Part 1: Review


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


1. Out of the Box (10/10)

A standard ver Ka box like every other ver Ka kits. White background with the model kit standing proud. Yes, it’s just standing, yet its beauty still shines.

Plate A

The first plate and doesn’t have the usual four colors. Weird is it not? All of the parts here, except for four, will have gold trims that you can paint yourself, put decals or put stickers. I recommend, of course, doing the first option.

Plate B and C

Plate B is the yellow and Plate C is the clear green. Two disappointing plates, like the first one. The yellow should’ve been gold and the clear green should’ve been more green. Paint it if you want and is always recommended.

Plate D

The first red plate out of the many. Take not that this is the true red. Bloody red unlike the usual red, which is actually pink, we get in Char’s Zaku, Gelgoog and the like. Most of the parts here will go in the waist unit.

Plate E

If you have noticed, there aren’t that much parts in each plate. Sinanju is big so you really can’t expect it to have that many parts. Parts here will go over the shield and legs.

Plate F

Two identical plates for Plate F. Sinanju’s red is consistent. It will not have any different shades of red.

Plate G

Another two identical plates here. Most parts here will go on the feet and legs.

Plate H

The most annoying plate, if you’re not planning to use any metal thrusters, which most likely you’ll not. Imagine removing all the nubmarks per piece here. There are 40 tubes overall, and each as 2 nubmarks for a total of 80 nubmark. These nubmarks are only for the tube alone. Imagine removing them all. What ore the thrusters? I’m so thankful I bought metal thrusters. But for the sake of the review, I did only use the plastic thrusters.

Plate I

Another two identical plates here, but this time, its color will be in all white. All the parts here will go to the backpack.

I don’t know what the purpose those white big panels underneath the plate are for. Can someone care to explain?

Plate J

The only plate that comes in default gray; the plate that only contains parts for the beam rifle + grenade launcher, Plate J

Plate K

The first plate for the inner frame and comes with light grey color. Sinanju, in the OVA, comes with default gray color. But in this case, they chose to use light grey. It’s Katoki’s preference perhaps. Just look how details the inner frame foe the chest, specifically, the one near the neck area. And the one for the backskirt, I drooled on the details!

Plate L

Again, another inner frame plate.

Plate M

Two identical inner frame plates.

Plate N

Two identical inner frame plates, again.

Plate O

Two identical beam effect part. Do you have any idea how tall the beam effect parts are? :))))

Gold Trims (Foil Stickers/Water Slides)

Bandai has given you two options in doing the gold trims.

First is by using the hideous gold stickers which its result isn’t my liking. For me, it’s recommended to trim out the black parts of it. But then again, you have to be consistent and make Sinanju’s yellow parts into gold as well. So this options, sucks 🙂

Second option, using the waterslides. Like the first, if you use them it’ll be inconsistent. Besides that, it’s very hard to use. They’re more sensitive, in my experience, than ordinary water slides.

Dry Transfers

A gigantic sheet of dry transfers. Imagine putting them all. Moreover, they’re dry transfers! Good luck with the rounded surfaces 😛

2. Step-by-step build (9/10)

It could’ve been perfect, if not only for the number of thrusters and beads you have to cleanup. Like it was not expected of a Char suit right? But well, even though it’s the design’s fault, it could be pretty annoying at times. There are parts that could use some improvement, but we’ll get in to that later.


Even though it doesn’t have the gold trims yet, it does look good already. There are three colors and they’re enjoyable already. The psychoframe cockpit isn’t spectacular. Don’t bother painting it because it won’t be exposed anyway.

The neck is on a weird joint. Though it works, I’m not a fan of it.

Constructions is easy and no parts are confusing, unless maybe a part that you have to flip downwards. It’s the black part with insignia I’m talking about. I already used the metal beads for the piping because I’m too lazy in putting the plastic beads as I still have to clean all of them up.


The Head could be better. The disappointing part is that its vulcans aren’t gray where it’s supposed to be. The mono-eye is just as disappointing. You can color it, but it won’t be seen that much. For me, not at all. The only way it could be noticed is by modding the head and putting a LED inside.

There will be parts of the inner frame that will be exposed from the top and it’s quite good for them to. In the OVA, it’s not. So yeah, it’s a plus.


