Episode 4: The Torso

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


As I was disassembling the torso, I accidentally snapped a peg inside the psychoframe cockpit. Of course, it’s saddening. However, it’s not really that important. It can still peg in nice and securely.

Decals aren’t as many as the other parts mostly because the focus of this part are the gold trims. Painting the gold trims is a nightmare! Just try to zoom in the pics and focus on the torso. Man, those are just horrible! From afar, they don’t look that all terrible. Your eyes will all be focused on the metal shiny parts and decals so that isn’t really bad thing after all. What I used here is the combination of option one and option three. But obviously, the insignia for the chest was done using option one. That is the center of Sinanju, that’s where you’ll most likely look at and I did a terrible job! Sorry, I’m just frustrated. Anyhow, overall, the build for this didn’t took long compared to others.

Sinanju so far…

Episode 5: The Legs >>


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