it’s not in use.

Feet and Legs

This part is the most difficult part of your build. To tell you frankly, I spent 8 straight hours just to build this part. It has annoyingly humongous amount of parts. The reason is, besides having just an ordinary Zaku 2.0 leg, its got an extra armor plates and thrusters. Well, it looks awesome nevertheless. You can either have the plates removed or not. There are parts inside, that looks cool, that you won’t be able to see once you placed the armor plates. Wonder what’s inside? Well, it’s just like every other Zaku 2.0 legs out there plus the additional thrusters. Again, these parts has energy cables, but unlike the other parts, you don’t skewer it on a plastic thread, instead, you skewer it on a metal spring. Yes, in a spring. Which I don’t get at all why. Does it make any difference? Well, it has some. You can play with the spring actually and that’s just about it.


Again, I’m sorry for missing out the Zaku Bazooka and Heat Hawk pics. Anyway, the good thing here is that you won’t ever see seamlines here. Only factory lines or commonly known as flashes. But hey, it’s better so that you don’t have to cement two parts together and wait for 24 full hours just for it to cure, then you still have to sand it down, which is harder to do than doing the factory lines. All long range weapons has clear scopes, you can color them yourself, but I didn’t do mine because I simply love the way it currently looks. But truthfully, I forgot to paint the Giant Bazooka’s and removing the scope is almost impossible, unless it gets damaged. To to be consistent, I didn’t paint the rest T_T

3. Articulation and Poseability (9/10)

I almost want to give it 10/10, but the the double jointed knee was put into waste since it can only bend for about 90 degrees. The only compensation you got for there are the 2.0 hands. Other than that, it has a great articulation.

Head – can turn full 360. Has some extra articulation due to its neck. It can look up far and wiggle a bit. The mono-eye will move accordingly with its head.

Arms – will rotate 360 on shoulders. Will rotate 360 below the shoulders. Double jointed that gives an almost 180 degree bend.

Hands – Hands can really wiggle so much and gives you superb poseability. All of the fingers are on a ball joint. Three finger, trigger and thumb separated they are. Fingers can swivel in between giving you a rock pose

Torso – cockpit can be opened. You can also switch the place of the pilot seat from either left or right. It has a separate waist that gives you more poseability. Unfortunately, it can’t turn 360 due to its back skirt.

Backpack – Thrusters will move up and down a bit. Fins can move about 120 degrees.

Waist – backskirts are on a swivel joint, will move up a little bit more than 90 degrees. Side skirt are on a ball joint and can almost move upward by 90 degrees. Side skirts are on a ball joint that can move upwards a little bit more than 90 degrees.

Legs – double jointed. Can’t do a 180 degree bend but just a 90 degree one. It can split. Can rotate 360 below the pelvis. Only the back thrusters can move inwards and out. Other thrusters can only wiggle. Fins are on a swivel mechanism that enables you to move it only a bit since the outer armor hinders it from doing to. Removing it will give more than 90 degree articulation to it.

Feet – Has double pistons in front and back respectively. Can wiggle so much. Toes has an articulation that can move up and down.

Giant Bazooka – has a movable scope that has a protector lid that you can open and close. Has a movable handle. Has a tube something in the front that can swivel. It has two peg connectors for the hand available for the right arm only. One for action pose and one if you want to rest it.

Zaku Bazooka – has a movable scope and movable handle. You can close and open the lid for the scope. it does have a single peg that can be connected to the right arm. This bazooka can rest on the model’s back skirt.

Zaku Machine Gun – Has a removable rounded shape clip. A movable handle in front. Also has a movable scope. The clip is peggable on both side skirts and the back.

Heat Hawke – peggable


You might notice that its legs are very bulky, resulting into limited leg articulation. Well, I have mentioned it earlier but I just want to repeat myself 🙂 Anyway, I just love really love it and I enjoyed playing with it. You can do more poses than this, but you can’t really do much about its legs.

4. Design (9/10)

This scored another 9. Man! This kit is sooo much better than its 1.0. First of all, the 1.0 colors isn’t close compared to this one. The only thing that this kit differ to the original lineart is that this ones really bulky. There are foil stickers available for the elbows. But, I didn’t bother putting them. You know, I dislike foil stickers like hell. The only thing that really needs painting is the heat hawke. I’m telling you, you got to paint those in order for it to look good.

5. Gimmicks (1)

Well, I have to at least give merit for its well articulated hands and its giant bazooka.

6. Value (10/10)

Two words, WORTH IT!

Verdict (48/50)

WOW! I love it. The only disappointments I have are the leg articulation, energy cable cleaning and the foil stickers. But you can just ignore it because of how awesome it turned out for me.

Just to add more to your delight, if ever you got, here are the pics of my completed Zaku II 2.0 J. Ridden’s

As you’ve might noticed, it can carry its giant bazooka on the right, zaku machine gun on the left, zaku bazooka on rest at the back skirt and the heat hawke pegged on either side skirts. IT CAN CARRY ALL OF ITS WEAPONS and its AWESOME!

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