Episode 8: The Weapons

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


Last part of the build, the weapons!


I started by studying the parts. I watched Episode 5 of Unicorn and found out that Sinanju’s Bazooka has a different kind of gray compared to its beam rifle.Well, the Sinanju Bazooka’s default color is just the same as the beam rifle and that’s my problem. Also, it has white colored parts, specifically for the tube part.

Also this has seamlines and I’m not that worried about removing it since I’ll be painting this part. Apart from the seamlines, I also removed the factory lines. It’s easy, but annoying cause they sometimes go in difficult to reach areas. Good thing I have my sanding sponge at my arsenal.

I looked at it and it as an ammo clip at the back. I wanted to paint it red, but not totally. There will be parts that I want to color with light gray. As seen on the pic, I successfully have done it. I masked and it’s the first time I have tediously and successfully masked something. I’m proud of it actually.

There’s a part here which I’m debating with myself as to what color shall I paint it? I thought of metallic silver, but that doesn’t seem right as metallic silver is what I intend to be the color of tube and pipes. I also thought of gold and black. But those colors are for Sinanju’s gold trims. Metallic red? No way! All of its red must have flat finish. So I saw this post in GundamGuy, a custom build for Sinanju. It ain’t a matte finish, but a semi-gloss perhaps. He did it in orange. Interesting, but to me, it looks out of place. In the end, I still did it that way, but, in metallic color. Primed the part, used Bosny Black, then Metallic Silver and finally clear orange. Three layers of Clear Orange to be exact. I like the result actually. Now I’m interested in doing a metallic finish. That’s my goal for the my entry in this year’s contest.

I have to be careful in painting this weapon, specially the tube part. I have to make it thin as possible because it slide through in and out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to too that much. I leaves scratch and marks whenever I try to collapse in the Bazooka. About the decals, I used leftover ones, not just from Sinanju, but most of it were from other MGs. I used waterslides of course. I have some scratches underneath, which was caused by collapsing the bazooka, but I was able to hide those by using some decals. Em proud of myself that I was able to think of that 😛

I’m quite proud with the result. Of course, I have mistakes, but I can overlook at them, unlike the gold trims, haha! It looks the best when combined with the rifle though.

Beam Rifle

The beam rifle has no difference, though there are parts there that I want to paint in a different color, I actually forgot doing it in the middle of sealing it up. Yes, like Sinanju Bazooka, this one has seamlines. Removing them is quite a challenge. There are parts that are hard to reach. And again, I’ve used my ever hand sanding sponges. Unfortunately, it left marks. I have to use the basic putty just to remove those. Now I have no choice but to paint the kit. Fortunately, Tamyia’s German Gray is almost the same as its default color. Actually, Bandai’s gray is this gray be default. I’ve known this ever since but I have to say it again 😛

Problem with painted parts is when you paint the connecting areas, they’ll get scratches. Similar to the Bazooka, it suffers with the same problem. Thankfully, that won’t be exposed that much. Still, I got it covered nevertheless. Painted the part again so hide those hideous scratch marks, though it left some bumps.

Decaling is quite easy. But is has a total of 14. It has even more than the shield. For the details, it had some piping, but got lazy and chose to make it mono color, except for the lenses of course. I’ll attach it with the Bazooka anyway, so detailing it further will be an overkill. Speaking of the lenses, painted them with clear green using a brush. Yes, doesn’t look that good. I actually planned to use metallic silver underneath, but changed my mind later on.

Grenade Launcher

*glossed before putting the decals*

Did Sinanju ever use this? Nah! Don’t think so. Anyway, it has some seamlines, so that’s the first thing I did. Never planned to paint it with different color. Used German Gray like what I used for the beam rifle.

As for the decals, they’re just two, yes, the part that has the fewest decals.

The first casualty in my whole build was this, the grenade launcher. While I was taking pictures of my Sinanju holding its Rifle+Bazooka, I accidentally dropped my knee on it. Fortunately, I’m not gonna use it and it’s easy to fix, for me, anyway.


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