Part 2: Build

<< Part 1: Review

First off, this part is kinda new for my blog. I will discuss the actual detailing part. I will make this a standard from now on.

For those of you that don’t know, Sinanju is my favorite Red MS. Can’t actually pick between Sinanju and Red Frame Kai, but I’ll definitely choose Sinanju as my top non Gundam MS. It looks sophisticated and strong, apart from agile of course with the number of thrusters it has. I’m so glad they stole Sinanju Stein because it looks a lot better. I treat this MS special and that’s why I want to buy all the necessary stuff to make this MS even more badass. So I bought the following: Waterslide decals, metal thrusters and Bazooka add-on. I know, there’s also the gattling-gun from Unicorn which is also compatible with Sinanju, but I only;y realized that after seeing the instructions of the Bazooka add-on even though I’ve seen countless builds for it already. I’ll definitely buy one, but not anytime soon.

Anyway, I decided to separate them by episode. An episode could mean a day or a part that I’m building.

Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka

As I was building Sinanju, there are things that I have learned. Now, as a modeller, I have learned quite a few which will greatly help me in my future builds. It’s just sad that I had mistakes which made my most favorite MS of all time not at its best. Here are the list of things that I have learned, documented them so that everyone can learn, hopefully.

Tutorial: Painting Gold Trims
Tutorial: Putting/Assembling Metal Thrusters
Tutorial: Recasting Parts
Tutorial: Topcoating Tips

Part 3: Transcend >>


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