Another wow? The small yellow parts here are cool. Too small that I lost one of it and have never found it until now. 2.0 hands baby!! There are a lot of joints that you think are just there for gimmick, but trust me, they aren’t. And besides, who doesn’t want gimmicks right?

Construction wise, it ain’t really complicated but it ain’t simple. Besides, it can’t be any simpler than this. Trust me.


I’m amazed that the yellow trims are separate pieces. Well, nowadays, they could’ve easily made it in into four parts in total instead of 16. Thrusters, the first part that will actually have thrusters. It’s pain in the ass to clean them up individually so good luck 😛 Individual spikes. I really couldn’t get why they do that, but for customizing sake, I think it’s preferable.

Construction is easy. You just have to be careful to put the yellow parts into proper position. Well, you can’t really put them in the wrong position because they won’t go through if they are. Unfortunately, the yellow parts here don’t expose the inner frame unlike the other yellow parts.


The feet have pistons!!

Construction is not that easy, but no way hard. It’s just a bit hard to determine the proper position of the red parts that you’ll have to slap in the black ones. But it’s nothing critical if you put it the wrong way. You’ll notice it right away.


The always and most complicated part for most model kits. Lots of parts here and there. I love how the small gray innerframe pokes through a bit on the side. I also love the thrusters underneath of the side leg armor and the flap that reveals the thrusters on the back. The way the knee bends, man, just lovely. Even more if you paint it.

As for the construction goes, it’s definitely not simple, but not hard. Just read the manual carefully. There are parts that are meant to be in the left leg and right leg so read carefully.


The waist aren’t complicated as well, but weird in a way. The main frame the holds the skirt armors are separate from the frame that holds the joints. The first frame just sits on the second one. It’s stable of course once the model is assembled.

For construction, it ain’t difficult, again. It’s pretty intuitive. What goes to the left is obviously for the left one and vice versa. Oh, I used the metal beads here again, like what I did for the torso.

Details are good as well. Specially for the backskirt that tempts me to detail it up.

Oh BTW, I used the metal beads already and didn’t bother to cut the plastic tubes.


The backpack looks good. It doesn’t have gold trims anywhere, which is good, IMO. It has a lot of cool looking thrusters. It also has the slide gimmick that if you pull the white parts inside, the wings will automatically span open and you can do the other way around.

On the construction, It’s quite easy. Not that really complicated but the engineering is quite impressive. Fuel tanks have seamlines, which is quite sad. But removing it is an easy task, specially that it’s white. Also, like other parts, it exposes some inner frame. It doesn’t look out-of-place and looks good.

Beam Rifle

What I like about it the most are the double scopes. I don’t care if it is really needed or practical, but I think it’s just their for aesthetics alone. I don’t like the beam rifle alone. I like it better with either the grenade launcher or bazooka underneath.

Construction is not easy for a standard beam rifle of course. It has quite plenty of parts so refer to the manual.
Is has quite a number of parts which is quite unusual, but good. I think it needs it anyway.

Grenade Launcher

Four parts easy snap. No need to refer at the instruction manual. I just don’t is why can it fold. Does it have any purpose at all?


An obvious easy build. Few parts and the gray part will obviously go underneath.

Beam Axes

Pretty easy build. Just to inform you that not all parts are identical. One goes to the right and one goes to the left. But it’s nothing to worry about 😛

The beam effect part, the longer one, is quite LONG! It’s even taller than the model itself.

Beam Saber

Ok, I lied, this is the most confusing part. Just looking how many parts it has, four?! That’s even greater than PG Strike Freedom total number of parts. Joking aside, yes, it’s quite easy.

Details are good. It isn’t even the usually straight one. It has jagd edges that makes it unique.

3. Articulation and Posability (9/10)

This guy, for a ver Ka kit, is GREAT. Even for non ver Ka, it’s still good. The only complaint I have is its waist articulation. It’s on a peg which most people complain about. It’s easy to break that’s why I never move it. As in not at all. Ok I lied, only a few 😛

Like I’ve said earlier, I won’t detail the poseability and articulation that much and let the pictures decide. However, I’m in the point where I found its final pose already and I’m afraid on getting further scratches that’s why, nope, no super duper articulated pics. But I will try to discuss its articulation as much as possible as I can.

