Part 3: Transcend


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend

Add-on: Bazooka


Paints Used:

A. In Bottles

Tamiya Gold Leaf (acrylic) (a bottle is more than many)
Tamiya Clear Green (acrylic) (a bottle is more than many)
Tamiya Chrome Silver (enamel) (a bottle is more than many)

B. In Spraycans

Tamiya Gray Primer
Tamiya White Primer
Tamiya Metallic Silver
Tamiya Clear Orange
Tamiya Hazel Gray
Tamiya German Gray
Tamiya Clear Flat ( 2 1/2 spraycans)

Mr. Topcoat Gloss

Creos Gundam White


C. Panel Line

.03 Copic Marker (Black) – Knocked out, sad
.02 Copic Marker (Black) – Knocked out but then, got revived
.02 Copic Marker (Warm Gray)

D. Tools

Tamiya Pin-Vise
Drill (forgot the measurement)
X-acto Knife
Tamiya Tweezers
Tamiya Tape
Mr. Masking Sol
Mr. Mark Setter
Tamiya Deluxe Cement
Tamiya Thin Cement
Bulldog Superglue
3M Sanding Sponge (Fine, Super Fine and Ultra Fine)
360, 400 and 600 Grit Sand Papers
Paint Brush (as small as possible)

Enough with the tools, just look at the pics I have produced. I’m sorry if I’m unable to produce more exciting poses. These are the poses that I’m used to. I know I can do other more, but I’m too afraid of breaking it.

Standing Pose

Sexy Back

Sexy Legs

The rest…

Final Thoughts

Sure, I made mistakes while doing this kit that I could’ve prevented. But it’s already here, so I embrace those mistakes and accept them instead of whining (and I’m still whining actually, LOL!). Of all my creations, this is what I’m most proud of. Next is Marasai, then followed by Epyon. Though one might argue that I did Epyon better, I still think I did Marasai justice (even though on of the decals on its head was accidentally removed).

So I have plans in buying MG Sinanju OVA version to rectify my mistakes. I’m tempted to buy new set of metal thrusters, but there’s only a 10% that I will. If the OVA version won’t come with waterslides, I might buy the ver Ka’s and put minimal decals and I hope they’re just the same.


2 Responses to “Part 3: Transcend”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Great photos! He turned out to be awesome! =3

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