Episode 3: The Backpack and Shield Part 3

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


Shield Part 3

For consistency sake, I decided to scrape all the gold decals I have placed on the shield. Unfortunately, removing them is a hassle. I decided to paint the part again even without completely removing the gold decals. I don’t care that much since they are very thin as a matter of fact, I tore most of them. Paint successful, however it’s thick as hell! Even the insignia in the middle isn’t as obvious as before. I don’t want to return to option number 1, I tried to look for something else and fortunately, found a new one which I think will work well. It’s the method used by Z of Gunpla-Inochi. Why haven’t others thought of this method? I mean, it works brilliant, however, there are obvious lines which you have to cleanup yourself. But overall, the hassle is lesser now.

Now a new problem arises, the insignia of the shield. Now it’s even more difficult as option one is now even harder to do with the black paint have gotten thicker. Option three, the new one, is also quite challenging as I still have to cut down the black parts of the foil stickers, which is a lot of hassle. My choice of doing it is by doing option three. So that’s what I did. However, I’m thinking of stripping the paint out of the black part so that I can clean the insignia part better. I mean, I’m quite sure that I won’t be able to cut the gold insignia sticker that well and I might have to do some cleanups. So for now, I’ll move the shield as my least priority; from first, down to bottom.


For the main part, the backpack. It took me the whole day just to put the waterslide decals on it. I even accidentally removed a decal while I’m in the process of topcoating it. Fortunately, I have some extra dry transfers and it saved my day. Fortunately again, the surface isn’t curved. I love putting waterslides, but this made me change my mind a bit. I mean, it has a LOT. It’s ver KA, so I expected a lot decal placement here and there, but didn’t expect that it will consume a LOT of time as well. Overall, the decals made the backpack even more eyecatchy.

I actually enjoyed putting the metal thrusters more. At first, I removed the ball joint, tried to drill a hole and looks like it’ll work, however, after putting the armor, seems like the thrusters is a bit short. So I tried not removing the ball joint on the other part, drilled a hole on that ball joint, tried fitting the metal thrusters and it worked perfectly. So now, I have to fix the other one. I tried putting the ball joint that I have actually kept back. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that well and even if it did, it’s still quite short. So what I did instead is put together 3 plaplates, glued it and drill a hole on it. It worked perfectly!

On the fuel tanks, I have first removed the seamline and painted it with white afterwards. The discoloration is so obvious that I have to that extra work. But even after painting, there are still dirty marks that I actually overlooked as I don’t care that much about it at that time. Sealed it up with Gundam Marker instead, unfortunately, made the situation worse. However, that part isn’t really exposed from the back but only at the bottom. I mean, who gives extra concern at the bottom of a Gunpla? Maybe some, but again, I’m too lazy at that time. Now, I have to detail some parts with gray. Instead of hand brushing, I actually masked 95% of the fuel tank just to paint those gray. Well, it worked fine. I just cleaned up the excess gray with Gundam white marker.

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