Sinanju is big. It’s 22m tall MS that it’ll tower most MS out there. It’s very heavy, specially when you add the metal thrusters. It’s good IMO since it’ll be more stable. The kit is well-balanced too. It can split, has double jointed knee and elbows. It even has those knee pads that split so well to expose some more details. It has the very basic qualities of a good MG. But being a good MG that even Dalong agrees to, it has gimmicks which really works well with it. The only limitation you have is your imagination. Go ahead and try all sorts of poses and I know it can do those without difficulty.

The only difficulty you’ll have is holding its beam rifle + bazooka. It’s impossible to do without doing it two-handed. The rifle itself is quite heavy and posing it alone could be a challenge for some, including me. Even if you try to use blue tack and cheat, that won’t be enough. You really need something to hold the beam rifle + bazooka combination in order to do it right. Holding the bazooka is quite a challenge as well. The peg for it doesn’t really quite work with Sinanju’s so I wasn’t able to do this at all.

4. Design (7/10)

This guy’s design, by default is beautiful but the model, tsk. First complaint would be the gold parts. I mean, The supposedly gold parts are molded in yellow? Seriously? And you have to paint the gold trims yourself? Well, they provided waterslides and foil stickers, but the former is VERY DIFFICULT to use and the latter is just plain BS. You have to cut those black stickers yourself. I seriously am against doing it actually. The yellow and gold trims of Sinanju must have the same color. For those who don’ care, then don’t. For me, it’s a must. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to myself, haha! If you’ll notice, there is a slight difference between the gold of the gold trims and the yellow parts.

Second complaint, the vulcans for the head. It should be gray and they could’ve made it gray so why not?

Third, the clear green parts. They’re supposed to be more green than that and how I wish they could’ve provided some silver stickers underneath which can make it more reflective.

Lastly, it has seamlines, but I think, they’re all forgivable, except for the weapons’.

I know, I have so much complaints. What’s more important is the final result. Beautifying this kit takes guts and balls. The gold trims is the hardest challenge here, for me at least. There are many approach in making this kit more beautiful. The most common is the metallic/titanium finish, which I’m now interested in doing. This is the recommended finish to bring out the details of the kit since it’s curvy and rounded. I will do matte because I just want to. I’m used to it and for me, it’s the best. Sorry for those who prefer metallic 😛

5. Gimmicks (1)

Opening moveable panels for legs and forearms? Yes please! They don’t just rotate and they actually have a use. So that I gave .5 and the other .5 is from the backpack. It has the sliding gimmick, which I’ve already mentioned before.

6. Value (9/10)

Sinanju’s price is no joke. It is expensive. Main reason is its size. It has a lot of plastic so the cost will automatically rise up as well. But apart from that, the engineering, the beauty and everything, I think you’ll be getting all your money’s worth. Recommended for all red suit collectors, even for those who aren’t fan of this suit, it won’t be hard for you guys to like it.

7. Verdict (45/50)

I thought that this will have the highest score among my kits. Unfortunately, even though it has a lot of promise, its beauty will even surpass those of others, achieving it is very hard. A task which not all are capable nor has the time to do it.

Things that can be improved by Bandai here:

– Separate plastic parts for the gold trims

Not everyone is capable of painting the gold trims. Even with toothpick method is quite effective, not everyone has the time to.

– Waist joint

Please Bandai, just do it 😛

There are other couple of things that I have thought of, but I will just exclude them because I will sound more of a whiner just like suiton of Gunpla community. Who doesn’t know him right? 😛

After everything that has been said and done, I think Sinanju ver Ka is a kit worth to buy. After finishing it for a week already, I still can’t help but look at it and I still can’t believe at the end result. Even my hideous job on painting the gold trims isn’t as obvious as before and the reason is unknown :p

Just a buy it, BUY IT! :)))

Part 2: Build >>


2 Responses to “Part 1: Review”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Its been a long time that I’ve wanted to but this kit. I hope to buy this kit soon when I have the money XD Great review there! really detailed and all! It’s a long read but worth the read with the details =3 And LoL, we use the same cutting mat! XD

    • maknaedik Says:

      Thanks thanks. I recommend buying the OVA version rather than this since that comes with Bazooka and the frame is “better” (I think).

      I bought that cutting mat at NBS 🙂

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