Episode 6: The Arms, Shoulders and Head

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka



I really thought it would take as much time as doing the legs, but it didn’t, thankfully. Decals aren’t as much, but there are still gold trims.

I’ve first done the gold trims. I decided not to erase the seamline because, honestly, they don’t look that bad. But upon looking at the RD Sinanju, I’m now having second thoughts (when I wrote this part, I’ve already finished doing the whole arms and head so, yeah! Go figure). I was able to improve a lot on doing the gold trims. Makes me want to repeat all the gold trims that I messed up before.

Next is the recasted part. I wasn’t able to recast it perfectly. I think it’s an obvious ugly recast. But among all the recasts I’ve done, it’s the most good looking. The good part is that I can place it in the back of the left arm in which, most of the time, can’t be seen. Thanks that it’s mostly at the back and the shield.

The metal thrusters for the shoulders are quite cute. Of course, they’re the smallest. I had no problems putting them. I snapped the peg, drilled a hole and glued them.

There is an unfortunate accident happened to me here. But it’s not like it can’t be fixed, but I was quite worried. While I was doing this, the weather in our country was very cold. I think it’s one of the coldest experience I had. Most of the time, I don’t experience frosting most specially for a gloss coat. Well, I did. I was wondering on the parts didn’t shine. Then after which, I found out that most of the parts got frosting. I was so problematic and panicked a little. Fortunately, I was able to overcome this trial. It’s just unfortunate that I wasn’t able to document this. I was planning to, but my time is so limited at that time that I have to hurry. What I did is to slightly sand the parts that have frosting on it. Just a little bit. Don’t worry about the decals and use the finest grit you have. You must not use a very rough one cause it might scratch away the decals. After which coat it away again! But before doing so, remember the tips I have for topcoating.

For the tubes in the forearms, I painted them metallic silver. I used Tamiya’s. In the can, it’s recommended to use gloss black (of course they’ll say by Tamiya’s, but I used Bosny’s). Then used the Metallic Silver. The wrong move I did was I used gloss afterwards. Guess what, it turned like flat finish, LOL! That’s the night I got frosting, so probably it was caused by that. But that’s not the only thing that happened. The metallic silver paint itself got chipped away, for some reason. To fix this, I sanded the chipped ways part, just to make sure that it’s flat again. Then painted it with metallic silver again. Now, I don’t want to coat it with anything else. The finish is quite good already. I’m already regretting the use of silver for the pistons and cables on the backskirt.

I removed the, what I thought were, seamlines on the biceps. Damn, I shouldn’t have. They’re really not. I have confirmed it by looking at the SD Sinanju.


I had problems with the head and they’re not that easy to do. First, the seamline. Well, I didn’t have difficulty in removing it. Pre-sanding isn’t even required. But the greatest challenge are the vulcans. They’re supposed to be gray, but Bandai gave you red. The head has quite a number of parts and I can’t believe they missed out this detail. Sinanju’s head is big so I can see no problem.

Anyway, I masked the part using masking sol. Used it because I bought it not really because it’s the most useful. It worked perfectly. For the decals, it only has two, phew! Very easy and you won’t have any problems with it.

Sinanju so far…

Episode 7: The Shield Part 4 >>


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