Episode 2: The Waist Unit and Shield Part 2

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


Shield Part 2

Before I go to the main, the waist unit, I’ve worked on the shield first. Now, this time I used the waterslide decals that Sinanju came with. I’m trying the waterslide approach which makes me think, oh, this will work, I love waterslide decals. Well, it didn’t work well. I made cracks here and there, the material they used was kinda flimsy, easy to break making it a viable option for those who are gentle. Ate first glance, it looks good, but they aren’t positioned very well. Painted the cracks with Tamiya Gold Leaf. I know, the difference between the two are very obvious as the waterslide decals are more reflective and Tamiya’s Gold Leaf is more of glittery. At this point in time, I really don’t know what to do. For me, I’m quite satisfied with the result even though the gold insignia is not aligned to where it’s supposed to go.

Waist Unit

After getting frustrated by working on the shield, I decided to work on the waist unit first. I think it’s the easiest part of all, it’s small, only has a few gold trims and decals to put aren’t that much.

For consistency’s sake, I decided to use the waterslide approach again. It didn’t really work that well as the clear parts are floating and didn’t adhere to the part that much. But there’s this situation wherein I accidentally touched the part while the decal has still chemicals on it. Guess what, it got destroyed. I now don’t have any backup plans rather than painting it with gold leaf. However, I’m kinda confused because I’ve already used the gold waterslide for the shield and there will be OBVIOUS difference between the parts. I kinda justified it with, “oh, the shield isn’t part of the body, I can use a different kinda of gold for it”. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what you want to use, my OC kicked in. I said to myself, “I’ll just scratch the gold decals on the shield and use the option one AGAIN. Now that I know how to properly use the paintbrush method and I’m using a small one, I’m more confident”. The problem now relies as to how the hell am I going to remove the decals on the shield, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, back to the waist unit, I now opted to the first option. It worked as I decided to use a smaller paintbrush this time. The gold I used to the gold trims is Tamiya Gold Leaf. An acrylic variant that I bought in a small bottle. It’s more than enough. I think it’s even enough for 10 MG Sinanju and you’ll still have a lot of paint left. The gold I used for the formerly yellow parts is different. I’m too lazy to hand paint it. Besides, the gold of the two aren’t much different. Only the Tamiya Gold Leaf stands out more as it has more glitter on it. Actually, I have 3 kinds of gold spray paints here and what I chose to use it the most sparkly of all.

I also decided to detail the underside of the backskirt. I painted the pistons and cables to silver. Actually, the bottle says Chrome Silver, it is an enamel type so I thought it will have reflective property. But I’m wrong. Also, it’s not that noticeable. Well, at least it’s a bit different from Sinanju’s light gray inner frame. At this part, I decided to paint all the cable or piston like thingy of Sinanju to silver.

Putting the metal thrusters is easy. Didn’t try bother removing the ball joints and instead, I drilled a hole on it. If I opted in removing those, there won’t be enough space for the metal thrusters, therefore, I decided not to get rid of them.

It came out pretty well, more so than I originally thought. Of course, the gold trims aren’t perfect and I think it’s horrible but I’m too lazy to repeat it again.

Episode 3: The Backpack and Shield Part 3 >>


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