Episode 1: The Shield


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


It’s the first day of me detailing this kit and since it has a lot of parts, to be specific, BIG ones, I will have to do it part by part. I consider Sinanju’s shield as one of the most beautiful, not just in terms of looks, but also by its versatility. You can load its bazooka, rocket launcher and even has two beam axes.

I went on and try painting the gold trims of the shield. I used a thick brush so it was kinda obvious that I’ll have plenty of mistakes. I was confident that I’ll be able to clean that up by using the method Syd introduced in an episode of Gunpla TV when he’s doing his HGUC Sinanju. All you need to have is a panel marker. Yes, I used it to cleanup the excess gold paints around the shield. Unfortunately, the marker went busted and it didn’t really work that well. Yes, the gold excess were hidden, but not completely as they are too thick and they produce bumps. I changed my mind later on and stripped them off. Unfortunately, I produced some scratches here and there because I used my x-acto knife, which has an old blade BTW, to clean it up because I was frustrated at my earlier mistakes. Since the part is black, I painted it black, easy.

This is also the day that I tried assembling all of the metal thrusters. Assembling them is pretty intuitive so don’t you worry if you’re worried that it doesn’t come with any instructions or any sort. Just glue them all at the places that you think they fit.

There’s a lot of idle time, so I decided to work on something else the next day.

Episode 2: The Waist Unit and Shield Part 2 >>


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