MG 1/100 Sword Impulse (review)

I know this is sudden and doesn’t even have a WIP. But, it’s because I built this kit even before I decided to make this blog.

Anyway, Sword Impulse is a variant of the Impulse Gundam that concentrates in melee combat. It’s predecessor, Sword Strike Gundam, only has one sword and a single beam boomerang whereas this guy sports double. It also has the red scheme which made this model worthy to be included in my list.

1. Out of the box (9/10)

I don’t have the pic yet and I actually forgot it. But I’ll try to provide it later. Anyway, it has a pretty decent boxart and it comes with the big box which most recent MGs have which is always welcome.

2. Step-by-step build (9/10)

Arms, shoulder armor, head and waist units.

They are pretty plain. Nothing fancy. You could not get confused because it’s pretty straight forward. No parts needed to be painted anymore here to that’s a plus.

Core Splendor, Torso and Head

Core Splendor is awesome but definitely not perfect. You need to paint some of its part for it to look very detailed. But it’s a good thing that the pilot can fit in to this and transform.

The torso’s good, the only bad thing here is that you can’t see the pilot though you can open the hatch for the cockpit.

The head looks nice. It got some few stickers but I decided to paint the clear part with clear blue, though you won’t be able to see that in the pic.

Legs, Feet, Weapons, Sword Silhouette and the completed model

Legs are pretty straight forward again, however, you should be warned when hooking the joint in the knee. It’s very prone to breaking so be careful.

Feet, again, straight forward. It just cool because it has a lot of articulation.

The shield is AWESOME!! I liked how it turned out after putting the decals. The excaliburs are great too, the most lame is the rifle. I’m not saying it’s ugly, it’s just that the excalibur and the shield overshadows it. The rifle has movable scope and movable handle at the front, just like everybody else.’s But is has effing seamlines which hurt my eyes.

The sword silhouette looks pretty nice. It’s just confusing when you’re transforming it.

3. Articulation and poseability (9/10)

Articulation is awesome! The amount of its articulation is just so great mainly because it’s a transformable unit, somewhat. You can pose it very well, however. There’s this another thing that made this thing imperfect, the shoulder joints. It’s not a ball joint, it’s a freaking I don’t know joint. If you try to do the top-fighter form, there’s a high possibility that it might break. It happened to me because I applied too much force. Of course, I only did that because I trusted Bandai to do its job, LOL!

Head – can’t turn 360 unfortunately because the collar and its helm always bump each other.

Arms – can rotate 360, can turn 360 below the shoulder and can almost do a 180 bend. It has an extra articulation wherein you can bend the shoulders and the arms upward.

Hands – are on a ball joint so it can wiggle and rotate 360,. Trigger finger, thumb and three finger separation.

Legs – double jointed and can kick 90

Feet – foot guards can move a bit, feet can wiggle, toes can bend downwards for the transofrmation.

Coresplendor – can move up so maybe it can be used as a vernier? Wings can still spread even when docked.

Shield – is docked through the hands. It also has an optional holder. Can expand

Rifle – has a movable scope and front handle. Can be pegged to both hands though not secure.

Sword Silhouette – thrusters of the mini shuttle can move up and down a bit. Thrusters of the pack can move up and down a bit.

The more articulation the more poseability. However, Exia proved it wrong, LOL! There are some loose parts in Exia that’s why 😛 Anyway, it can do almost all the poses you’ve seen in the anime, specially its signature wherein he combines the sword.


Some rifle action! He are my steak knives and can be stored in my pocket. Not as big as Dora’s though!

Core Splendor’s wings can still be extended. Rifle has a peg that can be mounted on the back.

Boomerang action!!

Excalibur, deployed!! This is heavy and sharp, be warned ORB and EFSF (WTF?! why EFSF?!)

By the time I’m doing this poses, I’m really not in the mood. I wanted to take pictures but I’m completley clueless how to pose gunplas, LOL!

4. Design (8/10)

The design’s good, I must say. The only thing you need to paint is the core splendor. Others are pretty much it, except for the stickers on the head. That’s actually only that part that uses stickers. It’s pretty plain without panel lines, so I recommend that you panel line this guy. Also, decals will help, specially the red and black ones. This guy has a lot of white and you want to trim it down.

There are a few seamlines. One is located at the back of the legs. There are also some in the arms and the torso, but I didn’t consider them because, err, they’re not so obvious at all and you can pretty much just ignore them.

5. Gimmicks (1)

You can call the the whole modular gimmick nice but I didn’t like it, so sorry 😛

6. Value (10/10)

Very worth getting. Price is just right!! Surprisingly not back heavy which is good. Amount of touch-ups are minimum to the core splendor which most likely can’t be seen at all, most of the time.

Verdict (46/50)

Not bad huh? Well, definitely it’s not bad. It’s worth getting this kit, I swear! To add as a bonus, I’ll post the pics when I placed decals and panel lines.

Sword Impulse taking his school ID pic in the first pic. The rest are to show off his awesomeness.

Tools and paints used:

Mr.Hobby Red Madder, Tamiya Yellow and Tamiya Blue for the Core Splendor

Mr. Super Clear (gloss) First and second sprays in preparation for decal application and panel lines

Tamiya Clear (flat) – final coat

Copic Marker 0.05 for the panel lines

400, 1000 and 1200 grit sandpapers – removal of nubmarks

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  1. Selavii Says:

    Hello po. Just wanna ask where did you buy your Copic Marker? BTW, nice review.

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