MG 1/100 Zeta Plus A1 (review)

So much reviews for this week huh? 😛 Well, it’s great isn’t it? You should just be thankful or hateful, depends on how you see my reviews. I personally think they lack. There are a few words here and there and most doesn’t make sense. So sorry bout that. Specially for my review for the Sword Impulse. I built it a long ago so my memory of that faded already, LOL! Anyway, here we go!

Zeta Plus A1, at first I thought that it is a Gundam. I was awfully wrong. But at least, it looks like one. This was piloted by the legendary Amuro Ray, YAY! For some reason, I thought it’s more powerful, but really, I think it’s not. Though it has guns in its side skirt and a bigger gun, it doesn’t have a missile, doesn’t carry hyper mega launcher and everything else that the regular Zeta has. Well, at least it got praised for its more cool looking Wave Rider mode, arguably.

You can argue that Zeta Plus A1 is not a red gundam. Well, at first I thought it is, but I’m wrong. It’s orange. At least orange has red on it 😛 Anyway, I’m still wondering if I’ll paint it red or not. I’m quite dumbfounded because first, it isn’t that posable so painting and beautifying it is worthless because it won’t be able to do some kickass pose. Second, I want to play with it because it’s a transformable unit. Painting it might give it a scratch or two. Anyway, if you can help me decide, then your comment is welcome.

My only WIP report for this kit

part 1 (Everything)

1. Out of the Box (9/10)

I LOVE the box art! The sky blue background fits well. The box is small, relatively because it’s an old kit.

Like my RX-78-2 Casval’s custom, I think this was made prior to the release of Zeta 2.0. It exist to test their new technology. It’s like this: RX-78-2 1.0 -> RX-78-2 Casval’s or 1.5 -> RX-78-2 2.0 to Zeta 1.0 -> Zeta Plus A1 -> Zeta 2.0. In short, two of my MG kits are guinea pigs.

2. Step-by-step Build (7/10)

Arms and Legs

Arms are pretty cool, though I have seen a seamline, they made a way for it to be covered. The feet are weird. It’s not on a ball joint, that’s why.

The leg part is the most annoying thing and time consuming part to build. Specially the energy cables, two in each leg. Therefore, there are 4 annoying cable that has to be inserted. It’s like putting a thread in a pinhole using only your bare fingers and not using any tools. Thankfully I was able to do it. I did this by putting the head of the energy cable, then continuously had to spin it back-and-forth until a small piece comes in, then I pulled it. If you’re going to ask me if doing this is rewarding? Well, yes, but not enough. It’s like risking your life and you get gold in return. Though it’s gold, it’s not enough. Also, it has the most number of polycaps I ever built my entire gunpla life. It has more polycaps than Saviour’s.

Head, Torso and Waist Frame

Head’s pretty easy. There are stickers for the eyes, forehead and backhead camera. The v-fin is available in two types, one is rubber and the other one is plastic. In the instruction, it will say to cut the rubber one. Well, I recommend that if you want to play with it because you might break the plastic and you don’t want that to happen.

Building the torso is something new to me, very unconventional. It’s very complex, yet I enjoyed building it. Though it’s very impressive, sadly it doesn’t have a waist articulation.

Wings and Wing Binder

The wings and the wing binder looks cool. But I think that these parts could have been better. If you’ve ever constructed this already, you might be wondering that there are tiny parts that can be removed though it’s the same color as where its connected. Well, it’s removable because that’s where the landing gears will peg in.

Shield, Gun Side Skirts and the Giant Rifle

At first I thought that the shield is complicated, but it’s actually simple. It looks cool, but I feel that it lacks orange color.

The side skirts are awesome! Specially when it’s transformed! Man, you’ll surely love it as well. However, I’m wondering about the purpose of the extra white part sticking out of it. It actually hinders the side skirt’s articulation and it looks very ugly.

I love the rifle, REALLY! It’s big and I couldn’t ask for more. If you’ve been wondering what is an ugly rifle looks like, look at Turn A’s.

3. Articulation and Poseability (5/10)

Its articulation department is the worst!! Surprisingly worse than RX-78-2 Casval’s.

Head – can’t turn 360. V-fin has some articulation due to its transformation.

Arms – can rotate 360, can turn 360 below the shoulder, doubled jointed and can do an almost 180 degree bend

Hands – no pegs, damnit. It’s on a ball joint so it can wiggle a bit and rotate 360. Trigger finger, thumb and three finger separation

Legs – Double jointed. Can’t turn 360 below the waist. (WHAT A SHAME!) Back and front foot armor does move up and down a bit.

Feet – can wiggle a bit, toe can point downward and calf can slide upward for transformation

Shield – can be pegged in both arms but that’s pretty much it can do.

Rifle – has 3 connectors, one for the hand, one when you transform it and one that can clip at the back when not in use.

Torso – has no waist articulation!!!!!! At least Zeta 2.0 has little. the chest can sprang up because of its transformation.


I’m so sorry but I can’t pose this guy very well. It’s so limit thanks to its no waist and no below the waist articulation.

4. Design (7/10)

GHAD! There are so many foil stickers. Who wouldn’t hate it right? Still, it’s kinda acceptable because of the hard-to-do energy cables. Another disappointment is the number of seamlines. They’re not everywhere, but for an MG kit, it’s VERY POOR!

5. Gimmicks (3)

I’ll have to give credit its wave rider mode. I really like it and everyone who owns it, I know, will agree as well.

6. Value (9/10)

I’d say that it’s price is right. There are disappointments but I must tell you to look at its price again.

Verdict (40/50)

A lot better than Casval’s gundam huh? Well, its main selling point is its waverider mode. It looks awesome no matter where angle you look at.

I still haven’t finished it so these are only the pics I have. I will post it, but not anytime soon.


4 Responses to “MG 1/100 Zeta Plus A1 (review)”

  1. Francis Says:

    It’s a real nice kit and good build too but is it panel lined ? I can see it’s kinda bland and could use some panel lining to make it looks more detailed.

  2. Francis Says:

    I see, no worry it’s still a great looking Red kit 🙂

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