MG 1/100 Zeta Gundam Karaba Assault Use

1. Info

First and foremost, since this version of Zeta has many names like White Unicorn’s Zeta, Zeta Gundam Karaba and the likes, I’ll just call it Zeta Karaba. I’m used to calling it like that so yeah.

The most elegant Zeta I’ve ever seen, Zeta Karaba. The color combination is unusual, having pink, gray and white sure is unique. The pink decals sets it apart from the ordinary Zeta. Though majority of the parts are made with white and gray, the pink still stands out and that’s why I consider it as a pink MS. I don’t know its history, but most likely, like the Zeta Plus A1, this one is also, or supposed to be, piloted by Amruo Ray sine they both possess the “A” symbol at the left shoulder. About the white unicorn, I’m not quite sure. I don’t even know if it’s related to Gundam Unicorn.

I bought it from a great modeller who even gave me some tips on how to properly put the stickers. It’s still unbuilt and bought for a price that you usually bought it. It could’ve been lower, but I just couldn’t anymore. I don’t really care for as long as its price at that time is not over. I bought it together with some people and it’s a set, that’s why.



Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


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