Episode 5: The Legs

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


This is the part that took me the longest to do. Well, at this point, I haven’t done the arms and head, but it’s quite obvious that they won’t take as much time as this one.

This is the first part that I’ll be actually removing a seamline (Well, I have tried removing one for the front skirt, but I really can’t call it a seamline). Honestly, this seamline isn’t much obvious either, you can line it even though it doesn’t have a deep channel. It’s forgivable seamline in my opinion.

Metal thrusters for the legs are all the same. However, you can see that the sizes of the thrusters it originally had aren’t of the same size. Well, it kinda matter to me. If I have known right from the start, then I would have ordered extra ones. But thinking about it closely, the bigger thruster can’t really be seen so, who cares. I’m thankful enough that I have a thruster to put there.

For the decals, man, I made some mistakes that, errr.. could have been avoided. Most of it were scraped off by me, accidentally. But the mistake I could have avoided if I just looked carefully is that I placed decals underneath. Yes, there’s a part that holds the thrusters that will cover some armor parts of the legs and I still placed decals there. I thought, oh, there are way too many decals, I think there’s enough. Yes, there are enough, but not for all the decals. Also, I want to make it as detailed as possible, even the places that would’ve not be oftenly seen. When I realized the mistake I made, I said, “Oh, I have dry transfers!”. I placed it on the front, miserably misaligned the placing of it but I let it pass. And for the decals at the back, I have used all of the four decals and still messed them up. Now, I have no decal at the back. That’s how I’m not gifted in putting dry transfers. OH I HATE THEM! I’d rather not use them at all, specially on curved surfaces, than destroying everything and getting bad vibes.

What I’m proud of is what I did with the gold trims this time. Well, sort of. I have improved a lot on it. I just can’t believe that I haven’t used this method right from the start!!! The fourth option, the newest and the most effective (except for the shield), toothpick method! I have replaced the blade of my x-acto knife with a newer one and used to scrape of excess gold, it was effective, but also removed more than it should and it’s really risky. Thankfully, I thought of this method while I was eating “Siomai”, it’s a type of dumping you can say which we eat using toothpick. I already read about this method somewhere, but remembered just this time. Sad oh sad, I could have done a better job on the gold trims for the torso. I couldn’t say it’s perfect, but it’s the most effective and this is what I’ll use for the rest of the gold trims.

Sinanju so far…

Episode 6: The Arms and Head >>

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